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SOUP-er Yev World

wanna make a game, or anything else? seminal bloom!
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SOUP-er Yev World

Postby LatexHydra » 1 year ago

I've started working on my own hack. Name might change later, but I kinda like this right now. I honestly dont have too much to show, but I'm really proud of this cute background I made using just vanilla tiles.


Also worked on the overworld for the first area, Cherry Forest. (wanted to call it Cherry Blossom Forest, but there wasn't enough room and I'm dumb and dont know how to instal patches and afraid of messing everything up)


I have started work on the first level. Not too far into but I guess I'll post a screenshot.
I know it looks sorta barren, but I actually studied a bit of the original SMW's level design, since I want this to sort of feel like that game, and I realized there's actually quite of bit of empty space. It'll get more complex of course as the level progresses. I've looked at some level design concepts since I want the level design in this to be really good. Iterating on concepts and whatnot. The concept in this level being goombas, the volcano lotuses, and the not yet added, throwin chucks.


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Re: SOUP-er Yev World

Postby hardcore_crispy » 1 year ago

Really nice looking for vanilla.

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