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bitsy: it's a tiny game maker thing

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bitsy: it's a tiny game maker thing

Postby Holy » 5 days ago

Hey y'all-- any of you messed around with this before?

It's called Bitsy, and it basically lets you make a little world where the player can walk around and talk to things. It's very limited but it's also VERY easy to use and you can get some fun stuff going with it.

^^the interface

Check it out here: https://ledoux.itch.io/bitsy

I've made a few games which I'm going to link below. I've also played some really cool games that use the engine; I'll try to find those again and link them in here later... but yeah, bitsy. It's cool. Share stuff in this thread if you make anything or know of any cool bitsy games!

Be An Ant And Eat Six Scrumptious Pastries
The first game I made. You are an ant and you get to eat six scrumptious pastries

Look Through Telescopes In The Desert
In this one, you get to look through telescopes in the desert. Wowza

Another Titanic
This one I'm not too happy with. I used a set of playing cards to "generate" the game via random draw, to mixed results

I literally just made this five minutes ago and was like "hey, this has talkhaus vibes, I wanna tell em"
You are a ball in hell, and demons kick you around for points. Or something like that

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