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A Mario X Collab Adventure

wanna make a game, or anything else? seminal bloom!
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A Mario X Collab Adventure

Postby AmazingBastard » 1 year ago

Hey Everyone,

After watching what a rollercoaster raocow's LP of Jump 1/2 has been I thought I tried to pitch the idea to make something similar with the SMBX Engine (If Jump X is going to happen I would gladly help with that though).

As of late I feel the need to pick something up to do extreme boredom (a lot of spare time after work) So I thought it would be a good idea to start up a project. I used to play a bit with SMBX engine and always found it easier to work with then LunarMagic. So the idea is to set up a X collab in the vain of VIP series and also JUMP. And also recruit people from each spectrum (Talkhaus, SMWC, SMBX Forums and maybe some others?) And through this way I want to find out if there are people willing to submit to it and also help with the back end and logistics stuff.

I would like to hear for y'all

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Re: A Mario X Collab Adventure

Postby ItsFuntime » 1 year ago

Sorry it's been a couple of weeks, but I think I'd like to join in. ;)
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Re: A Mario X Collab Adventure

Postby Kleetus » 1 year ago

I'd be interested in helping, not sure how useful I'd be.
The problem at the moment is deciding if it makes sense to wait for SMBX2b4, or use an earlier version.

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