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Rewriting history

so this is where you can post any art related type things! i bet you couldn't have figured that out for yourself, huh! "I" still needs uppercase you dummy - oh yeah!? fight me!
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Rewriting history

Postby Noodle » 11 months ago

A long time ago, a shaman named Merelia published a book called Darkkius Prognosticus (now known as the Dark Prognisticus.) It got really bad ratings, mostly a 1 star, because whoever reads the Dark Prognosticus will never find happiness. But that is about to change thanks to a hero named Noodle, now known as Mernoodle. How did I become Mernoodle, you ask? I was an ordinary boy in an ordinary house in an ordinary sheet of paper. I went to the Manchester Public Library and found a strange black book. I opened up the book and on the first page, it said "WARNING: This is a book of dark prophecies. Under any circumstance shouldn't you read this book, or else you will NEVER find happiness." Pff. As if. I started reading, and the first bunch of pages were old hullaballo from the 1800. I went to the 2017 page and I found a page that said "October 10th, 2017: Noodle will be grounded for watching Youtube." I knew this book was a fake so I didn't watch Youtube at all on the 10th. I felt a weird vibrate on the book and I opened up to the 2017 page to find out the Octber 10th page is missing! I must have rewritten history! I realized that I could use this book to prevent bad things from happening. "October 11th 2017: Noodle will get bad grades." I made sure I did extra well in school. I felt that vibrate again, and this time, a black hole appeared in my room! I did my best to patch it up with tape, but the tape was sucked in! "October 12th, 2017: Noodle will not exist anymore due to a black hole." I looked in my lair for a black-resistant wall and I pushed it back against the black hole. I showed the Dark Prognosticus to my real self and he turned evil, being possessed by the book's power. He used the power to make all kinds of bad stuff happen that was in the book. He wrote in the book with the stuff that was in there originally, which led to me watching Youtube and being grounded and me getting bad grades. Once he wrote the last word that was originally in the book, BAM!

I was in the library again, with the Dark Prognosticus again. This time, I trapped the real me in a cage as big as him. I did all the stuff that conflicted with the DP, and in no time at all, they realized that I was preventing all sorts of stuff from Chomps to a kidnapped princess, and they thought I was a fortune teller so I realized that I could prepare for future events, and I renamed myself Mernoodle.

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