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Re: Eclipsing Zylgrox Odyssey (MAGLX 83rd Faithful Lumpy Toad IGT: 38:812)

this is the place where lps are being talked about. it's important to talk about games being played on the internet.
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Re: Eclipsing Zylgrox Odyssey (MAGLX 84th Place My Own Take on Bowser's Back Door by Lejes IGT: 1:03:897)

Postby Eclipsed » 8 months ago

The major differences for this run is that the peach double hover glitch has been unbanned since it seems consistent of how it happens. Moreover, the run cut out the hammer suit so this saves around 5 seconds

84th My Own Take on Bowser's Back Door by Lejes in 1:03:897

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