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Worst raocow LP 2019

They're here! They're back! I don't know what to put here. The Mosts exist, so let's do this!
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Worst raocow LP 2019

Postby raocow » 1 month ago

I know we like to keep things positive things, but this is rare important feedback for me. So if you want to vote, please do so, but if you can articulate why that would be really useful for me :O
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Re: Worst raocow LP 2019

Postby SirChasm » 1 month ago

All the Megamen Gaiden: Powered Up Challenges.

This is more the fault of the game than anything, but there was something very unfortunate about so many levels being a series of blind guesses or pinpoint accuracy with little to no room for forgiveness... and all in a row. I think there's the possibility that if they were sort of interspersed throughout other games like a Big Fish Legend or something it might have been easier to take in, but that also runs the risk of losing your concentration or skills in that regard.


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Re: Worst raocow LP 2019

Postby Cyril » 1 month ago

i was like "wow there's no way that was 2019" but holy crap it was? it feels like two years ago omg.
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Re: Worst raocow LP 2019

Postby FourteenthOrder » 1 month ago

SirChasm wrote: All the Megamen Gaiden: Powered Up Challenges.
Agreed. It was riiiight at the start of the year but like, most of it seemed like raocow just plain wasn't having any fun.

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Re: Worst raocow LP 2019

Postby WhimWidget » 1 month ago

All the Megamen Gaiden: Powered Up Challenge

Honestly yeah, agree.
Stage design and punishment were just...
I think a few of the stages were the winners of a small short level making event promoting the game.
(The Easy WIly boss rush might have been a laugh, but for the wrong reasons)(Classic boss rush might have been an okay throwback)

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Re: Worst raocow LP 2019

Postby ano0maly » 1 month ago

Seeing the Powered Up Challenge brought up, I'm inclined to say All the Megamen Gaiden: X Legacy Challenge boss battles (at first I actually thought that people were talking about this). And it's kind of in the same situation: the boss challenges didn't seem to have enough polish, and the difficulty settings were wildly out of proper balance. This mode felt like the creators just put together the basics and shipped it out without calibrating it to make it fun.

I'm choosing the X Challenge over the other, as I think that Powered Up challenges had some good and some bad levels, but overall was intriguing and the videos were more entertaining.
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Re: Worst raocow LP 2019

Postby Bean » 1 month ago

The Mega Man X Legacy Challenge

Powered Up had some fun challenges. This series was just 2-on-1 boss fights with poor difficulty balance. Normal's too tough, easy's too simple. A middle ground would've saved it, but it wasn't meant to be.

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Re: Worst raocow LP 2019

Postby Gardenolva » 1 month ago

The X Legacy Challenge was disappointing after raocow had a hard time with Neon Tiger and Skivering Pegasus at Normal but it was a treat to hear Energy Vinegar once again.

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Re: Worst raocow LP 2019

Postby hardcore_crispy » 1 month ago

The Mega Man X Legacy Challenge

In addition to the poor balance and uneven challenge, you just didn't seem to have much fun with it, and that translated pretty strong through that entire series.

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Re: Worst raocow LP 2019

Postby helucard » 1 month ago

This one I put some heavy thought into because I've genuinely been pretty hype for all of them. But if there's one particular LP I looked at and thought "this is not fantastic" I'm leaning towards the epilogue of Distorted Travesty 3.

In fairness, I can't really say most of this is on you, rao - When we jumped back in, and were all very confused as to why the ending was still the same, it was because the game did, honestly, a terrible job of telling us where to go or what to do, so we were immediately without direction. There's not really a whole lot to learn from that because, as stated, the game didn't guide you to the answer in any way...

However, something I could suggest for revisiting previously LP'd games is relearning mechanics. With the downtime between the last time you played DT3, knowledge of mechanics had faded from memory, and it was sadly expected; That falling segment with the "shoot a thing, then you can air dash" mechanic wouldn't have been an issue if prior mechanics had been relearned shortly before LPing the epilogue. A minor issue, of course, but I'm trying to find some form of suitable feedback, and finding faults isn't really very easy through rose tinted glasses hahaha.

That said, doing that ahead of Boki's hard mode in copy kitty might perhaps be ideal.
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Re: Worst raocow LP 2019

Postby kitikami » 1 month ago

Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga

I was curious to see how an RPG would work with raocow, and I had no idea how a Mario RPG would work in general since I've never considered Mario story to be much more than excuse plots and one of their virtues is typically keeping text out of the way for the most part. I think an RPG can be fun to watch, but it really helps to have nice aesthetics to look at, engaging world-building, and an interesting story, none of which clicked for me in this game. It mostly just felt like Mario with the platforming replaced with lots of text and an art style I enjoy less. The result was all the text boxes started to feel like a slog. I didn't end up watching much of the series, so maybe it got better later on, but of the series I tried to get into this was the only one I couldn't really get anything out of.

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Re: Worst raocow LP 2019

Postby xfix » 1 month ago

The Mega Man X Legacy Challenge

it's better than nothing question mark?

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Re: Worst raocow LP 2019

Postby KayhemMaus » 1 month ago

Bean wrote: The Mega Man X Legacy Challenge
nyoro~n n~yoron

I love it

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Re: Worst raocow LP 2019

Postby thatguyif » 1 month ago

Henry Hatsworth and the Puzzling Adventure

I know, it's contradictory given the gift I just gave him >_>

There are certain games that I enjoy watching but would never enjoy playing. ARavingLoon's runs of the Paradox map games (EU4, CK2, HoI4, etc.) comes to mind here. There are also games where I'd probably enjoy playing, but never enjoy watching. Henry Hatsworth is the latter.

I've checked out of LPs for various reasons, be they avoiding spoilers (Hollow Knight) or personal (Crash Bandicoot, Dust: A Furry Tail). This one I checked out because I was just bored with watching. The game, with its two distinct mechanics, dragged a lot in places because you had to alternate between them regularly, with no real way to pace (video-wise) to keep things interesting. raocow's play style was a bit of an issue, but I see that less as a personal fault of his, and more a consequence of the mechanics themselves. On the other hand, I could probably see myself futzing around and enjoying the mechanics, especially because the puzzle mechanics aren't too complicated.

Ah well, acceptable losses.

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Re: Worst raocow LP 2019

Postby Kleetus » 1 month ago

Maybe It's just that it's fresh in my mind but I'm going with Knuckle's Chaotix for just being boring. Of course this was due mostly to the level design being non-existent. Three videos a day was definitely the right call.

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