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GenesisJames' Cute Girls Club

so this is where you can post any art related type things! i bet you couldn't have figured that out for yourself, huh! "I" still needs uppercase you dummy - oh yeah!? fight me!
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Re: GenesisJames' Cute Girls Club

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Some new drawings. Gonna try to do a lot more now.

Samus Aran

To celebrate Metroid Dread’s release, here’s Samus! I’ve been waiting for this game for like 10 years, and it’s been a blast to play so far. Samus is also one of my favorite video game characters ever and my first fictional crush because I’m a simp lmao

Jimson Dautra

Experimenting with a new style, so I figured I’d try it out on a relatively new OC of mine. She’d definitely be the final boss.
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