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SMBX Minigames (LunaDLL allowed) need suggestions

do you like them video games? what about those there romhacks? well pop on in here and talk about them then! what are you waiting for?!
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SMBX Minigames (LunaDLL allowed) need suggestions

Postby TiKi » 5 years ago

Okay so as you may or may not know the project I'm helping with Yoshi's Island X is 44/48 levels done. It's far from done because I was planning to add amongst other things towns and shops to spruce it up. These towns may have minigames you can buy with Yoshi coins. They will prob have a timer and transport you back to the shop if you run out of time or die. You get a 1up if you win I would like ideas please since unlike almost all the time I am fresh out. I need 6, one per world.

Potential ideas:
1. Collect all coins/collect 8 red coins - collect all the coins/red coins before time runs out.
2. Rainbow shell and lava - ride the rainbow shell over lava, getting 1ups every 25 seconds. I may spice this up by adding lunadll "wind" or changing the shell's speed so it's all crazy.
3. Danmaku swirl survival - uses Kil's swirl of bullets prob modified to spew *four* directions. Get a 1up every 25 seconds.

Ideas for other people's games I cannot use:
1. Rainbow rider trial - ride a rainbow shell over lava that takes you back to the entrance if you "die". I'm using link so no dice for me.
2. Boss trials - fight a boss for a 1up. Whoop. I'm actually using this but not as the one specific minigame, but in every world.

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Re: SMBX Minigames (LunaDLL allowed) need suggestions

Postby Kil » 5 years ago

I'd tell ya but people just love to steal my ideas before I've even had a chance to use them :^)
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Re: SMBX Minigames (LunaDLL allowed) need suggestions

Postby Alice » 5 years ago

Maybe instead of 1-ups you should make the minigames be the only way to get certain high tier powerups. (Namely the hammer suit, tanooki, podobo's shoe, and lakitu's shoe.) The name of the project makes me think of the minigames in the original Yoshi's Island and most of those provided bonus items rather than 1-ups.

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Re: SMBX Minigames (LunaDLL allowed) need suggestions

Postby TiKi » 5 years ago

Sorry but Toad's sprite swap looks like Nearly Headless Nick and Link can't even do that.

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