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Remixes of A2MT themes and music

so this is where you can post any art related type things! i bet you couldn't have figured that out for yourself, huh! "I" still needs uppercase you dummy - oh yeah!? fight me!
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Remixes of A2MT themes and music

Postby Genolandia » 1 week ago

Hi there!

I did some remixes with my brother and friend that I think they turned out alright. Feel free to have a listen!
1. A remix of Wyatt's "Sewage Castle" - Link: https://youtu.be/_LT66ZfSFxE
2. A remix of Wyatt's "Final Level Theme"- Link: https://youtu.be/wfi3m9Bm7_w

Please keep in mind that these are work in progress. More are also coming soon!
The sloppy artwork is by me too.

Best regards,

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