2019 Mosts Awoo-ules Thread

They're here! They're back! I don't know what to put here. The Mosts exist, so let's do this!
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2019 Mosts Awoo-ules Thread

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Awoo wanted me to get the Rules thread up, so you all can get to doing the voting and all that, so get ready for one very quick copy/paste job with a few edits here and there.

Rules on Creating Threads
1) Try to keep threads based off of things that happened in 2019. LPs that started this year obviously count, and ones that mostly carried over into this year would also count (like All the Mega Men).

2) No drama or spam threads. Worst themed topics are fine as long as they avoid that rule.

Rules on Voting
1) It would help if you put your vote at the top of your post or at least put it in bold like this. They could be missed otherwise.

2) Vote for only one thing per topic. Makes it easier for Awoo to count at the end!

3) Voting for yourself is funny sometimes, but it will not be counted. Sorry.

Most of Mosts of all, have fun. This isn't meant to be taken seriously at all! Have you seen the topics we do on here? Take a look at last year's awards if you need a reference. And with that, let's go!