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A2MT Complete! 1.9.5 Released!

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Re: A2MT Complete! 1.9.5 Released!

Postby Lem_Gambino » 1 year ago

Yeah, I'm not sure what the deal was, but I don't think SNES9x was treating the foreground layers right. Might have to fiddle with that because I don't like using ZSNES. ^^;;

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Re: A2MT Complete! 1.9.5 Released!

Postby Quarium » 2 months ago

Is the link to this completely gone now? I downloaded the "finished" version recently that has all the things working and in place and deleted this one but some exits seem to not work correctly on that one and one stage (undermoore Passage) softlocks itself so now I only have this fancier but non-working A2MT and I want back :(

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