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Touhous Ultimates in Team Fortress 2

so this is where you can post any art related type things! i bet you couldn't have figured that out for yourself, huh! "I" still needs uppercase you dummy - oh yeah!? fight me!
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Touhous Ultimates in Team Fortress 2

Postby Chdata » 3 months ago

Most of the 3D models are ported from MMD by a group of korean modelers, including STONE, jjh, and newbieking.

Coding for their abilities was done by me ;p

Utsuho Reiuji

Reisen Inaba

Suwako Moriya

Orin Kaenbyou

Satori Komeiji

Remilia Scarlet

Alice Margatroid

Koishi Komeiji

Sakuya Izayoi

Za Warudo
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Re: Touhous Ultimates in Team Fortress 2

Postby Ignoritus » 3 months ago

I assume this is for some sort of VSH mod?

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