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Most Succinct 2018

The 2018 Mosts have to be better than last year because it's one more than 2017. Wow!
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Most Succinct 2018

Postby Voltgloss » 1 year ago

The flipside of "Most Verbose 2018."

Who needs the fewest words to get right to the point?

ah yes i see
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Re: Most Succinct 2018

Postby Smibbix » 1 year ago

Definitely :rao:. It's like the scale of verboseness eventually starts looping back around because you're so thorough in explaining yourself that instead of adding more words you just condense what you already have... And thus we have such literary masterpieces as these:
raocow wrote: finally the truth is out. the original raocow worn out years ago. the replacement just cannot monkey-cheese as well, but most people doesn't seem to have noticed this, or are okay with this
raocow wrote: oh my gosh the garlic makes a nose :O :O :O
raocow wrote: this game is so bad a litteraly lost a teeth while playing

I hope I don't have to precise that this is a joke
Need I go on?
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Re: Most Succinct 2018

Postby Piesonscreations » 1 year ago


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Re: Most Succinct 2018

Postby ano0maly » 1 year ago

Makes me think Grounder
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Re: Most Succinct 2018

Postby Joseph Staleknight » 1 year ago

Yeah, I think Grounder's the most succinct, too.

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