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[009] Manky Bridge 2

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[009] Manky Bridge 2

Postby morsel/morceau » 1 year ago

I decided to restart my level entirely as there were many concerns voiced about the level's difficulty (or lack of it), and the general absence of D (for Depraved) rated levels. What better than to remake a beloved favourite? I hope to 'push the envelope' with this one in terms of length and puzzle aspects.
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Testers PM me for the rom to avoid gundam mecha julius spoilers.
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Re: [009] Manky Bridge 2

Postby cozyduck » 1 year ago

Just tested this. Great stuff!
Mankey bridge was always a bit too easy and basic for jump w5 so I'm really happy you upped the ante here, so to speak.
I really enjoyed the reverse control wind section in particular, but the high gravity block + darkness part was super good too!
I feel like 999 time might be a bit too little though, change it to FFF and this level is sure to be a hit!

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Re: [009] Manky Bridge 2

Postby gbreeze » 1 year ago

I'll echo what cozyduck said in that I'm very glad you decided to buff this level, and the rest of your JUMP 1/2 levels as well. The hack was desperately in need of more brutal levels, especially after so many complains about the lack of reverse control gimmicks. I liked the dc room, especially the way you implemented the sniper sprite, and the Palatable Perturbation water was a nice touch. Personally, I feel like this level will fit quite nicely in that open spot in world 3, but Sixcorby insisted that he'd rather have that slot for All the Way from New Jersey 2 instead, since it fits the aesthetics better. Either way, I'm sure that we'll be able to put it in the hack somewhere (maybe we'll have to scrap a few of those easy worldpeace levels)

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Re: [009] Manky Bridge 2

Postby Leet » 1 year ago

What the hell kind of performance art is this thread LMAO
Well it is a decent hack but sometime its just too repetitif there no level that actually pop in your face and your like oh yeah that level they all ressemble themselves and just monster along the way.
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Re: [009] Manky Bridge 2

Postby KobaBeach » 1 year ago

Gave it a shot and I honestly think the P-Switch and Key double juggle spinjump chain against the strong winds and the eerie generator wasn't as precise as it could be. I do appreciate the fact that you need to yump and use the key as a footstool for entering the P-Switch door, that was really clever. The segment in the switch block construct high up in the heavens above with the ON *wait a few frames* OFF *wait a few frames* ON LevelASM alongside the Brutal Mario-esque かがみのとりで X-axis reversal LevelASM is neat, but I feel you could have made the mid-air "podoboo jump climbing" (jump on one podoboo then use the height from the first jump to jump on one to the upper left, then the upper right etc) kind of more challenging. I know you got this tho. I believe in you!

The Big Boo boss where you have to key jump your way to hitting it and then try to land on a key generated by the block Mario can't touch before it falls and despawns is just clever, it's really impressive how creative you can get when it comes to using as minimal terrain as possible.

Had to use a lot of savestates. Hoo boy... Almost gave Haimari a run for his money! This is Morsel though, you're the golden boy.
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Re: [009] Manky Bridge 2

Postby ft029 » 1 year ago

I am not a professional Mario player like cozyduck and have been struggling on this brilliant level (really, the creativity is far beyond Manky Bridge 1's). I am stuck on this obstacle, however, where it seems you have to juggle 2 throw blocks and hit the turn blocks to stand on the bowser statues that fall down. It's just too hard-- I keep hitting the ceiling, and I can't tank the obstacle because of the lack of powerups.

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