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Smartest Level

The 2018 Mosts have to be better than last year because it's one more than 2017. Wow!
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Super Maks 64
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Smartest Level

Postby Super Maks 64 » 7 months ago

Sewerside City's 1st Factory ★★★★
I had to do it yelsey

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Re: Smartest Level

Postby YelseyKing » 7 months ago

Super Maks 64 wrote: I had to do it yelsey
*thumbs up*

I was going to make "Smartest Hack" just for Hyper VI, but I decided against it. The whole hack is just smarter than raocow and all of Talkhaus combined, remember. :P
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Re: Smartest Level, SMARTY PANTS

Postby Awoo » 7 months ago

Defeat the Giant Spear Man
good luck figuring out which wololo
ワンワン :pal:
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Re: Smartest Level

Postby FourteenthOrder » 7 months ago

Super Maks 64 wrote: Sewerside City's 1st Factory ★★★★

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Re: Smartest Level

Postby ano0maly » 6 months ago

Can I vote raggow

It's too bad what happened with that second key thing though :sandwich:
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