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What's Left To Do thread

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What's Left To Do thread

Postby ft029 » 3 years ago

Now that the JUMP1/2 Discord is wrapping up its distraction side project (Youtube'd Up Mario Party), we can focus on what needs to be done.

This post will be broken up into several sections (overworld, levels, bosses, etc.). Then there will be a section for what I have left to do. I'm envisioning that everybody who has a large stake in this project or who has many unfinished items will make a post in this thread. Then, as you finish things, update that post. Hopefully this way things will be easier on terra.

Main map: Basically finished, although things may be moved around as a few levels are added or removed. Events are waiting to be added.
Cave: I have a skeleton of the product, but there's messy cutoff and the red switch and Royal Palace are not included. I sort of want to hand this over to someone for fixing.
Ice/Sky: Events and map all done!
Bowser: Map is done. Things may be moved around based on whether levels get finished or not.
Space Spiral Postgame: No progress so far.

I believe there are plans for Dynamic Dungeon, Factory of Necessity, Message Box on Layer 3, Breakdown Bastion, Bowser, and RNG. Factory of Necessity currently has a pretty lame filler boss.

Screen scrolling pipes: Has the P-switch carried through a screen scroll pipe glitch been fixed? What about the weird interactions between layer 2 levels and screen scrolling pipes?
Extension byte: For some reason this has been causing slowdown in levels. Hopefully this is removed next base ROM.

Should I add more categories?

My stuff (you guys should post stuff about your levels and rooms like this)
Multiperson: Submit C4, C5, C6, CB, C9. Maybe touch up CB and C9.
Battlefield of Three Kingdoms: Perhaps tweak the design.
Switch of Blue Hue: Redesign the last puzzle.
OK TIDES: Redesign the fast autoscroller.
B, R, Y: Redesign first puzzle to be a better introduction to the gimmick. -done
S1/2 P-man's Adventure: Redesign second half and submit.
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Re: What's Left To Do thread

Postby Ryrir » 3 years ago

What about beta testing? I remember reading somewhere that all levels were basically tested over on the discord as they were submitted, so do you guys think that that's enough or will there be an additional testing phase?
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Re: What's Left To Do thread

Postby lolyoshi » 3 years ago

It would be real cool for people (outside of the team) to test the levels. Though I would recommend waiting for a new baserom update before doing that.

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Re: What's Left To Do thread

Postby SAJewers » 3 years ago

I'd be willing to stream some level testing, once the new BaseROM is out.

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Re: What's Left To Do thread

Postby Willhart » 3 years ago

I can make some videos too.

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Re: What's Left To Do thread

Postby idol » 3 years ago

what multiperson levels are done for bowsers castle & rng and what needs to be done?

who is doing what, what has been submitted, etc. there was a list for those prior, but last i asked a lot of those spots were still not filled or done. should be an update and gathering everything to see exactly what needs to be done still.

EDIT: also this should be patched to the base rom. still waiting to be accepted or denied, but smwc has like .5 asm moderators. 'ccording 2 worldpeace it fixes the issues that imamelias version had with crashing. elsewise, one of my levels is gonna have glitchy line guides lmao

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Re: What's Left To Do thread

Postby worldpeace125 » 3 years ago

EDIT: also this should be patched to the base rom. still waiting to be accepted or denied, but smwc has like .5 asm moderators. 'ccording 2 worldpeace it fixes the issues that imamelias version had with crashing. elsewise, one of my levels is gonna have glitchy line guides lmao
This patch can affect the existing levels in the base rom, and it should be disabled for them. I will tweak the patch like what I did for some levels in JUMP 1. Let me know which sublevel will require it.

My todo list: mostly asm
- movie system done
- event step customization done
- update addmusick to v1.0.5, with a better solution of p-switch/starman song reset problem done
- update the code of the screen scrolling pipe: combine mellonpizza's modification with ghb's latest version done
- extra overworld events(121st or above) done
- extra translevels(1E0-1FF): overworld flag, event number done
- revamp my old levels almost (minor mwl tweak in future)
- finish my new level (optional: make a custom song for it) done
- polish some of custom music including SAjewer's request
- fix addmusick's game freezing issue on zsnes
- handle reported bugs
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Re: What's Left To Do thread

Postby Lazy_ » 3 years ago


here's mine, more or less in order of importance:
- finish YUMP ✔
- finish Rubicon and Maw of the Beast ✔
- port some music for Maw of the Beast
- finish up the main ow ✔
- submit my missing multiperson rooms ✔
- redesign all of my levels except for still platforms and mountain of frug cause I'm unhappy with them ✔
- fix graphical inconsistencies in jumphalf (this might be a bit controversial so not sure)
- port more music for the ows and whatnot

I probably won't be making very quick progress cause my spring break is about to end and rl is gonna be a thing for the next few months so yeah. Let's take our time please.
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Re: What's Left To Do thread

Postby Ryrir » 3 years ago

Alright, so I've decided to create a google doc where I go over the levels and comment on them and stuff (sorta like I what did for the original JUMP). I don't know how useful it's going to be, but if you're interested feel free to check it out I guess.

I honestly don't know much about the development of this hack, so if it turns out that the majority of the levels are unfinished in the latest baserom or that the majority of people are going to completely revamp their levels anyway, it might make more sense to wait with testing until that's done. You tell me I guess

Since I have a lot of free time right now I'll aim to update twice a week or something, but we'll see what happens
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Re: What's Left To Do thread

Postby Rockythetigre » 3 years ago

I think I have done everything I had to, but if that has not been the case, please PM me on discord so I can finish my stuff.

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Re: What's Left To Do thread

Postby mellonpizza » 3 years ago

This is essentially what I have on my plate for jumphalf (ontop of school and starting college and other shit)
-Finish Daizo's sans thing (programming and design)
-Rework the rope sprite thing for my rope level
-Rework the entire level and finish the design
-Finish all multipersons/hubs (theres around 4-5 i claimed)
If time permits:
-Get as much boss work done (theres potentially a fucking lot, with theoretically up to 15 boss ideas but that much is not gonna happen lmao)
Priorities are the specialized boss fights i planned that are easier, and bowser
-Finish possible airship level
-Do some music ports (though I'd prefer to try and make a program to convert from a tracker or something first, so this is honestly least likely)
I'm not a YTPMV'er. My goal is towards learning music and eventually making my own content with what I like (in this case ponies). I'm still studying how music works and this is what I can do so far, so to all the ytpmv'ers out there: Please stop following my videos, cause I'm not interested in making chiptune music with your rules you set up on how to make YTPMV's. Also I'd appreciate if you guys would lay off bronies in the comment section, cause these are made for them and not for people who

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Re: What's Left To Do thread

Postby 575Yoshi » 3 years ago

I'd be more than willing to port some music for this project. I'm not as good as worldpeace but I'd be down to help out as long as the music in question isn't extremely complex.

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Re: What's Left To Do thread

Postby gbreeze » 3 years ago

gbreeze's whimsical thread of things to finish:

-help ft insert music in Goomball Machine, change time limit to zero, test for breaks, fix issues sixcorby pointed out, thoroughly test, and make a thread here after compiling the resources

-finish When Porcupuffers Fly with Blue Leaf, includes claiming a music slot

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