Best Game Modder 2021

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Best Game Modder 2021

Post by ano0maly »

Romhacks of SMW aren't the only modifications of a game, although they are included. Who is known to be skilled at making fan edits of a game?

My pick is wyldstrykr with inserting desunoya game character skins in various games like Puyo Puyo Tetris 2.
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Re: Best Game Modder 2021

Post by KobaBeach »

I'm not sure if Lua counts so PSI Ninja for making some nice levels.
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Re: Best Game Modder 2021

Post by Rixithechao »

idk whether Lua counts either but I'm still gonna vote MrDoubleA for reasons

changing my vote to Enjl because MDA isn’t active in raocow-adjacent spaces and this way there’ll be a winner for this category. and really, Enjl’s earned it
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Re: Best Game Modder 2021

Post by camwoodstock »

if LUA counts i am nominating Enjl like 2,763 days ago
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Re: Best Game Modder 2021

Post by Scarfley »

Enjl if LUA counts