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2021 Mosts Rules Deal

Making The Most of another year.
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2021 Mosts Rules Deal

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Before we get started, I hope at the very least that 2021 was a better year for you than 2020. If not, you managed to get through two tough ones in a row, and you deserve a good old pat on the back for it. Either way, it's about time for us to begin. Hope you're ready!

Rules on Creating Threads
1) A good idea is to keep these threads based off of stuff that happened in 2021. LPs that started this year obviously count, and ones that carried over into this year also count.

2) No spam threads or drama is the other big one. Worst themed topics are fine as long as they avoid going personal, like worst game, show, etc.

3) When making a category, try to be as specific as possible in the OP to avoid ambiguity. Otherwise, loopholes will be found!

Rules on Voting
1) It would really help if you put your vote at the top of your post or at least put it in bold like this. I could miss it otherwise.

2) Vote for one thing per topic. If you do multiple picks, I'll only count the first one posted. Would rather you didn't do that at all though!

3) While funny at times, voting for yourself will not be counted.

1) This is meant to be a celebration of talkhaus stuff. I know it's a smaller board now, but it'd be neat if we actually celebrated the users on here instead of going off into random tangents with some of these categories.

2) If you are voting for a fictional character for ones that aren't talkhaus related, please say where they come from!

Most of all, have fun, and don't take these seriously. It's a silly forum deal. With that, let's get started!