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Klonoa Feedback

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Klonoa Feedback

Postby Trotim » 3 years ago

2.0 has a ton of cool features. Haven't explored it all yet. At first blush I like Klonoa the best!
He fits surprisingly well into the existing levels and I haven't really noticed any bugs.

Quick suggestions:
1) Running
Get rid of the Run button.
It conflicts with shoot/throw. More comfortable to play with a fixed speed (4 or 5 feel fine to me).
You're already busy shooting and double jumping and fluttering. Another button on top of that is too much.
I don't like being forced to throw what I'm holding to start running again.

Would be nice to have the animation slowed a little, too!

2) Fluttering
Let me flutter again after a mid-air jump.
Currently it only resets when you land or grab a ladder.
I'd love if the flutter state reset on any mid-air jump, like bouncing off enemies or using a spring board.
If that's too hard to do, at least have double jumps (i.e. throwing an enemy down) reset it. Chaining jumps and flutters is fun!

Example from the original game: https://youtu.be/IhBTlOOyDqk?t=1m55s

Again, great work. Really impressive what you were able to do!
The interaction with special items like propeller blocks and the key is especially neat!

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