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[139] The lost lotus forest

Half a jump is still a jump
a guy
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[139] The lost lotus forest

Postby a guy » 1 year ago

Tried to do a different level than my previous two. This mean this level is easy, has two exits, coins, dragon coins, and more stuff.

http://bin.smwcentral.net/u/410/JUMP0.5 ... forest.zip

I dunno if the secret exit is well hidden or too much hidden, please tell me.

a guy
Posts: 20
Joined: 1 year ago

Re: [139] The lost lotus forest

Postby a guy » 10 months ago

Very minor change, so minor that I don't want to repost the whole zip.

To who is in charge of assembling level (Terra):
To make the secret exit more obvious. Let's add a ninji in the same position as he is in the second part. Except put it a bit lower to not make it too obvious.
Go in level 139 in lunar magic.
And place a Ninji at position 283,21:25
Right there
maybe even one tile lower? idk

So if you're fast enough you see a ninja fall and you guess that there might be something under there

ft029 also suggested puting invisible coin blocks. Do which one you prefer.

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