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Mario's Spelunking Adventure (SMBX!) (World 1-4 available!)

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Mario's Spelunking Adventure (SMBX!) (World 1-4 available!)

Postby Onidrills » 5 months ago

I've been working on this game in SMBX since about the mid-summer. It's supposed to be a simple, rompy experience with lots of custom graphics, looped music, and NPC's! It's my third SMBX game - a remake of my first one I made a few years ago. I never finished the second one. Anyway!

Mario falls down a pit! He has to try and make it back to the surface, but it takes a long-as-heck time.

There are currently 4 worlds completed, with a planned 7-8 in total. Each world has 4 regular stages and a boss stage!






Constructive criticism is appreciated, of course! I hope you enjoy it!

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