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2018 Mosts Rules Thread Thing

The 2018 Mosts have to be better than last year because it's one more than 2017. Wow!
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2018 Mosts Rules Thread Thing

Postby Bean » 1 year ago

It's that time again. Welcome to the 2018 Mosts where we all create categories, nominate winners, and for all of us to look back on yet another year that the talkhaus has been through! If you're not sure how it works, this was how the 2017 version went.

Just like last year, categories will run until December 24th. That should be plenty of time to create threads and vote on them. Anyway, I'm not too strict on guidelines, but I do have a few.

Rules on Creating Threads
1) Try to keep threads based off of stuff that happened in 2018. LPs that started this year obviously count, and ones that mostly carried over into this year would also count, for instance.

2) No drama or spam threads, please. Worst themed topics are fine as long as they avoid that rule.

Rules on Voting
1) It would really help if you put your vote at the top of your post or at least put it in bold like this. I could miss them otherwise.

2) Vote for one thing per topic. If you do this or that, I'll count the first one posted, but I'd rather you didn't do that at all!

3) Voting for yourself, while funny at times, won't be counted.

Most of all, have fun, and don't take these seriously. It's a silly forum deal. With that, let's get started!

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