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Music for a Genesis-styled platformer I've been working on

Posted: 08 May 2018, 02:29
by S.N.N.
Back when I still hacked SMW, I spent a lot of time composing tracks for my own stuff + other projects (A2MT, contests on SMWC, etc). It's about the only thing I've been fairly consistent with over time, up until I took a break for whatever reason about a year ago. I've gotten back into it recently, as I started working on a small Genesis-inspired platformer with a friend. Figured I'd post a bit of the music I've written for it.

Libythein Zoo: a neon zoo/carnival area.
Nymphaline Woods: an abstract forest.
Danaus Observatory: a large, astral tower.
Satyrina Station: a frozen hydro plant.
Limenitis Volcano: a crystalline mountain.

(I'll probably make a thread for the game on the Talkhaus at some point as well - there's a good amount of progress done on it.)

Thanks for checking out the thread!