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Rayman Redemption - a mustplay for fans of Rayman 1!!!

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Rayman Redemption - a mustplay for fans of Rayman 1!!!

Postby Slit08 » 3 weeks ago

I randomly found a video on youtube about a fangame being released today. I am amazed. It is a re-imagination of Rayman 1 with all of the old levels of the original game redone but with new minigames added, new levels for existing worlds added and even a compleetely new world being added as well. Here's the release trailer:

I haven't played it myself yet, but I will (the game is downloading just as I write this essage). Whoever is fan of the original Rayman game has to download and play this game since it seems to be a beautiful rendition of the OG!

[ img ]http://www.loadthegame.com/wp-content/u ... 4jun14.jpg[/ img ]

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