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this is the place where lps are being talked about. it's important to talk about games being played on the internet.
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Re: MaGL X2 - The Hype Begins

Postby Shinoda » 2 years ago

I just recorded a pre-results developer's commentary for my level. I wanted to do it before knowing my results and raocow and judges opinions. I'll post it here once it is played by the raoman
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Re: MaGL X2 - The Hype Begins

Postby pholtos » 2 years ago

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Re: MaGL X2 - The Hype Begins

Postby Maiku Wotaharu » 2 years ago



I forgot to mention that there is an Easter egg in my level, but I don't want anyone wasting their time trying to find it...


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Re: MaGL X2 - The Hype Begins

Postby Ivy » 2 years ago

aw narts
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Re: MaGL X2 - The Hype Begins

Postby Sturg » 2 years ago

now let me into your cool gang

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Re: MaGL X2 - The Hype Begins

Postby Pikabread » 2 years ago

oh man I finally made use of this reserved post isn't that great!!!
not like anyone will literally read this EVER.

umm... if anybody sees and reads this for some reason, in your next post in this thread use the words "just your everyday normal average demon sponge cake"
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Re: MaGL X2 - The Hype Begins

Postby FrozenQuills » 2 years ago

Make a good reservation contest.
(I'll probably store commentary of levels here)

Also my level happened, which you can find in this post as well as some other comments about it.

Ep 1:
272nd - Dat Luigi Fan: 'vs.pewdiepie' - 6.66 (7/3/10): This deserved last no questions asked lol

271st - Learning-Timebuster: 'Estate' - 7 (9/5/7): At least you had an idea, which is 1% of a level, but the other 99% is the effort unfortunately.

270th - Jelljell1111: 'Take One Toad By Mouth Every Day' - 8 (12/4/8): Abstract.

269th - rpgfan4: 'Behold, There Is a Presentation! Deceive!' - 10.66 (8/5/19): This is brilliant, but I wrongfully predicted that you'd be higher up D:

268th - Sinc-X: 'Dude, I Just Saw a Horse in the Scarlet Devil Mansion! I Gotta Tell My Dad!' - 11 (13/8/12): I laughed so hard with raocow for no reason in this level; personally think it deserved higher.

267th - Burgers: 'Can We Please Stop Talking About Better Music? If We Don't, the Thwomps Win' - 13.33 (9/9/22): Well, the thwomps didn't win so that's good.
Ep 2:
266th - Snakebite969: 'Roasted Keep' - 14.33 (13/8/22): That was a nice looking fire flower. But man that random fall for the secret star was too long for its own good.

265th - Tance: 'Dry Bones Castle' - 15.66 (8/16/23): It was the start of something, but then it just lead to betraying ninjis.

264th - FourteenthOrder: 'Let's Think About Water and Rex' - 16.66 (23/12/15): Pretty clever, and graphics look nice to boot.

MaFAB Level Breakdowns:

31st - Slimeman01: 'Orzhov Cluestone Boss fight' - 5.66 (4/4/9): At least it wasn't 3 mother brains.
Ep 3:
263rd - adamwcz: 'So. How Do You Feel About Makeshift Dry Bones?' - 17.33 (16/21/15): This is actually a neat (unfair) puzzle. But I can see other peeps not enjoying it.

262nd - Unaniem: 'Let Me Show You What I Know of Deep Kitchens on the Hyrule Lake' - 17.34 (23/11/18): If you submitted this last year in place of "Shaken, not Stirred" I'm preeeeeetty sure you would have gotten 3rd instead of 4th.

261st - Grounder: 'Have Some Goomba' - 19.66 (21/15/23): We actually have a few obstacles here and there now! Not bad for a first level.
Ep 4:
260th - concrocotta: 'Have Some Monty Mole' - 20.66 (26/22/14): Technically that's a Mega Mole. Also that was a bullet hell level more than anything.

259th - waffledoctor87: 'Behold, There Is a Bank I Deserve!' - 22 (27/19/20): I was wondering if someone made a level to just make a life farm for the game and I was right! Nice leaf fountain.

258th - SLIME MINISTER: 'Hey Everybody, This Is Toad and I'm Playing the Latest Romhack 'Unbecoming Link!'' - 23.33 (38/12/20): Nice cats. And links. And eye-searing hell. Don't eat your level names kids.
Ep 5:
257th - osm70: 'SMW Spikes' - 23.34 (22/20/28): There certainly were a lot of smw spikes. Too bad the joke's only funny in the context of a raocow LP.

256th - Ningamer: 'Kirby's Green' - 25.33 (14/27/35): Well you successfully made this look like it came out of the vanilla contest, but it doesn't really do anything much. Also Kirby isn't green but is absent.

MaFAB Level Breakdowns:

30th - Zyglrox Odyssey: 'Ikarugouu' - 7.33 (13/4/5) - Quill and Sturg's Least Favourite MaFAB: I really liked the idea you had here, but man it has a lot of tanking in it.
Ep 6:
255th - Doruge: 'Once Wanted' - 25.34 (42/13/21): I'm not sure what happened but I liked the little stairway to heaven?? But then it got all creepy for no reason lol.

254th - Cirno: 'Back in My Day They Imagined in Gamelon' - 26.66 (19/23/38): I HOPE YOU WIN TOO. But yes this one made me laugh as well.

253rd - Nathan the Talkmaus: 'Needy Nasty Operation' - 26.67 (28/13/39): Nice sprite swaps, now if only the level was a bit more expanded...

252nd - AgeMarkus: 'Gary Oak and Morton Koopa Meet at Last' - 30.33 (26/12/53): This was pretty funny too, but it went by so fast.

251st - Klaty: 'Mystery Woods' - 30.66 (28/24/40): Finally we got a level with much more content. I liked the puzzle to the secret star and the taunting goombas.
Ep 7:
250th - sjcodan: 'Thwomp Castle' - 32 (31/21/44): A decent, short and sweet level. Not much happened but at least it had some interesting design elements with thwomps, and we managed to ruin Bowser's day too.

249th - Minimay: 'The rain in Spain stays mainly in my brain' - 32.33 (18/26/53): A rather literal interpretation, but yeah it did seem more random than trying to convey a brainscape.

248th - benjo1251: 'Abstract Volcanos are the Only Place for Bouncing' - 32.34 (43/19/35): This level made no sense but at least you bounce around a lot, and bouncing can be fun.
Ep 8:
247th - ebullientesquivalience: 'Snifit's Ruins' - 32.66 (31/30/37): I liked the cloud hopping near the beginning, but it was a bit unfair for the player right before the midpoint. Still have no idea why there's X-files music in the 'ruins'.

MaFAB Level Breakdowns:

29th - Minnakht: 'Liege's Goliath Glen' - 10 (11/9/10) - Horikawa's Least Favourite MaFAB: This boss was simply confusing. My first thought was to destroy all the enemies and not all the bricks, and I agree with Horikawa that I wasn't sure how you used the cards at first. If it was more clear with card usage and had a more guidance then it would be a lot better.
Ep 9:
246th - tenta: 'Woebegone Cheep-Cheep of the Scarlet Devil Mansion Volcano' - 33.66 (19/34/48) - Horikawa's Least Favourite MaGL X2: As I said before the boss was technically impressive, but almost everything before that was pretty bad. Even if you did forget the midpoint and some other things, it would still be too hard, especially considering that darn cheep cheep room. Also make sure you don't have the player wait for undetermined amounts of time between sections.
Ep 10:
245th - Icee-chan: 'Milde Plains' - 34 (29/25/48): A pleasant level, but it's too short. I like the little side paths for the dragon coins though.

244th - bkamakaze: 'The Ultimate Luxury is Yellow Goombas' - 35.33 (31/25/50): This level is also pleasant, but not much was happening. Not sure what's up with that platform activation, but the ending was cute.

243rd - Multimagyar: 'My Mom Said That Sub Zero Is of the Devil. I'm Inclined to Agree.' - 35.66 (33/26/48): Oooh boy. As everyone said, ice physics + difficult jumps + misaligned player sprite is just a recipe for disaster. The length of it doesn't help either. Personally think this is worse than tenta's mostly because it isn't as salvageable as tenta's.
Ep 11:
242nd - Heavy Sigh: 'Conclusions Do Not Come from the Lake. Where the Heck Were You Raised to Think That? They Come from the Skies' - 36 (35/30/43): Fun implementation of the title, even though I only got it in retrospect. It's just a bit bare for what it does; I bet if you combine the design philosophies for Chaos House with the structure for this level you'd have a really good level.

241st - danddjosh2000: 'The Morose Tale of Dr. Phanto' - 36.66 (21/45/44): This was alright; basically a bunch of traps leading up to a missed opportunity for a climax. Good attempt for a first level though, and a nice idea for a gimmick. Make sure you don't mislead the player with obstacles that don't do anything (podoboos) and learn a bit more about the engine to avoid that star debacle.
Ep 12:
240th - MetroSubwayAndroid: 'Victorious Bullet Bills Do Not Often Film, but When They Do It's Wasteful' - 38 (27/23/64): I enjoyed this level quite a bit. It's amateurish but it had a lot of good ideas for both design and the title implementation. It just needed more polish to be great.

MaFAB Level Breakdowns:

28th - FFR: 'Restless Dead' - 10.01 (9/8/13): The autoscroll section was pretty cool, and I really liked how you used the boss sprites. Unfortunately the second part is a not that interesting mother brain with sort of annoying galoombas and dry bones.
Ep 13:
239th - UnclePutte: 'In the End, It's All Tours in the Keep' - 38.33 (31/29/55): Most of the fun seems to come from the name usage and random humor rather than the polish or design, and thus some parts are unintentionally difficult (e.g. tiny passage jumps, misuse of lakitu, awkwardly placed lava lotuses). But hey, at least it's somewhat creative in that sense.

238th - Bloblis: 'Big Boo Forest' - 38.34 (40/27/48): Although the boo run was interesting, there was almost nothing else. Everything is really flat and the only other interesting gimmick are enemies in bubbles and some net climbing. Gotta push your boundaries.
Ep 14:
237th - Pikabread: 'Is That Peach and Spikes Together!?' - 38.66 (33/38/45): Pretty alright for a level made in an hour hahah, and it had a fun ending joke too. Be careful with your enemy placement in that swimming section though.

236th - fireflowerhour: 'Podoboo Castle' - 39 (34/45/38): Simplistic but pretty polished level with an interesting boss, but like everyone said the only thing is that it's just short.

235th - Mudkip: 'Okay. So If I Hypothetically Made an Average Abiding Fortress Level... Would I Win?' - 39.66 (42/42/35): This was actually really similar to the previous castle level only with a funny joke at the end, which I really enjoyed. Nice level.
Ep 15:
234th - raekuul: 'Greedy Castle' - 40 (36/38/46): I liked the puzzle at the beginning, and the little arena was neat too. It's just a bit enemy spammy near the end, and the leaves kind of take the challenge out of it.

233rd - cooldog: 'Demonic Gathering' - 41.33 (23/39/62): There's a lot going on in this level, but I'll put it simply.
When I saw the level design.
When I saw the cutscenes.
Seriously though there's this huge disconnect in quality between the two and all of the story stuff is hilarious.
Ep 16:
232nd - Njord_Nytilflytter: 'Boiling Away Employers' - 41.34 (25/33/66): Pretty good level, and pretty good phone too. Level design is decent, and the story although simple is funny. Besides the very hidden second star and places where you can get stuck, it's alright overall.

231st - TheSmellyShoe: 'Hey Buddy! Get Your Goomba Off My Estate' - 41.66 (49/35/41): I did not expect to get rid of the goomba in that way, lol. Not sure what's up with the possessed 2nd Luigi though. But yeah overall this was decent but a bit bare.

230th - Robomorons: 'So. How Do You Feel About Demonic Birdo?' - 41.67 (43/22/60): Enjoyed the god crab, and the design was alright. Everything needs more polish though and the boss rush isn't that interesting.

MaFAB Level Breakdowns:

27th - sedron: 'March of the Machines' - 11 (15/6/12): A super short boss, but it was actually pretty creative and fun for what it does.
Ep 17:
229th - Zarcyne1: 'Rebel Stronghold' - 42 (46/27/53): I really enjoyed the idea of having two different paths/storylines to get both stars. If the level was a bit more fun and well constructed it could have been fantastic.

228th - italianspy: 'Did You Know in Kingdom Hearts They Had Monty Mole?' - 42.01 (48/33/45): Nice resprites even though they don't look the best, and the flying hearts are neat. This suffered from not that exciting level design though, and the boss really had not much happening.

227th - Paradox Master: 'The Final Mistake of Dr. Rip Van Fish' - 42.33 (33/30/64): Great atmosphere for the first part, but once you get inside it suddenly gets really bare. Wish this was expanded upon more, especially since the ending wasn't that memorable despite the build up.
Ep 18:
226th - Shinoda: 'Peach's Parking' - 43 (36/31/62): Good ideas overall with the parking garages and the message boxes. It just suffered from repetitive design.

MaFAB Level Breakdowns:

26th - lucasadrianogb: 'Feed the Beast' - 12.33 (16/10/11): Now that I've seen how you're supposed to do it, this boss needed more guidance for the player as to what to do. The second part, although simple, had a lot of obstacles to look out for, which could be overwhelming considering the difficult maneuvers you have to do to hit the boss.
Ep 19:
225th - LadySuburu: 'I Believe That Wart is Workable and I Feel Very Strongly About This!' - 43.33 (47/48/35): Although I'm not a fan of one screen puzzles, this one was pretty neat. I like the idea of having a hard and harder mode for it too.

224th - Gyra Solune: 'Hills' - 43.66 (37/30/64): Creative use of vanilla graphics, and the length was sort of appropriate for the difficulty which is cool even if it is short.
Ep 20:
223rd - Tokiko: 'I Liked SMB2' - 44 (37/30/65): Even though this stays true to the name, it doesn't do anything new at all besides review SMB2.

222nd - Razzling: 'In the Beginning, It was all Comfort in the Hills' - 44.33 (41/41/51): More fun use of vanilla graphics, and I enjoyed the jokes throughout the level. Level design is also decent, but it could have done more.

221st - Darkonius64: 'I Read in a Book That in Shadow Moses Oceans Are More Like Manors' - 44.34 (38/46/49): Man I really liked the aesthetics and flavor at the beginning, but then it turns out it wasn't finished. I really liked the little chomp obstacle that killed raocow by the way.
Ep 21:
220th - SuperArthurBros: 'Lava RockWay' - 44.35 (38/43/52): This is quite an ambitious level considering how expansive it is. Unfortunately it's unfair maze-like aspects in the first half and a very difficult and long second half kind of ruins it. Plus as everyone said there is a ton of big character discrimination and weird level design decisions such as the disappearing/reappearing spiny.
Ep 22:
219th - Grey V: 'Hall' - 44.66 (54/23/57): Cool idea, but it doesn't expand on it nearly enough. Nice music choice though.

MaFAB Level Breakdowns:

25th - Garlyle: 'Mask of Avacyn' - 13.33 (10/17/13): Using mini puzzles to beat the boss is a fun idea, and I actually think the difficulty wasn't too bad. The cramped quarters of it all sort of make it feel like you're trapped with rinkas though, so maybe with a more expansive level design it could be better.
Ep 23:
218th - qazcake: 'Shadow Moses' - 44.67 (35/35/64): Fun little level, and nice mix of vanilla and custom graphics. Wished it was expanded more, and some enemies felt like they were there just for being there.

217th - Yuuki-chi: 'Hey Buddy! Get Your Pidgit Off My Villa' - 44.68 (45/32/57): I enjoyed the graphics and setting for the story, but there's only like 2 short sections of gameplay. Still a neat level though.

216th - freelop: 'Boos Do Not Come from the Stronghold. Where the Heck Were You Raised to Think That? They Come from the Mountain' - 44.69 (30/43/61): This level felt a bit unorganized and nonsensical to me, but it was alright. It could have used more enemies besides just boos though.
Ep 24:
215th - 8SomaCruzes: 'I Believe That Swooper Are Lowly and I Feel Very Strongly About This!' - 45.33 (43/39/54): Once again loving the idea of split paths, but I also liked how both paths interact with the same story. Going backwards through 1-2 with Peach is creative too. If you improve on aesthetics and made the gameplay more exciting it would be a great level.

214th - Fasoula: 'Let's Think About Negotiations and Bullet Bills' - 45.66 (43/33/61): Although the aesthetics could be more interesting (it seemed really bare), it had a few good gameplay elements and gimmicks such as the lava geysers and double jumping section. I also laughed at the banzai bill part.
Ep 25:
213th - Barrocow: 'The Last Tragedy of Dr. Snifit' - 46 (52/29/57) - Sturg's Least Favourite MaGL X2: The first section was sort of spammy with its generating enemies and trial and error gameplay with the pswitch isn't that good. There were also too many ways to mess up the puzzle in the second half, even if the solution was clever. Plus, instant death red herrings aren't fun. The graphics were great though.
Ep 26:
212th - BlueNinji: 'Boo Healthily Shivers' - 46.01 (28/49/61): A very vanilla ghost house, both in gameplay and aesthetics. The only thing that really stands out is the big boo resprite, but this is a good first level.

211th - DarklingKitty: 'Have Some Rex' - 46.02 (48/37/53): Another vanilla level, only with a clear gimmick this time the ends a bit too quickly. I like the pacifist 2nd star.

210th - Skulldug13: 'Suitably Reign the Lakitus' - 46.03 (30/37/71): The graphics look nice here, even if some seem to be slapped on. The dragon coin run 2nd star could be a bit annoying as raocow sort of demonstrated. It could also use more focus, which is why it got knocked down in the scores a bit.
Ep 27:
209th - Animita: 'So. How Do You Feel About Kaput Hammer Bros?' - 46.04 (30/49/59): Really digging some of the graphical choices, but the factory itself is a bit messy. Level design was decent yet a bit short.

MaFAB Level Breakdowns:

24th - KingTwelveSixteen: 'Rumble in the Jungle' - 13.66 (15/9/17): So far the best looking super short boss. However, you don't really have to do anything but jump a lot.

208th - Taigiry: 'The Last Hurrah of Dr. Goomba' - 46.33 (39/46/54): Another vanilla ghost house, but this time with a story. Too bad the doctor was anticlimactic.
Ep 28:
207th - ano0maly: 'Cloudy Ocean' - 46.34 (35/40/64): I can see how the backtrack could be substantially harder if you don't have the hammer suit. Aside from that, this is overall a good level both in aesthetics and gameplay.

206th - LolzLolzFTW: 'Prickly Castle' - 46.66 (54/37/49): That first section looked REALLY good with its graphics, but it just tapered off after that. The gameplay stayed good though.

205th - mellonpizza: 'Confess to Lakitu, but Don't Forget to Race Grudgingly' - 47 (47/30/64): Decent, short level with a silly ending. Not many people use disco shell riding so kudos for that. Great adherence to the level name.
Ep 29:
204th - Superiorstar: 'Last-Minute Fortress' - 47.33 (41/56/45): Fantastic aesthetics here with good level design. The only flaw is that it's too short.

203rd - umlaut: 'Mountain' - 47.34 (53/32/57): Kind of punishes you for using Peach due to the high jumps at the end, and the second part looked better than the first (giant sandy mounds are overwhelming to the eyes). Gameplay was decent.

202nd - Pivot40Channel: 'Bowser Spike Castle' - 47.35 (41/47/54): Nice atmosphere, but the backtracking made some of the gameplay monotonous. I liked the falling pipes though.
Ep 30:
201st - FFR: 'Ceaseless Family Depression' - 47.66 (37/40/66): Controversy aside, the Yoshi segment was really cool even though it's almost like a series of p-switch runs. The atmosphere was alright but could be pulled off better, and the boss fight at the end of the 2nd star was creative with its graphics.
Ep 31:
200th - Diggertron: 'Personally, I Think That SMB1 Is a Very Excellent and Skinny Experience. I Captured That Here' - 48 (33/59/52): This level is cramped, but it's short enough for its difficulty which is great. Unfortunately the mouser fight did not fit the level at all.

199th - HealthyMario: 'Lava Lotus' - 48.33 (45/45/55): Aesthetics look good, and nice usage of falling boxes. Good job despite the time constraint.

198th - castlepokemetroid: 'Luigi's Mansion's Buzzy Beetle' - 48.66 (49/41/56): The actual level part seemed unintentionally frustrating due to the cramped spaces and the NPCs that Link just can't help talking to. Fortunately the bottom automatic path is pretty nice, even though it skips everything.
Ep 32:
197th - Minnakht: 'Queasily Cycle in the Majestic Acropolis' - 49 (40/59/48): Oh boy it's the rotating everything gimmick again. Perfect length for a level like this though, so nice job.

196th - Nowild: 'Goomba Skies' - 49.01 (66/37/44): Although it was just a little bit unclear on what you had to do, it employed the time stop gimmick well. With some polish and length it could be a great level.
Ep 33:
195th - Genolandia: 'Aquatic Dwelling' - 49.02 (45/31/71): Really liked the use of vanilla graphics and the music, and the rinkas are actually used appropriately too. This would be an amazing level if it was longer.

194th - Zatsupachi: 'Impatiently Waste in Zebes' - 49.66 (53/34/62): This was an ambitious level. I personally really liked it, but a map that tells where the switches are and how it affects the locks/powerups would help a TON here. It also had the best use of rinkas + a mother brain boss that I've seen, so kudos for that.

MaFAB Level Breakdowns:

23rd - S1eth: 'Stage Director' - 14 (19/7/16): Even though it has some unnecessary wait times here and there, I enjoyed this level especially for its aesthetics and transitions. I also love the idea of different stage environments in front of an audience; it reminds me of Paper Mario in a way. Kind of surprised it's not ranked higher.
Ep 34:
193rd - Holy: 'We're on a Mission from Todd' - 50 (62/43/45): This super short level was absolutely fantastic. I'm kind of sad it ended so soon though; the gimmick and the story has so much potential...

192nd - HTFCirno2000: 'The Many Failures of Dr. raocow' - 50.33 (42/40/69): I felt like this level was a bit all over the place, but the descriptions and the little labs were cute. Liked the disco section.

191st - Mathew_Wi: 'The Pokeys of Hyrule' - 50.34 (61/41/49): Oh man, this level has such a great atmosphere combined with the music. The gameplay could be a bit better, yet it's still a great level.
Ep 35:
190th - Rezanator: 'Well Shucks, I Never Expected Larry Koopa to Be So Efficient' - 50.66 (37/52/63): This was a big improvement over your last level! I loved the environment and the idea of statues on top of shy guys is really creative. It did have a few janky moments but it didn't detract too much from the rest of the level.

189th - Kuupa: 'Sheath and Captain Falcon Meet at Last' - 51 (38/46/69): Great and humorous plot, and a ton of platforming on f-zero vehicles to go with it. It is a bit repetitive, but it's still alright overall. Be careful with enemy placement though.
Ep 36:
188th - Mabel: 'C'mon! C'MON! Daahh! Fart! Peanuts! Crackerjack! ALL THE FOOD YOU CAN FIND! YOU CAN PUT IT IN YOUR MOUTH, AND DIGEST IT!' - 51.01 (45/40/68): I'm really curious about the wall jumping mechanic in this, but yeah other than that the boss was decent if unclear in how to damage it.

MaFAB Level Breakdowns:

22nd - Phoba: 'Snakes and Swords' - 14.01 (14/10/18): LOVE the graphic choices here (too bad graphics isn't a category in MaFAB though). But yeah it's pretty simplistic when you get past all of the aesthetics.
Ep 37:
187th - Oddwrath: 'I Guess I Should Warn You Ahead of Time, the Bob-Omb Have the Ability to Attend in the Citadel' - 51.02 (51/42/60): Yeah, if the bombs were smb3 bombs instead of smb2 bombs, this level would be a ton better. I do enjoy the gimmick nonetheless and the palette was nice as well.
Ep 38:
186th - KingTwelveSixteen: 'Is That Link and Big Boo Together!?' - 51.03 (71/27/55): Although this was super short, it was pretty humorous. Liked how 'puzzle-ish' it is in terms of how to get by the big boo as well as the secret star.

185th - Shy_guy255: 'The Goomba Worker Revolution' - 51.33 (32/54/68): Decent level overall, but yeah the difficulty seemed to go a bit all over the place. Wished it had a conclusive ending.

184th - QuietProtag: 'Comforts Do Not Come from the Chateau. Where the Heck Were You Raised to Think That? They Come from Rivers' - 51.34 (46/47/61): Pretty much a standard fare level. Enjoyed the "comfortable" sections, but the secret star is really easy to break. Still a better entry than your MaGLX one though!
Ep 39:
183rd - LovelyPenguin: 'Stressfully Fly in Japan' - 51.36 (55/35/64): I don't think I've seen a level that fully focuses on link's flying ability (many just the fairy powerup instead), so props for pulling that off with pretty good design.

182nd - slohjesli: 'And Iggy Koopa Said Unto Them 'Fry the Vehicle.' and It Was So.' - 51.37 (53/44/57): Pretty good backtracking level, although I wished the backtrack portion was more exciting with the 'frying' part.

181st - MattTHM: 'Jungle' - 51.66 (35/52/68): Nice level; the atmosphere was alright and I liked the exploratory gameplay. It could stand to be a bit more coherent though.
Ep 40:
180th - Beli: 'A Blue Fortress Level' - 52 (42/54/60): It is indeed very blue, but also very generic. It is still decent overall nonetheless; just needs something to make it stand out.

179th - Nightsparrow: 'Wow! Spiny Plant Goombas' - 52.01 (48/64/44): I actually LOVE this level. It's a rare case of enemy spam done right; using the plant to combat against everything in a small environment made this level super engaging.

178th - OrangeChickenPasta: 'Sheath in the Jungle' - 52.33 (31/61/65): An alright linear level. Wished more was done with breaking the rocks as sheath.
Ep 41:
177th - Superwiidude: 'Ness's Chicken' - 52.34 (43/56/58):
Standard fare level, although it had some creativity with the nipper plants which was pretty cool. The level name was just an excuse plot though.

176th - Juanbro: 'And Morton Koopa Said Unto Them 'Settle the Final.' and It Was So.' - 53 (47/57/55):
Even though the door was super hard to notice and not that fun, the rest of the trials were really cool. If this had more polish it could easily become a top tier level.
Ep 42:
175th - Linhasxoc: 'Have Some Cheep-Cheeps' - 53.01 (50/48/61):
Really digging the palette and mood here. The design wasn't really much to write home about unfortunately, but that's kind of hard to pull off anyway with a water level.

174th - aterraformer: 'Signal the Koopa Paratroopa, but Don't Forget to Lick Sadly' - 53.33 (64/42/54):
Super nice architectural structures you got there, even if it is way too short in my opinion.

MaFAB Level Breakdowns:

21st - Pikabread: 'Master of the Sand Pit' - 14.66 (23/7/14):
Even though it looked really simple, the little obstacles here and there made the boss pretty engaging.
Ep 43:
173rd - Duker: 'Late Late Snifit' - 53.34 (54/39/67):
What an awesome 4th-wall breaking gimmick. It had a lot of potential too, although you did have limited time to make it.

172nd - koplje: 'Rex Estate' - 53.35 (48/46/66):
I enjoyed the Rex dialogue, but the lava part did drag. Pretty decent overall.

171st - PlatinumTriforce: 'In the End, It's All Users in the House' - 53.36 (53/47/60):
What a weird level. It's humorous, but the main gameplay part of the level was too bare for me. It is still clever in its graphics nonetheless.
Ep 44:
170th - QZPMsixeight9: 'So. How Do You Feel About Jobless Spikes?' - 53.37 (61/55/44):
Hey it's like that one autoscroll level in MaGLX only a lot more forgiving! Really enjoyed the reaction based gameplay here.

169th - Capitalist111: 'Dry Bones' - 54 (45/52/65):
Hahah, pretty nice story. Everything else was just pretty solid though.

MaFAB Level Breakdowns:

20th - Mabel: 'Dominus of Fealty' - 15.33 (13/12/21):
There was only one attack, but it was a clever and fun attack.
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Re: MaGL X2 - The Hype Begins

Postby Dragon Fogel » 2 years ago

I don't know, I have reservations about that idea.
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Re: MaGL X2 - The Hype Begins

Postby blue_kirby » 2 years ago

All aboard the hype train! :D

I'm glad everyone enjoyed the "Hype Train" image idea by the way. I was honestly expecting it to just be a one-time deal, but raocow's reaction as the first reaction actually made me smile quite a bit. As funny as it would be having the "hype train" meme image as a thumbnail or title, I think a "sprite" version of a Hype Train is far more appropriate (and original) for MAGLX2. I've wanted to do the "Hype Train" image all the way since March, but didn't think of how I could execute it. Glad I was able to put it there the last few days before the playthrough started.

By the way, is there still going to be a thumbnail for MAGLX2?

Also reserved.
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Re: MaGL X2 - The Hype Begins

Postby Hoeloe » 2 years ago


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Re: MaGL X2 - The Hype Begins

Postby Leet » 2 years ago

ImageWell it is a decent hack but sometime its just too repetitif there no level that actually pop in your face and your like oh yeah that level they all ressemble themselves and just monster along the way.
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Re: MaGL X2 - The Hype Begins

Postby Sorel » 2 years ago

reserved. But I need 2 seats, I do not fit in just one. But don't get the idea to charge me for both.
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Re: MaGL X2 - The Hype Begins

Postby Nathan the Talkmaus » 2 years ago

I don't have reservations. My tribe integrated with the mainstream society.
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Re: MaGL X2 - The Hype Begins

Postby mellonpizza » 2 years ago

I'll edit this post later to say a joke about everyone reserving
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Re: MaGL X2 - The Hype Begins

Postby randoguy101 » 2 years ago

reserving this post so I can edit it later and pretend I guessed the winner correctly
- randoguy101

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Re: MaGL X2 - The Hype Begins

Postby CloudyCloud » 2 years ago

Rasa Sayang- okay, topic is derailed.
FrozenQuills wrote:Make a good reservation contest.
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Re: MaGL X2 - The Hype Begins

Postby Blivsey » 2 years ago

convenient noise thread for stress-relief purposes

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Re: MaGL X2 - The Hype Begins

Postby Pikabread » 2 years ago

they fixed the gaping hole the hype train left when it crashed into the talkhaus

reservation jokes and maglx2 hype can now continue. thank you for your patience.
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Re: MaGL X2 - The Hype Begins

Postby Mabel » 2 years ago

Image Image

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Re: MaGL X2 - The Hype Begins

Postby FFR » 2 years ago


...why are we doing this even

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Re: MaGL X2 - The Hype Begins

Postby Ometeotl » 2 years ago

Please just close the thread until the first video goes up to stop this spam.

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Re: MaGL X2 - The Hype Begins

Postby Ditocoaf » 2 years ago

Yep, definitely hyped.

Wait, does this mean the LP is starting really soon? I thought there was serious playtesting left to do. Oh man! I wasn't expecting the LP until, like, June 2/3/4. Now I'm suddenly expecting it way sooner! We could be watching raocow play the opening barrage of joke levels as of this moment tomorrow!

EDIT: Wait, I just saw the "MaGL X2 begins tomorrow" post in the other thread. Nice! Turns out this post is even more meaningless than I thought, haha.

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Re: MaGL X2 - The Hype Begins

Postby zmonbobbo » 2 years ago

Yeah, screw fun!

Also: reserved
I'm probably driving right now.

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Re: MaGL X2 - The Hype Begins

Postby Garlyle » 2 years ago

I was going to make an [INTERNALLY SCREAMING] joke but it's more like externally at this point oh boy oh boy

Really puts things into perspective that Horikawa expects to need that many posts though. Like damn.

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Re: MaGL X2 - The Hype Begins

Postby HamsterZerg » 2 years ago

The zerg would like to make a reservation, but only if this place serves cheese. The zerg like cheese for some reason.

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