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Jon writes stories on rare occasions

so this is where you can post any art related type things! i bet you couldn't have figured that out for yourself, huh! "I" still needs uppercase you dummy - oh yeah!? fight me!
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Jon writes stories on rare occasions

Postby ParmaJon » 11 months ago

So I occasionally write things and just figured I'd share it here whenever that happens. Criticism is welcome, just dont be a dick.

This first story is loosely based on something that I kinda witnessed happening online a while ago, although its fairly different than the real thing. I tried to keep everything very realistic

Hey everyone,
So as you may have seen the irc server has been down for the past week. I found out about it a few days ago when I went to log on on and I found that it was offline, not by my own
doing. After doing a lot of digging I found out exactly what happened. I could paraphrase this mess but it is just easier to read. A few notes. 1. Normally posting pms between users is a breach of privacy, however the privacy policy in this server allows the staff to see anything you do in our forums and chats. 2. Most users involved in this have since been banned. 3. If your name comes up, do not be worried, only the people heavily involved have been banned, many of you are free and encouraged to stick around.

If you have any questions or concerns please post below, myself and kat will do our best to answer you. Also a new chat should be up in the next few days.

Mr. Gel

[20:31] == JENGA [7f000001@GelsPlayground-fd4o12m] has joined #general
[20:32] <Kit_Kat_Kitty_Kat> oh no its JENGA D:
[20:32] <JENGA> http://www.reactiongifs.com/r/tcs.gif
[20:32] <Lilith> lol
[20:32] <Lilith> whatchu been up to lately JENGA?
[20:32] <JENGA> Eh, not a ton. Mostly just school shit.
[20:32] <Lilith> rip same with me
[20:32] <Lilith> at least i dont have to deal with roomates anymore
[20:32] <Lilith> just a small apartment to myself :D
[20:32] <Kit_Kat_Kitty_Kat> being out of school and working is fuuuun~
[20:32] <Kit_Kat_Kitty_Kat> you should all graduate already and be real people
[20:32] <jason> we dont allow bots on the server
[20:32] <Kit_Kat_Kitty_Kat> or ai
[20:33] <jason> may as well kick Lilith and JENGA now :P
[20:33] <Kit_Kat_Kitty_Kat> \le ban Lilith and JENGA
[20:33] <Lilith> D:
[20:33] <JENGA> kit kat worst admin 2016
[20:33] <Kit_Kat_Kitty_Kat> lol
[20:33] <Lilith> Welp, I gotta run. Cya JENGA!
[20:33] <Lilith> and you other nerds
[20:33] == Lilith [7f000001@GelsPlayground-fd4o12m] has quit [Quit: ]
[20:34] <jason> “other nerds” ;-; your so mean
[20:34] <jason> Damn I missed her
[20:34] <Kit_Kat_Kitty_Kat> get rekt
[20:34] <JENGA> beep boop
[20:37] == Rave [7f000001@GelsPlayground-fd4o12m] has joined #general
[20:37] <Rave> is Lilith on?
[20:37] <Kit_Kat_Kitty_Kat> Stop yleling, i have a headache.
[20:38] <jason> no, Lilith left a little while ago
[20:38] <Kit_Kat_Kitty_Kat> I SAID STOP YELLING
[20:38] <Rave> rip
[20:38] <Kit_Kat_Kitty_Kat> Jason, would you be a dear and be a real mod AND TELL EVERYONE TO SHUT THE FUCK UP
[20:38] <jason> lol, \ben kittykat
[20:38] <Rave> *ban
[20:38] <Rave> lol, if I was a mod I’d at least be able to spell ban, unlike jason
[20:38] <Kit_Kat_Kitty_Kat> please stop
[20:38] <jason> Rave is just being his usual douchy self
[20:38] <Rave> fuck you
[20:39] <Rave> you always do this
[20:39] <jason> Pff, better watch who you talk to
[20:39] <Rave> Go fuck yourself you piece of shit
[20:40] == Rave [7f000001@GelsPlayground-fd4o12m] has been banned from #general

[20:50] == Mr.Gel [7f000001@GelsPlayground-fd4o12m] has joined #staff
[20:50] <Mr.Gel> Seriously, what the fuck Jason.
[20:50] <Mr.Gel> Don’t lash out at people as a staff member here.
[20:50] <Mr.Gel> If you want to even stay as a moderator here.
[20:50] <jason> Sorry, I just lost my cool. Rave is just a dick to me all the time.
[20:50] <Mr.Gel> I understand you two clash sometimes but just keep it civil. Tell him to cool it, and do not just ban people without warning.
[20:51] <Mr.Gel> Think about it this way, he just got yelled at by a staff member and banned for little to no reason. Think that looks good for the rest of us?
[20:51] <Kit_Kat_Kitty_Kat> Sorry bout that Gel, I left the room to pee real quick and by the time I came back Rave was already banned.
[20:51] <Kit_Kat_Kitty_Kat> Honestly he is a bit of a dick but not banworthy.
[20:51] <Mr.Gel> I’m with you on that, I’ll pm him and apologize.
[20:51] <Mr.Gel> Just be more considerate Jason.
[20:52] <jason> gotcha, wont happen again
[21:07] <Mr.Gel> Rave has accepted our apology and he said that it will not happen again.

[18:18] == Lilith [7f000001@GelsPlayground-fd4o12m] has joined #general
[18:18] <JENGA> hey Lilith :D
[18:18] <Lilith> hey :)
[18:18] <Blist> Yay happy people in the server again!
[18:18] <JENGA> What?
[18:19] <Blist> Yknow, with all the drama on it gets a little aggravating. But with awesome people like you two its a joy to be here
[18:19] <Lilith> :3
[18:19] <JENGA> tbh whenever I see jason and rave arguing I just ignore it
[18:19] <Lilith> yea, rave can be a pain in the ass sometimes, but he really is a sweet guy.
[18:19] <Blist> I believe that, he can just be a downer sometimes.
[18:19] <JENGA> I get that, though I’m cool with him most of the time
(5 minutes pass)
[18:26] <Lilith> god damnit, I keep messing up this captcha
[18:26] <JENGA> Yea, those can be a pain sometimes, especially when theres a lot of 1’s or i’s
[18:26] <Blist> ai’s cant do captcha, thats probably why :P
[18:26] <JENGA> Shhhh, you’re not supposed to know that!
[18:26] <Blist> O.o
[18:26] <Lilith> lol
[18:27] <Blist> shit, I should really go to bed
[18:27] <Blist> gnight everyone
[18:27] ==Blist [7f000001@GelsPlayground-fd4o12m] has quit [Quit: ]

//Private Message//
[18:39] <JENGA> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZA3iHur ... GaryGageII
[18:39] <Lilith> XD
[18:39] <Lilith> I’m suprised that cat isnt scared of heights
[18:39] <JENGA> lol, cats are fearless
[18:39] <Lilith> with the exception of cucumbers :P
[18:39] <JENGA> Though really when you’re climbing, you forgot about how high you are
[18:39] <JENGA> I used to go with some friends to Porcupine Mountain, its small but fun
[18:39] <Lilith> wait,
[18:40] <Lilith> the one in New Hampshire
[18:40] <JENGA> yea
[18:40] <JENGA> why?
[18:40] <Lilith> I live 10 minutes from there.
[18:40] <JENGA> Holy shit, thats only like 2 hours away!
[18:40] <Lilith> whoa thats crazy.
[18:57] <JENGA> otherwise hows life been treating you?
[18:57] <Lilith> Ehh, ok.
[18:57] <Lilith> Just a bunch of small things.
[18:57] <JENGA> ?
[18:57] <Lilith> Just stuff like the fact that they keep calling me an ai gets to me
[18:57] <JENGA> Its just a joke, but yea it does get a little old after a while.
[18:58] <Lilith> I dunno, it bothers me a bit more than just saying it annoys me.
[18:58] <Lilith> Ever have that weird existential fear?
[18:58] <Lilith> Like, do you ever that feeling that you may not actually exist?
[18:58] <JENGA> What?
[18:58] <Lilith> That you aren’t real.
[18:58] <JENGA> How can you not be real?
[18:58] <Lilith> I can’t really explain it, but it makes me feel extremely uncomfortable.
[18:58] <Lilith> Though honestly I think its just cuz of stress.
[18:59] <JENGA> School stuff or something else?
[18:59] <Lilith> My girlfriend and I have hit a rough spot.
[18:59] <JENGA> Ouch, hope it all works out.
[19:00] <Lilith> Honestly, I’m not sure if we can last too much longer together.
[19:00] <JENGA> Just promise me you won’t do anything reckless while drunk ok?
[19:00] <Lilith> I’ll try

[01:10] <jason> Yea, I’m pretty bad at the game but its a lot of fun :P
[01:10] <SSJeff82> Just practive more dude
[01:10] <JENGA> you can join Jeff and I one of these days, its a fun time.
[01:11] <jason> I’d rather not drag you guys down though D:
[01:11] == Rave [7f000001@GelsPlayground-fd4o12m] has joined #general
[01:11] <Kit_Kat_Kitty_Kat> Dont be a wimp jason, just play the game and have fun with them
[01:11] <JENGA> hey buddy
[01:11] <Rave> hey everyone
[01:11] <SSJeff82> Yo dude, havent talked to you in forever!
[01:11] <Rave> Same, been kinda busy with school and stuff, but I’ve good for the most part
[01:11] <SSJeff82> Lol, senior year has been so easy for me. I go out for lunch every friday, talk to the cute girl in gym, and come home and talk to all of you.
[01:12] <SSJeff82> Life has been good.
[01:13] <Rave> Ah, that’s great to hear
[01:13] <JENGA> lol, jason goes quiet the second Rave walks in
[01:13] <Rave> Pff
[01:13] <jason> I went to get water
[01:13] <JENGA> yea sure, you did
[01:13] <jason> I swear its the truth
[01:13] <Rave> *tisk tisk*
[01:14] <jason> dont start this garbage again Rave
[01:14] <Rave> I didnt plan on it.
[01:14] <Rave> not really feeling up to much today. I dont feel entirely all here.
[01:14] <JENGA> Yea, hopefully just a good nights rest will help.
[01:14] <jason> speaking of which, im gonna get some shut eye, gnight everyone!
[01:14] ==jason [7f000001@GelsPlayground-fd4o12m] has quit [Quit: ]

//private message//
[03:07] <Lilith> AAAAAAnnd i broke up with her.
[03:07] <JENGA> Well shit
[03:07] <Jenga> You holding up ok
[03:07] <Lilith> I honestly feel like everything is falling apart in my life
[03:07] <Lilith> not to sound overdramatic
[03:10] <JENGA> No, I understand.
[03:10] <JENGA> you are in a really shitty situation
[03:15] <Lilith> and thats two shots down
[03:15] <Lilith> may as well get off before I say something stupdi
[03:15] <JEGNA> please be safe
[03:15] <Lilith> cya

[18:41] <jason> yo Rave
[18:41] <Rave> whats up?
[18:42] <jason> was going to tell you on the forum, but its faster on here
[18:42] <jason> Don’t be rude to other users, please use polite criticism.
[18:42] <Rave> I wasnt being rude, they were just being a retard
[18:44] <jason> jeez, stop being so rude to everyone
[18:44] <Rave> They had it coming though.
[18:44] <jason> No, you are just being your usual douchy self
[18:44] <Rave> fuck you
[18:44] <Rave> you’re always being like this
[18:44] <Rave> picking out all the shit that I do when other people get away with far worse
[18:45] <Rave> you’re legitimitaly the worst mod I’ve ever seen
[18:45] <Rave> I hope you get banned from here
[18:45] <Rave> You scumfuck degenerate
[18:45] == Rave [7f000001@GelsPlayground-fd4o12m] has been banned from #general
[18:45] <jason> I’m not dealing with this shit
[18:55] <Blist> damn, laying down the law

//Private Message//
[19:15] <Lilith> UGGHHHH
[19:15] <Lilith> Everything sucks
[19:15] <Lilith> School is being a bitch, my ex gf keeps calling me, and I mentally feel like shit
[19:15] <Lilith> not sure how much I’ll be on the server as of late.
[19:16] <JENGA> Understandable, ya gotta work through life
[19:16] <Lilith> Honestly, you’re one of the only people that I’ve enjoyed talking in the past 3 weeks since I broke up with her.
[19:16] <JENGA> I have no way to follow that up honestly, but thanks?
[19:16] <Lilith> I feel like you’re the only one that I really like talking to at this point
[19:16] <Lilith> Not exaggerating, I really do love you
[19:16] <JENGA> I love you too
[19:17] <JENGA> <3
[19:17] <Lilith> <3
[19:17] <JENGA> get yourself some rest, I’ll talk to you soon

//Private Message//
[15:32] <Lilith> WOOHOO! 1 month anniversary plus the end of the semester~
[15:32] <JENGA> <3
[15:32] <Lilith> I feel like since starting to date you everything in my life is getting better, no more random fits of anger or depression. Its wonderful~
[15:52] <Lilith> Huh, it looks like i cant login to the server
[15:52] <Lilith> I can only pm
[15:54] <JENGA> Have you tried clearing your cache?
[15:54] <Lilith> Yea, thats usually the issue.
[15:54] <JENGA> hold on, lemme pm Jason

[15:57] <jason> huh, apparently Lilith cant login
[15:57] <Kit_Kat_Kitty_Kat> I’m busy right now, but try checking the console
[16:06] <jason> huh, it says her ip address was banned...be me?
[16:06] <jason> that cant be right
[16:07] <Kit_Kat_Kitty_Kat> You fucked up that bad?
[16:07] <jason> wait a second
[16:07] <jason> She has the same ip address as Rave?
[16:07] <Kit_Kat_Kitty_Kat> how? Ip adresses are unique to individuals, two people cant have the same one.
[16:07] <Kit_Kat_Kitty_Kat> And I do know that Lilith lives alone, she mentioned on occasion how much she doesnt miss her old roommates.
[16:09] <jason> WHAT THE FUCK
[16:09] <jason> WHAT IS THIS
[16:09] <jason> Apparently Rave and Lilith have never been logged in at the same time…
[16:09] <Kit_Kat_Kitty_Kat> Wait, how? They always talk about how good friends they are.
[16:09] <Kit_Kat_Kitty_Kat> I swear ive talked to them both at the same time
[16:09] <jason> I thought the same thing
[16:09] <jason> Ima pm her

//Private Message//
[16:10] <jason> so you cant login?
[16:10] <Lilith> yea
[16:10] <jason> weird, i have no idea why
[16:10] <jason> maybe its cuz you’re not real
[16:10] <jason> maybe you’re just some weird freak who acts as two separate users
[16:11] <Lilith> What?
[16:11] <jason> yea, you and rave have the same ip
[16:11] <jason> and you said it yourself
[16:11] <jason> you live alone
[16:11] <jason> the only possible conclusion is that you(lilith) and rave are the same person
[16:13] <Lilith> I
[16:13] <Lilith> no
[16:13] <Lilith> I catn br
[16:13] <Lilith> NO
[16:13] <Lilith> I raell ydo exist
[16:13] <Lilith> aj ak;kljg nbv kcjxyrpwpoizvkj
[16:13] <jason> get off my fucking server you freak

//Private Message//
[16:17] <jason> Lilith is banned from the server for insulting mods
[16:17] <JENGA> what?
[16:17] <jason> yea, leave it alone
[16:17] <jason> and my advice to you is to never talk to her again
[16:17] <jason> I’m gonna go get food, cya in a while
[16:17] <JENGA> no, I know for a fact that she didn’t do anything wrong
[16:17] <JENGA> prove it
[16:25] <JENGA> god damnit jason, answer me

//Private Message//
[16:27] <JENGA> What the fuck is even happening right now
[16:27] <Lilith> I cant stop crying
[16:27] <Lilith> what the hell is is probelm
[16:27] <Lilith> why doe severuone hate me somuch
[16:27] <JENGA> I really want to help you
[16:28] <JENGA> fuck it, im going to hop in my car, ill have to drive about two hours, but ill be there for you
[16:28] <JENGA> just hold yourself together till then
[16:28] <Lilith> <3

//Private Message//
[16:30] <JENGA> jason, honestly you’re acting like a piece of shit right now
[16:30] <JENGA> Lilith is in tears and I have no idea how bad her mental state is at this point
[16:30] <JENGA> but just so you know, weve been dating for a while, and I plan on leaving in the next hour to visiting her
[16:30] <JENGA> I know you cant respond now, but as a little ps
[16:30] <JENGA> go fuck yourself

//Private Message//
[16:39] <Lilith> I’m gonna be seeing someone real soon~
[16:39] <Lilith> despite my shaking
[16:40] <Lilith> and my tears
[16:40] <Lilith> I at least have someone to comfort me
[16:40] <Lilith> When im there to see you
[16:40] <Lilith> it wont be comforting
[16:40] <Lilith> youll feel regret
[16:40] <Lilith> though really, what can i do?
[16:40] <Lilith> I dont exist
[16:40] <Lilith> Though really, someone good will come
[16:41] <Lilith> someone like rave
[16:41] <Lilith> who can hack
[16:41] <Lilith> cuz yknow, your not the only one who can get an ip~

[01:03] <jason> well shit
[01:04] <jason> all the staff is offline
[01:04] <jason> Lilith just pmed me
[01:04] <jason> and so did jenga
[01:04] <jason> and i dont want some fucking psycho doxxing me
[01:04] <jason> Im going to crash the server real quick, just erase a few of the necessary files for it to run
[01:04] <jason> and scrub my ip from it
[01:04] <jason> so its been a good run
[01:04] <jason> but by the time yall wake up ill be gone
[01:04] <jason> its been a good run but i bid you all adieu
[01:04] <jason> but good luck to you kat, and sorry for this mess Gel
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Re: Jon writes stories on rare occasions

Postby Coryman » 11 months ago

Somehow I read the whole thing before realising it wasn't real...
So... Good job with that I suppose!
raocow wrote: In a world where shag carpeting wins a fight against a helicopter, we spend a lot of time reading and comparing numbers.

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Re: Jon writes stories on rare occasions

Postby ParmaJon » 11 months ago

Coryman wrote:Somehow I read the whole thing before realising it wasn't real...
So... Good job with that I suppose!
Thank you, thats kinda what I aimed for
Go to bed


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Re: Jon writes stories on rare occasions

Postby metasomnia? » 11 months ago

Oh man, stuff hit the fan

Good job Jon!

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