Quick Feedback Before I Get Into It Deeply

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Quick Feedback Before I Get Into It Deeply

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So i've messed around with SMBX 2.0 Beta 3 a bit. Nothing too serious besides play around with characters and doing Mario Challenge with the characters randomized in normal pre-2.0 levels to test out the new mechanics and their compatibility with Mario-designed levels. Here's the bit of feedback I have to give from casual bursts of pick up and play for a few minutes perspective. I intend to get into it more deeply soon enough and stream the whole thing on my Twitch page (So any errors/commentary is recorded and readily accessible to the devs.)

Megaman Stuff

Right now, the P-Shooter has 2 tiers. Normal Shot and Fully Charge with nothing in between. In the The OG Megamans.. Megamen... If you're holding the button and want to shoot before it's fully charged, you get a mid-tier shot. Right now, the charging just stops and nothing comes out. That's really annoying for me as one of those guys that hold the charge shot all the damn time.

I've ran into many pits he can't jump over that Mario and friends can with a running jumps. I have 2 suggestions for this. Either Rush Coil for height or be able to jump further after a slide for horizontal distance (Think Megaman X Dash-Jumps)
This also goes for most characters who can't do running jumps and don't have alternate means of jumping at Mario's running jump height.

The Rush Jet summoning a big platform was the death of me many times. Clipping in walls and suchBesides getting a proper Rush Jet implemented, I don't really see a solution.

Minor Suggestion/Commentary/Complaints

Skin choice in Mario Challenge is great. Having Bill Rizer as a skin for Samus messes with my brain though. I instinctively feel like I can duck and to be able to shoot in any direction when I use it. My instincts kick in and then I mess up. Maybe a poor choice of skin for her.

Why is Horikawa's Skin for Mario? I found it funny to find it in there but I keep having this nagging feeling it should be on Peach, replacing Kood. I know Kood is there because of ASMBXT/A2XT but when you look at the ASMBXT roster, he's the only "Non Talkhausian OC" character in there. He doesn't fit in. Replacing him with Horikawa would make more sense. Then again, that's a A2XT Ep.2 people decision and not a SMBX2.0 thing.

As I said, I intend on doing a more thorough playthrough of it using Mario Challenge, Randomized characters and Talkhaus only episodes (MAGLX/MAGLX2/SDS/ASMBXT/A2XT) for my own entertainment and to have bugs/impossible level with character X/General commentary and such streamed and recorded where i'm sure i'll have a lot more feedback to give.
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