SMBX Mystery Contest 2020

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SMBX Mystery Contest 2020

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I held this thing on the SMBX forums that I called the "Mystery Contest", referring how the contest's running is something fairly nonstandard and unpredictable.
It was a hidden theme contest about "solving a problem", with the contest's main focuses being:
- trialling a different scoring format for myself
- reviewing the levels and making the episode in 5 days (i started dec 21)
- seeing how a medals system might work for a contest to reward players that didn't win & to give participation incentive to newer members
- making some code with which contest episodes can be created in a flash

reposting here in case some of you wanna play some pretty swell smbx levels!


Contest forum - Click here for results & more


I do things. You can find them on my talkhaus site.
Here is another link. This one lets you draw.
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