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Re: Distorted Travesty 3

Post by WhattayaBrian »

No, I meant "does". My point being that the fight could use a full redesign, but given that Zephyr is only making tweaks at this point, here are some things that could mitigate unhappiness.
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Re: Distorted Travesty 3

Post by Validon98 »

More rage below:

What is up with this Shadow Mara or Mora or whatever fight in the construction site? I don't get what to do in the third rock phase. I can't cut down anything until it regens all of its health and then goes super mode on me. I get that pretty much the best way to damage it safely when you CAN damage it is with Jerry's bombs, but other than that... uhhh... I dunno. This fight confuses me.

Also why does he have to heal? In a fight where you can't even hurt him properly half the time and you put yourself in major risk of just getting rammed into if you even try to melee, why just undo any damage you end up dealing to him? Because "hurr durr figure out the puzzle fast or be punished hurr durr"? Like the rock segments are things that need you to be careful to not take damage to begin with, why punish that? Seriously, why?

I just hate this boss with every fiber of my being because dying when I'm approaching the third rock segment means redoing at least five minutes of boss fight prior. It's so much time to make up for a fight like this. I sincerely want to see what the hell the gold time for this fight is because I bet it's REALLY slow.

EDIT: Had to watch an LP video to better understand this boss. Thank you WhattayaBrian, I probably wouldn't have been able to understand certain parts without your video.
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Re: Distorted Travesty 3

Post by jaxter0987 »

ZephyrBurst wrote:
Validon98 wrote:Potential bug report thingy:
I know what's causing that. Next patch (whenever in the future that happens) will have that fixed.

To you guys that have played up to the first boss in the final level:
I've considered since forever ago to reduce the damage from all of Hex's attacks by 1. Do you guys think that's something that would help the flow of that fight? Sure there's assist mode, but let's be real, people rarely use it. It's a long fight and by comparison to the Abomination, tends to actually be longer.

Also considered reducing the frequency of the ceiling attack by about 1-2 seconds. (the one you have to use the idle shield to break through)

I've also considered reducing the frequency of the hands by just a tiny bit, maybe half a second. (It really does make a difference)
TLDR at the bottom:
Lowering the damage gives the player one more hit to learn the boss, so thats probably a good idea. That said, I need to reevaluate this fight in hindsight before I commit to supporting this idea.

Reducing the ceiling attack frequency helps a ton in the "second" half of the fight where he's not just floating in the middle of the screen. Is the frequency consistent throughout the fight? I never really paid attention to whether or not it came in regular intervals or sped up in the later stages

It sure FELT like the frequency picked up but that might just be my unsavory memory of the fight causing me to perceive it in a more negative light.

I'm in different to reducing the hand frequency. I'd like to think I wasn't the only one that used that phase where all he did was shoot those pairs of lightning things (with a pair of undashable ones in between) to heal up back to full with the heart spawns from killing two hands.

Really, I think MY biggest problem with the fight is the music. In a way, I felt it was better to use the music featured in the bad end version of this fight instead of the current track. I get that during the bad end, he's supposed to be toying with you and that the boss battle plays out like any other we've done before with "appropriate" music. But a case could also be made for having the current dreary "good" end boss fight music being played during the bad end sequence and vice versa.

I don't know, theres just something about the music coupled with how long the fight is that just makes me despise starting over again and again. Which I guess is a good thing if you were going for that sense of dread and feebleness the music makes me feel.

Regarding WhattayaBrian's suggestion about the lightning shield attack: If you DO end up going with this suggestion, I'd suggest making Elemental the only other weakness. Diffusion Missiles > Gravity Well for breaking through the shield at a distance but Shotgun Ice > Holy Water so this would give the player a choice when it comes to breaking the shield. I ended up primarily using Claire in the fight because I can't be bothered trying to use Jerry to break through the shield in the latter half of the fight when the characters are better off on opposite sides of the room.

I immediately take back what I said about making Elemental another weakness. Jerry would become THE goto person when it comes to breaking the shield because I just remembered about how the MegaMan set is great for front loading damage. Since it has both Special and Elemental options, making Elemental another weakness would be a bad idea.

TLDR: Yest to first suggestion, yes to second suggestion, indifferent but leaning towards no for third suggestion, music is unsettling but probably in a good way since its probably intended, WhattayaBrian's idea about the shield thing is interesting to think about
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Re: Distorted Travesty 3

Post by ano0maly »

The bad end fight used to not have any music when you start it (it was unintentional) and I thought that was fitting for a false battle that inevitably leads to a bad end. But that was back when this fight was very simple, not stretched out to mimic the real fight.
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Re: Distorted Travesty 3

Post by kitikami »

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Re: Distorted Travesty 3

Post by ZephyrBurst »

kitikami wrote:Image
That is amazing! Thank you. <3
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Re: Distorted Travesty 3

Post by kitikami »


I've been meaning to draw something like that since that room title came up in RobinLSL's LP, and since he recently finished his LP, I figured this would be a good way to commemorate seeing the whole game and to give back a tiny bit for all the enjoyment I've gotten from the series.
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Re: Distorted Travesty 3

Post by Meowthnum1 »

Slit08 wrote:So guys who have completed the game. A question to you:

Who did you find harder to beat? Hex or the Warmaster?
Very late reply to this post, but

I found Hex really, really tough. It's a long fight, and it takes forever to damage him. I thought he was harder than Warmaster. It was easier to get into a groove with Warmaster. It was a fun, fluid, and fair fight that had a really epic feel to it. Hex was just frustrating. I'm in the minority though
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Re: Distorted Travesty 3

Post by ano0maly »

Since DT3 is getting a resumed let's play, I thought I would explain some things that are changed or added in this "epilogue update" and the patches after it.

New playable content and story:
  • There's some new content directly relevant to the story, namely

    chapter 21

    and a new area that's required to access it.
  • There are now basically

    4 endings total: bad end, normal end, good end, and joke end.

    The latter two are added in this update.
  • The original normal end had its post-credits dialogue modified, so if you don't know how to access the new story content you can revisit this dialogue for a hint.
  • Door B in Bubble Tower is accessible after

    you clear the game with good end

    . It has some optional bonus content (some more thought out than others).
  • Some optional bosses outside that room are added, too. The way to access them is somewhat related to what you do in the new content.
Some new options have been added:
  • Ways to set up how character/ability swap buttons function.
  • Options for how you transition to the game over screen (or skip it and pick the default option to resume the game).
  • A rudimentary command line system to help you manage multiple save files, if you don't like manually renaming saves.
  • Support for adjusting the left stick deadzone for your gamepad.
Things to mention about alternate game modes:
  • Some new modes have been added. Most are silly modifications but some might be taken up as a challenge. Note that some modes need to be enabled each time you load the save, rather than starting the game with the mode inherently set in your save data.
  • Nightmare mode has been revised so that it's more than just turning off a bunch of things you have in normal mode. There are buffs added, some plainly visible (you start with some of the equipment items you can buy in normal mode) and some subtle, to mitigate the lack of regular progression of getting more powerful through leveling that you have in normal mode.
  • One of the abilities exclusive to nightmare mode has been changed. It was previously

    an extra level of buster charge

    ; now it's

    a way to store up to three fully charged buster shots by continuing to hold down the charge. That means you can shoot these charged shots immediately without charging before each one.

  • One other mode that I want to mention is permanent easy. This halves all damage take, so that you don't need to toggle assist mode (which has some penalties) in a given room to be able to take more hits. Permanent easy mode does not stack with assist mode. This is there if the normal mode is too hard, but it's also possible to combine nightmare mode with permanent easy mode if you want to experience the changes of nightmare mode (including exclusive abilities) with more cushion.
If you want more detailed information on changes since this update, check out the blog starting from "The Big DT3 Update Is Here" post in mid-2017.
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