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Pokemon Vega 386 Alpha 0.2

wanna make a game, or anything else? seminal bloom!
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Pokemon Vega 386 Alpha 0.2

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Dont know if the Talkhaus is a big pokemon place but I do wanna share my new project. This is the description from my thread in the Nuzlocke forums.

Hey Guys,

Long ago in a far past I tried to make a Drayano version of Pokemon Vega. But I got bored after I found out what a hassle it was to give trainer pokemon new moves. But after a few years and getting impatient for Deneb and Procyon I decided to pick up my old project. I present to you Pokemon Vega 386! This is just a revamp off the old Vega so you can catch much more pokemon and the trainers also get new teams. I just made it till the first Gym so thats gonna be the first Alpha! To evolve your pokemon you need a National Dex. You can get this from a NPC in Route 501. If ya'll got feedback or wanna help let me know! For know this is Alpha 0.1

Here is Alpha 0.2! This one goes up till the second gym. ... 2.ips/file
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