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Simple Screenshot/Video Thread

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Re: Simple Screenshot/Video Thread

Postby CloudyCloud » 5 years ago

Hoeloe wrote:
CloudyCloud wrote: Anyway, make a guess: what reference am I making in the second screen? Please name the exact term.

It looks like a Sierpinski triangle to me, but that's probably wrong. It's probably the fact it's the powers of 2.

No. Well, I would agree that the shape looks similar, so you are not far from the answer. I don't really know about this term: I only know that triangle to be the triforce.(Zelda's reference)

But now that I see this shape, this may be a better idea to use that shape instead of Pascal Triangle.

Edited: Then again, now that I see carefully again, I accept your answer as alternative answer. Just let you know that it is not the thing in my mind when I make that.

S1eth wrote:
CloudyCloud wrote:text

Pascal's triangle, but I don't get the "nightmare".

Yes. Nightmare is Mathematics. Well, I don't know about you, but I saw some people do think that Mathematics is nightmare/demon.

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