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2k1x Subzero Heroes (SMBX2)

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2k1x Subzero Heroes (SMBX2)

Post by Enjl »


Welcome to my passion project since February 2017. This is my final episode, and the final episode of the 2k1x series.
More information on this page will be added once the spoiler period has ended. This is to give people wanting to stay spoiler-free a chance to play the game blind.

This episode is a direct sequel to Hypnosis Redo, where Hypnosis Redo's "evil arc" is the prologue chapter, detailing how the scheming Snivy Mortimer has risen to rule across Enjlland.

45 levels in the main story progression and 4 side-levels await. Fight a powerful array of entirely lua-programmed bosses on your adventure.
- Vendinding machines
- Character customization
- Donations
- Speedrun tech
- Achievements
- Sleeping
- Over 70 items
- Mr. Cruel
- World map AND hub
- original music

Enjl, Waddle, snoruntpyro, Aristo, rixithechao, Sancles, The0x539, Ryaa
Featuring an inhuman amount of third party assets all credited in the end credits.

DOWNLOAD (Current Version: 1.0.7)
Designed for SMBX2 Beta 4 Patch 3 Hotfix. Will run on Patch 3, but you might experience a memory leak.
https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MPz0px ... sp=sharing

For updating an older version:
https://drive.google.com/file/d/1L8IAu2 ... sp=sharing

If you experience lag, turn on the "performance > visuals" setting in the options menu. If you still experience lag afterwards, get a better PC.

- Fixed the thwomp's description
- Rupees will no longer randomly drop when using the cruel costume

- Fixed a vending machine crash
- Attempt to remedy an issue where saving after using assist mode would be impossible
- Adjusted Lucienne's dialogue
- Increased the max health coin gain from 5 to 10
- Removed the max health coin gain from levels in which the "save" pause menu option exists
- Capitalism achievement is now hidden

- Most levels may now provide Tier 2 powerups in its boxes.
- Changed the effect for killing enemies with a nogravity fireball.
- Swapped two item sprites that were wrongly assigned.
- Beta 4 Patch 3 Hotfix addresses a memory leak issue and is encouraged to be used now.
- Redesigned the "Save + Quit" menu option to use Misc.exitEngine if the game is played on the Patch 3 hotfix. Old behaviour is retained in Patch 3.
- Fixed an issue where collectibles would sometimes not be collected properly.
- Final level: Adjusted some setups to make softlocking more difficult/impossible
- Final level: Adjusted portals to no longer randomly stop functioning
- Wind level: Now preloads final section background in the one-screen section.
- Wind level: Added an antisoftlock spike for brave souls.
- Spring level: Adjusted a setup for better flow.
- Train level: It is no longer possible to get hit during the second cutscene.
- Dolphin level: Fixed easy cheese
- Dolphin level: Added missing dolphin goo
- Bubble level: Added extra powerup
- Pepper level: Slightly adjusted various setups in the CP1 area
- Pepper level: Added a powerup to the CP1 area
- Pepper level: Adjusted incorrect coin guides
- HUB: Fixed an issue with the bank that would cause you to lose money you didn't have.
- HUB: The inn can now be used to refresh the vending machine

- Fixed a bug where attempting to purchase too many items would crash the game.

- Added a version check. If you don't have Patch 3, the game will now prompt you to update, and then violently explode.
- Made a secret area more accessible
- Added back in a secret area that became unused at some point during development
- Fixed confusion between two speedrun achievements
- Fixed a bug where Achievement 35 was unobtainable
- Fixed a bug where you could play as Peach
- Fixed a bug where speedrun mode was able to set/use the final boss level checkpoint flag. Speedruns of the final boss now always start at Phase 1
- Revamped the "Save + Quit" menu option to prevent returning to the legacy main menu. This prevents a save file overwrite bug.
- Attempt to fix a bug where crashing during speedrun mode could softlock you.
- Added an extra collider update when projectile colliders get spawned, preventing unfair hits against Mortimer and making first-frame colliders more predictable
- Fixed a bug where dying while not playing as the main character could crash lua
- Changed palette of diagonal podoboos in the conveyor level to be less eye-straining
- Resolved a clipping issue on the world map

- Fixed an instance in the icicle level where you could die from too much speed accumulation
- Fixed a lua error in the mech boss
- Fixed an oversight in the campsite cutscene where run inputs would falsely be registered
- Fixed an issue in the teleporter level where fighterflies would crash the level when hit with a projectile (yes, really. fighterflies specifically)
- Removed all instances of vector array declarations in shaders (there was only one) to allow the shaders to compile on older graphics cards

- Fixed a softlock in the mansion level
- Fixed a softlock in the water level
- Improved the "no pitfalls" cheat to circumvent various blunders
- The gramophone man will no longer crash the game when you try to have a conversation
- It's no longer possible to prematurely exit out of the map in the map obtaining cutscene
- The barriers in the three colour barrier level have gotten a visual upgrade, to be more easily distinguishable as passthrough
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Re: [WIP] 2k1x Subzero Heroes (SMBX2)

Post by Enjl »

As of today, the game is feature complete and all we're doing is just playing it over and over (we're on like playthrough 7 or so now) to see if we can find happy accidents that need weeding out.

Here's a short list of things you can do in this game:
- you can sleep on a bench
- you can enjoy refreshing beverages from a vending machine that refills every day
- you can take part in a quiz show
- you can discover the secret home of the birds
- you can build a snowman
- you can eat gravel
- you can go camping
- you can donate to a charity
- you can wear a top hat and monocle
and of course...
- you can buy an unreasonable amount of sand
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Re: [WIP] 2k1x Subzero Heroes (SMBX2)

Post by Piesonscreations »

All of that looks really cool Enjl! You've done some great work.
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Re: 2k1x Subzero Heroes (SMBX2) (released)

Post by Enjl »

Designed for SMBX2 Beta 4 Patch 3.
https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MPz0px ... sp=sharing

Since the update is out I can now release this. More information for the thread coming after the spoiler period has ended. Enjoy!
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Re: 2k1x Subzero Heroes (SMBX2)

Post by Enjl »

On Saturday September 12th at 9AM EST me (and maybe some of the other devs depending on their availability) will do a livestream playthrough of the entire game, pulling back the curtain a little on how and when all the levels came to be, what changes happened during development, and what interesting tidbits may be missed during a regular playthrough. Tune in if that's something that interest you!
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOdVJ9 ... 2dfnM8byvQ
Stream replay:

During the stream we sometimes alluded to an image detailing the order in which levels were made. Here is that image:
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Re: 2k1x Subzero Heroes (SMBX2)

Post by hardcore_crispy »

This looks crazy fun. Got me updating SMBX to grab these.
raocow wrote: 9 months ago oh SHIT

https://www.youtube.com/user/CrispyMWHC -- I play the games for the internet.
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Re: 2k1x Subzero Heroes (SMBX2)

Post by Dog In Da Grass »

Congrats on the patapon vote too! I'm really looking foreword to watching this and I might have to get up and play along too, it looks really great!
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Re: 2k1x Subzero Heroes (SMBX2)

Post by Enjl »

Dog In Da Grass wrote: 1 month ago Congrats on the patapon vote too! I'm really looking foreword to watching this and I might have to get up and play along too, it looks really great!
Thanks! I'm super excited about that vote and looking forward to the playthrough! I hope you will also enjoy it when you decide to play it.
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