Talkcordhaus VGM Guessing Contest #20: VERSUS! Big Dealer (RESULTS!)

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Talkcordhaus VGM Guessing Contest #20: VERSUS! Big Dealer (RESULTS!)

Post by Valentine »

In the end, the big dealer destroyed everything in sight, with only 4 hitpoints left.
Wow I certainly, did not realize how tough some of my picks were, sorry everyone. I genuinely thought it would be significantly easier. Either way, I hope everyone had fun! And also that the wait didn't annoy anyone (I got in a bit too over my head with all this contest hosting).
Here's the thread with all the results and songs epic

Originally the songs were supposed to have difficulty ratings, but i never actually marked them down and i forgot what i intended them to be, so for the sake of time I'm not gonna be including it

The Songs!
Gimmick songs are indicated by ⚠️
1.Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin - Victorian Fear
Guessed By: FourteenthOrder, SNN, HatKid, Validon98, iosh
Series Guessed By: Cro-Iba (Reecer7? 6?)

Let's start it off with a game I quite enjoy, it's pretty good! Most castlevania games aren't, I find.

2.ULTRAKILL - Versus
Guessed By: FourteenthOrder (Solo!)

Cool game with cool robots. I used to know a bunch of people who really liked it, but never really played it myself. The soundtrack is absolutely phenomenal though, super abrasive and incredibly loud.

3.Axiom Verge - Inexorable
Guessed By: FourteenthOrder, Cyril, SNN, iosh

Ever wanted to play super metroid, again? This game is basically "what if I just made super metroid again" and not in exclusively a good way. It's a fine game, but very very derivative.

4.Street Fighter 3: Third Strike - The Circuit
Guessed By: FourteenthOrder (Solo!)

I'm sorry for that video thumbnail

5.⚠️Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia - Sorrow's Distortion⚠️
Guessed By: FourteenthOrder, SNN, Validon98, iosh, Bean
Series Guessed By: Cro-Iba
Gimmick Guess: Enjl, Validon98, iosh

This game sucks, it's so bad, how did they fuck it up this bad. How do you make a metroidvania where one of the areas is literally just a straight line, how is there more than one area like that. What the fuck.
This music's pretty good though

6.Rogue Legacy - Narwhal
Guessed By: FourteenthOrder, Enjl, iosh

A valiant effort to make a randomly-generating metroidvania essentially. It was a cool game back in the day, and I forgot how good some of the songs in the soundtrack are, but not all the music in this game is made equal unfortunately.

7.⚠️Hylics - Gibby⚠️
Guessed By: FourteenthOrder (Solo!)
Gimmick Guess: FourteenthOrder

I love art, I love games.

8.Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia - Battle Preparations ~ Pilgrimage
Guessed By: FourteenthOrder, HatKid, iosh, Bean
Series Guessed By: Cyril

Sucks how they put the good battle preparation theme on the route with the most bland maps and obnoxiously powerful bosses. I don't know why I like this game.

9.Umineko no Naku Koro ni Chiru - Birth of new witch (Secondary Gimmick Song)
Guessed By: FourteenthOrder, SNN, iosh
Gimmick Guess: Enjl

The gimmick here may be a little unfair, because my D&D character's theme is actually the instrumental version of this song, but my contest my rules and I say it counts. Anyways, who cares about that this game made me remember that reading can be fun if you're not forced to do it.

10.Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth - Tyrell Badd ~ The Truth isn't Sweet
Guessed By: FourteenthOrder, Cyril, Cro-iba, raekuul, HatKid, Validon98, iosh, TheFinalSentinel

Certainly wasn't expecting this song to be one of the most guessed songs in the contest, not complaining though cause it's fuckin good.

11.Rain World - Kayava
Guessed By: FourteenthOrder (Solo!)

What if they made a game with no game design, I once asked a friend. And they told me it was this game, I still haven't played the game because frankly it seems a bit out of my interest sphere, but it suuuure looks interesting.

12.⚠️Dicey Dungeons - Fortune Favours The Bold⚠️
Guessed By: FourteenthOrder, SNN
Gimmick Guess: FourteenthOrder, SNN

Definitely one of the more interesting takes on progression in a rogue-lite, although the game leans more on actual progress and surprisingly plot than the usual unlockathon of most other rogue-lites. It's an interesting direction, even if it lowers overall replay value it honestly makes for a better game overall. This is also one of those songs which really doesn't get that good until like 2 minutes in, so I BEG everyone to listen to it (and the rest of the OST while you're at it :p)
The boss itself is awesome too, which is partially why I included the song.

13.IMPOSTOR! Yousuke Yasui - Latino Vibration
Guessed By: FourteenthOrder (Solo!)

Is it mean to put an incredibly video-game sounding song into the impostor slot? Yeah, but it's a good song.

14.ZeroRanger - Final B'ex
Guessed By: FourteenthOrder, Enjl, Validon98

The best shoot'em-up to ever enlighten this accursed plane.
Another absolutelly stellar and stylish soundtrack to pair with an incredible game, this one I also wholeheartedly recommend to both listen to and play (although if you like shmups and haven't heard of this game I'd recommend to just go and get it right now without looking at anything else, just trust me on this it's incredibly worth it).

15.Fortress 2 Blue - Welcome to Skull's Hell
Guessed By: FourteenthOrder (Solo!)

I only know this soundtrack because of the JUMPteam projects so if anyone asked for hints about this game's songs i would've probably been screwed. Thankfully, nobody did.

16.⚠️Final Fantasy VIII - Maybe I'm a Lion⚠️
Guessed By: FourteenthOrder, SNN, raekuul, HatKid, Validon98, KobaBeach, TheFinalSentinel, Bean
Gimmick Guess: FourteenthOrder, SNN, Validon98

I can't say I'm as surprised about this song being guessed by the majority of the participants.
Midi crunch guitars are a dying art

17.YUMP2 - Bowser's Castle
Guessed By: FourteenthOrder, SNN, Cro-iba, HatKid, Validon98, iosh, KobaBeach, TheFinalSentinel

I just thought this would be really funny to include honestly

18.⚠️Live A Live - Pure Odio⚠️
Guessed By: FourteenthOrder, SNN, Validon98, KobaBeach
Gimmick Guess: FourteenthOrder, Enjl, SNN, Validon98

19.⚠️Plants vs Zombies (DS) - Zomboss⚠️
Guessed By: FourteenthOrder
Series Guessed By: raekuul, TheFinalSentinel
Gimmick Guess: FourteenthOrder

The DS port of Plants vs Zombies is honestly different enough of a game for me to consider it a separate entry in the series, not only because the entire ost was redone, but also because it looks completely different and has different minigames.
Maybe a stretch but I decided to be mean today.

20.Koumajou Densetsu 2: Stranger's Requiem - Twisted Madness
Guessed By: FourteenthOrder (Solo!)

This one I felt just sounded like a sonic boss theme for like the first minute, which is some great misdirection. This game has an incredibly varied soundtrack too, definitely one of the hardest picks in the contest.

21.The Binding of Isaac - Greed
Guessed By: FourteenthOrder, Enjl, SNN, iosh

There's something so nostalgic about this soundtrack, it feels like it's always been something from 5 years ago, even on release it felt like it has always been there. I can't exactly pinpoint it but just the way everything sounds is just not replicable, the instrumentation is on point in every track, it's just something special.

22.⚠️Touhou 13.5 Hopeless Masquarade - The Lost Emotion⚠️
Guessed By: FourteenthOrder, Validon98, iosh, TheFinalSentinel
Series Guessed By: SNN
Gimmick Guess: FourteenthOrder, Enjl, SNN, Validon98, iosh

I wish ZUN would make more music like this, it's incredibly atmospheric and unlike most other touhou music while still keeping that touhou jank alive in the later parts. Definitely one of my favorite touhou songs just in general, and easily one of my favorite touhou final boss themes (surprisingly, most of them kinda suck, this might be my most scalding hot take of all time).

23.Wario Land 4 - Mystic Lake
Guessed By: FourteenthOrder, SNN

Incredibly surprised at this turn of events, I thought for sure Wario Land 4 would be recognizable. It's got that GBA fuzz, that distinct introspective nature only this game's music has, and yet here we are.

24.Rimworld - Night And Day
Guessed By: FourteenthOrder (Solo!)

You certainly get some affordances when your game's music doesn't have to loop. Most of this game's soundtrack is like this, relaxing acoustic guitar with spacey old-school synths on top, it's pretty nice. Generally manages to encapsulate the vibe of the game pretty well too.

25.Miitopia - Map: Strange Place
Guessed By: FourteenthOrder (Solo!)

Please please please listen to this game's soundtrack it's so off-the-wall and weird and there's nothing quite like it.

26.Papers Please - Death
Guessed By: FourteenthOrder (Solo!)

Decided on this one cause I wanted to have a song from a game everyone knows about without it being obvious, looks like i succeeded on the "not being obvious part". Admittedly, I don't think I would've been able to get this one myself either so maybe it was a bit too hard, although with hints it's kinda hard not to make the hint a dead giveaway

27.The Escapists - Shower Block
Guessed By: FourteenthOrder (Solo!)
Driven Insane: Cro-Iba

Feels like a lot of people inexplicably recognized this song but almost nobody knew where it was from. Frankly, I forgot this game even had music before doing this VGM Guessing Contest, so uhhhhhhhhh mean pick?

28.Devil Engine - OVER TAKE
Guessed By: nobody....

What the hell, what the fuck, how the fuck, go and listen to the devil engine soundtrack NOW, IMMEDIATELY. NOBODY got this??? It makes me sad.

29.Under Night In-Birth - Unseen Entities
Guessed By: FourteenthOrder, Validon98, iosh, TheFinalSentinel

Occasionally I'll stumble across this game's ost on youtube and think "I wonder if could get into this game" and then never do because I'd need to force someone else to do it too + I don't even know if it's good + I don't know if anyone even plays it + isn't it like old??? + I have so many other things to do + i have exams in 2 days.

30.Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories - Beautiful Darkness '05
Guessed By: FourteenthOrder, Enjl, Validon98

I'm watching a screenshare of this game as i'm typing this post (fun fact)

31.Kirby: Canvas Curse - World of Drawcia
Guessed By: FourteenthOrder (Solo!)

The amount of eldritch energy this song exudes should clue even the most lay of men into the fact that this is a kirby song come on guys. Real talk i love this song, it's so strange and fantastic, terrifying but somehow manages to avoid being edgy

32.Tokimeki Memorial - Mysterious Place
Guessed By: FourteenthOrder (Solo!)

I'll be the first to admit, I don't know much about this game other than the fact that as far as I'm aware it spawned the dating sim genre (maybe VNs as a whole? I don't know and am probably wrong about that). So when I got asked hints it certainly was a struggle to come up with something reasonably helpful.

33.⚠️Touhou: Luna Nights - Maiden's Capriccio⚠️
Guessed By: FourteenthOrder, Enjl, Validon98
Series Guessed By: SNN, raekuul, TheFinalSentinel
Gimmick Guess: FourteenthOrder, Enjl, Validon98, iosh

A remix honestly, doesn't tend to be better than the original. The remixes that I'd consider better than the original are the ones that really transform the song and turn it into something entirely different. The percussion here is incredibly intricate and I absolutely adore it. The rest of this game's soundtrack too is fantastic at turning well-known touhou themes into something with a completely different vibe. It's great.

34.⚠️Super Punch Out - Special Circuit Fight⚠️
Guessed By: FourteenthOrder (Solo!)
Gimmick Guess: FourteenthOrder

This is one of my trickier gimmick songs, I'm pretty proud of it honestly.
The song itself is kinda lame though unfortunately, which is probably why not many people even know about this game or its OST, I feel like the rest of the series has far more iconic music.

35.⚠️Drill Dozer - Policewoman Detective! (Carrie's Theme)⚠️
Guessed By: FourteenthOrder (Solo!)

I'm sad nobody took the hint for this one cause it would've just been "ACAB" and i thought it was really funny.

36.Hollow Knight - Broken Vessel
Guessed By: FourteenthOrder, Enjl, SNN, iosh

How the fuck does this game even exist

37.SAVAGE - Level 1
Guessed By: FourteenthOrder (Solo!)

They literally say the name of the game in the song repeatedly, come on guys this should've been easy (I'm kidding, it's barely legible). The rest of the soundtrack is whatever but this song is fucking funny.

38.Subarahiki Hibi (Wonderful Everyday) - Shounen to Knife
Guessed By: FourteenthOrder (Solo!)

Yes, I did in fact choose a song from a game with gratuitous sex and violence in it. I'm only saying this to warn people in case they look it up cause frankly the game should come with a content warning (which, I mean, it does come with one, but the internet doesn't).

39.Broken Thunder - Arc Angel
Guessed By: Nobody

So, this song is a bit complicated, it wasn't originally made for a video game, but it is on an album for a non-existent game soundtrack. Except somebody then tried to make that game, and was given the music to do so. On some level, it would be reasonable to say this is an impostor pick, but at the same time, I don't think it is.

40.The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC - Obstructive Existence
Guessed By: FourteenthOrder, SNN

I know next to nothing about this game but this song fucks

41.Kid Icarus Uprising - Reset Bomb Forest
Guessed By: FourteenthOrder, iosh

So, this is where the definition of "encounter" comes into question. Cause I don't think hades talking here counts as an encounter? Maybe it should? I screwed myself over by making the gimmick a semantics game

42.⚠️Noitu Love 2 - Noise⚠️
Guessed By: Nobody

As far as I've heard this game is effectively the prototype to Iconoclasts, now, I haven't played Iconoclasts so I wouldn't know, but maybe I should play it. The music in this game has a very strange sound to it honestly, it's really interesting.
Also, this is the theme of the final boss for one of the game's playable characters, so it's another one of the trickier gimmick songs.

43.⚠️CrossCode - Vermillion Wasteland⚠️
Guessed By: FourteenthOrder, Enjl, SNN
Gimmick Guess: Enjl

This plays during a cutscene in which the final boss is in, yes it's an area theme, the gimmick was semantics, you gotta have one stupid gimmick song in there or else what's the point.

44.Don't Starve - Danger
Guessed By: FourteenthOrder (Solo!)

Another one of those games where I forgot it even had a soundtrack, admittedly it doesn't for the majority of the playtime, but when fighting an enemy a song certainly does play (this one).

45.⚠️Advance Wars 1/2 - Sturm's Theme⚠️
Guessed By: FourteenthOrder, iosh, TheFinalSentinel, Bean
Gimmick Guess: FourteenthOrder, iosh

I can't believe they made a guitar sound THAT good on the GBA, this song is the unrivaled king of intimidation. Not one other character theme has made me feel utter dread in the way this one has, a shame it's so short. Barring this theme, I honestly prefer the days of ruin soundtrack to the more cartoony advance wars soundtracks, maybe i'm just a lover of electric guitar.

46.Mario Party 7 - Climb The Peak
Guessed By: FourteenthOrder, iosh, TheFinalSentinel, Bean

I was... Honestly starting to run out of ideas by this point if I'm gonna be honest.

47.Alien Soldier - 7th Force
Guessed By: FourteenthOrder, iosh, KobaBeach, TheFinalSentinel, Bean
Caught by the Trap: raekuul (sorry!)

This version IS in fact different to the one in gunstar, which is exactly why it's here (because i'm an asshole). I mean come on, I get to have some fun too, right?

48.Guilty Gear Xrd -ANY- - Jack-a-Dandy
Guessed By: FourteenthOrder, TheFinalSentinel

I thought they were gonna announce Slayer as the next DLC character in strive and then instead they went and announced fucking Happy Chaos, come on guys weren't you supposed to save him for last, like yeah I get it he's cool and new and has a gun and epic sunglasses, but i want to see slayer in this game please please please please please come on why do i have to wait more he was already datamined come on guys.

49.Deltarune - Deal Gone Wrong
Guessed By: FourteenthOrder, Cyril, Enjl, SNN

I really thought this one would be an "everyone got it" sort of song, but uh, I guess not.
It was originally also supposed to be a sneaky final boss theme but then I realized that none of the Spamton NEO fights actually take you to the credits, oops!

50.Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu -Black Label- - Xanadu (Stage 2-A)
Guessed By: Nobody

Well then, I guess you all have another soundtrack which you must listen to.
The Rankings!
Everyone who participated in this is a final boss in their own right, and shall be treated as such.
11th - The Dreaded Wheels of Fate - raekuul - 6pts
10th - The Watchful Gaze - Cyril - 7pts
9th - The Deadly Twin Cannons - Cro-Iba, KobaBeach - 8pts
7th (tie) - The Cursed Bulwark - Bean - 10pts
7th (tie) - The Obelisk Overlooking the Headless - HatKid - 10pts
6th - The Final Sentinel - TheFinalSentinel - 18pts
5th - The Endless Electric Devil - Enjl - 24pts
4th - The Song Piercing The Night Sky - Validon98 - 27pts
3rd - The Chaotic Aberration - SNN - 36pts
2nd - The Torrent of Forbidden Knowledge - iosh - 38pts (39 -1)
1st - The Impenetrable Fortress of 63 Cannons - FourteenthOrder - 77 pts (137-2-4-57)
I don't have much to say here so the post might end up looking a little brief but oh well, just know i appreciate everyone participating!
If i got something wrong then please tell me and I'll fix it as soon as possible
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Re: Talkcordhaus VGM Guessing Contest #20: VERSUS! Big Dealer (RESULTS!)

Post by Bean »

Yeah. I'm not too upset with this score because a ton of these games I only played once or never at all. Getting five works. My picks are in the spoiler box.
3) Zone of the Enders?
5) Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia (Knew I had played this one. Hint was a huge help!)
6) Guacamelee 2? - Also think this is your D&D Character Theme pick. Spanish guitar, yo.
8) Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia
13) Streets of Rage? (It's not, but I want to guess at this and the other hint.)
16) Final Fantasy 8
19) The Intruder?!
20) Viewtiful Joe?
32) Dynamite Headdy?
34) Battletoads? (They are pretty uninteresting designs.)
45) Advance Wars 2
46) Goemon/Mystical Ninja?
47) Alien Soldier
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Re: Talkcordhaus VGM Guessing Contest #20: VERSUS! Big Dealer (RESULTS!)

Post by KobaBeach »

i cant believe there are rpg ones i missed. i'd definitely miss deltarune because i don't care about undertale anymore though. i've only started replaying ch1 some weeks back
1. i dont know but it sounds pretty cool. baby motoi sakuraba
2. this sounds like some guilty gear shit
3. youtube poop movement.
4. this sounds like king of fighters, i knew this one but i forgot
5. guilty gear probably
6. yeah yeah beebiss i
7. uh
8. this sounds like an overworld theme
9. victorian steampunk dance battle in the bronx
10. not king of fighters
11. getting wasted at the nightclub circa 2002
12. me
13. galaxy force ass song
14. medieval
15. midi gunstar heroes
16. Maybe I'm A Lion - Final Fantasy VIII
17. Bowser's Castle - YUMP 2
18. Pure Odio - Live-A-Live
19. new super mario bros. the rpg
20. like some snk or arcsys shit i don't fucking know
21. options screen music
22. weenis
23. the second reality project reloadedasdnklfas
25. nature being corrupted by industrialism
26. too many effects in audacity
27. *arcus voice* bzzt, we got a nice bzzt
28. danmaku ass (not touhou fuck touhou)
29. dudstep
30. i just got this shamisen and god help me i will not stop playing it
31. static
32. fighting game
33. reimu's guest appearance in taiko no tatsujin or whatever, no idea what game just that it's reimu
34. biker mice from mars snes probably
35. game boy advance random encounter
36. yoko shimomura you only brought violins we can't use only violins for our music
37. whoooooaaaaaa sonic.
38. probably a fighting game
39. i want to be the metal squad
40. lupin, the thiiiiird
41. homosexual porn song
42. douglas adams
43. the sound of depression
44. not rayman
45. game boy advance overdrive guitar
46. mystical ninja goemon beats up samurai (which were basically cops in ancient japan)
47. 7th Force - Alien Soldier
48. edgy vocaloid song about clowns or whatever
49. fart trumpets
50. i heard this before but i don't remember so i'm gonna say it's from super mario bros.
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Re: Talkcordhaus VGM Guessing Contest #20: VERSUS! Big Dealer (RESULTS!)

Post by HatKid »

Did about as well as I thought I would, well better actually, since I wasn't in the bottom three for once.

I did guess the Trails song, but even if I did get credit for it it wouldn't matter lol

Also, I played Order of Ecclesia earlier this year, I shoulda gotten that one! I guess I'm just trying to block the game out of my mind as much as possible haha
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Re: Talkcordhaus VGM Guessing Contest #20: VERSUS! Big Dealer (RESULTS!)

Post by KobaBeach »


the song i joke guessed as metal squad was broken thunder..... hmm
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Re: Talkcordhaus VGM Guessing Contest #20: VERSUS! Big Dealer (RESULTS!)

Post by Reecer7 »

very happy to see i got some points by claiming 90% of the list as castlevania

for the record i remembered #27 like a week after the competition closed, completely randomly and without prompting as i was attempting to fall asleep. it has been a bitter spell waiting for my shame to be publicized
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Re: Talkcordhaus VGM Guessing Contest #20: VERSUS! Big Dealer (RESULTS!)

Post by raekuul »

Code: Select all

01.mp3,,,Sounds like Castlevania to me.  Maybe one of the DS games?
02.mp3,,,Is this from an Advance Wars game?  For some reason I think it's from Days of Ruin.
03.mp3,,,This feels like a remix but I can't place it at all.
04.mp3,,,If someone can ID the mumbling in the bass track they've got this ID'd.
05.mp3,,,I have heard this in context before and the fact that I can't place it bothers me.
06.mp3,,,This kind of gives me 007 vibes.  My first thought is that this is a remix from Goldeneye?
07.mp3,,,Is this from one of the newer Doom games?
08.mp3,,,This is another one I've heard before, but I can't remember how or where.
09.mp3,,,The cutting at the end is poorly-done, you can hear the vocalist start up.
10.mp3,,,This sounds kind of Advance Wars-y, and the bit crunch suggests GBA era.
11.mp3,,,I've got nothing
12.mp3,,,I swear I've heard this one in context before but I cannot place it.
13.mp3,,,Mid 2000's Korean MMO, but with those funky Sega Genesis/Mega Drive samples
14.mp3,,,Why does Golden Sun come to mind?
15.mp3,,,That Microsoft GS Wavetable, though
16 - Final Fantasy VIII - Maybe I'm A Lion.mp3,,,If you've never heard this fed through libOPNMIDI, I highly reccommend it.
17.mp3,,,vaguely SMW instruments, I feel like I heard this in a romhack.
18.mp3,,,I should know this and I don't
19 - Plants Vs Zombies - Braniac Maniac.mp3,,,The only reason I know this is because I pulled a midi of it from vgmusic a long while ago.  It sounds weird with a NES-like soundfont.
20.mp3,,,I've got nothing
21.mp3,,,I could listen to this all day, honestly, but I've got nothing.
22.mp3,,,Is this from that new Touhou game? I stopped playing the new ones after that one with Clownpiece
23.mp3,,,I've got nothing
24.mp3,,,I've got nothing
25.mp3,,,I've got nothing
26.mp3,,,I've got nothing
27.mp3,,,I've got nothing
28.mp3,,,I've got nothing
29.mp3,,,I have heard this one in context before, but I can't place it.
30.mp3,,,I feel like this is from one of the newer Shantae games.  Too bad I haven't played anything newer than Pirate's Curse.
31.mp3,,,Why do I think this is a remix of the title screen from Metroid II of all things?
32.mp3,,,This is too funky to be Shantae.  Still feels like Jake Kaufman's work though.
33 - Touhou 08 - Maiden's Capriccio ~ Dream Battle.mp3,,,
34.mp3,,,GBA era, whatever it is.
35.mp3,,,GBA era Pokemon, maybe something to do with contests?  Definitely has those Hoenn instruments.
36.mp3,,,I should know this.  Why should I know this?
37.mp3,,,Savage! I feel like this is from a licensed wrestling game?
38.mp3,,,Whatever this is from, this is a remix.  I can hear something beneath that I recognize.
39.mp3,,,I've got nothing
40.mp3,,,Is this a Mario Kart?  The trumpet doesn't fit but maybe?
41.mp3,,,I've heard this in context before but can't place it.
42.mp3,,,I've got nothing
43.mp3,,,Is this from one of the Mothers?
44.mp3,,,This is a remix, but I only barely recognize the underlying song.
45.mp3,,,This one definitely is from one of the Advance Warses
46.mp3,,,SNES-era, from one of those domesic life games?
47 - Gunstar Heroes - Vs. Seven Force.mp3,,,
48.mp3,,,I've got nothing (but this is a bop)
49.mp3,,,I've got nothing
50.mp3,,,I feel like I've heard this one before
The only mismatch that I disagree with is #33, since I identified the original song. Other than that , thanks for host!
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Re: Talkcordhaus VGM Guessing Contest #20: VERSUS! Big Dealer (RESULTS!)

Post by FourteenthOrder »

Thanks so much for running!

So sorry again for my absurd number of hint requests. ^^;
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Re: Talkcordhaus VGM Guessing Contest #20: VERSUS! Big Dealer (RESULTS!)

Post by Crow »

gems from my notes doc i never once revisited:

"9. sounds very familiar"
i spent like 150 hours on this VN and didn't remember a pretty prominent song from it lmao

"16. oh this sounds familiar"
i literally do not know how i didn't get this one it's like one of the most infamous songs in theatrhythm

"17. this also sounds familiar"
gee i wonder why

"30. what
31. what but in the opposite way"
these are just funny to me idk

"33. idk but sounds touhou-ish i guess"

"36. idk maybe sounds familiar?"
to be fair i do not think this game has a very memorable soundtrack considering how atmospheric most of it is...

"42. i do not want to know where this is from because i hate it"

"43. very familiar uuhhh figure it out"
i actually did try figuring this one out but the closest i got was a custom robo song. i do not think i would've gotten this anyways

i didn't get last, yay :mgmnds:
i've honestly never played a video game in my life
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Re: Talkcordhaus VGM Guessing Contest #20: VERSUS! Big Dealer (RESULTS!)

Post by Validon98 »

Fourth is better than usual for me I think!

Anyhow if folks are posting notes here's my collection of all over the place guesses (shout out to guessing Everyday Shooter for a Hylics song I guess?)

Code: Select all

1- Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin
5- Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia [GIMMICK because if you get the bad ending this technically triggers credits]
7- Everyday Shooter
10- Miles Edgeworth: Ace Attorney Investigations
12- Cuphead
14- Zeroranger
16- Final Fantasy VIII [GIMMICK, Griever is considered part of the final boss unless only The Extreme counts, but given phases were mentioned, here we are]
17- YUMP 2 (I mean sure I guess that's a game and you can in fact pull Bowser's Castle from it)
18- Live-a-Live [GIMMICK]
20- Shadow the Hedgehog
22- Touhou Shinkirou ~ Hopeless Masquerade [GIMMICK]
28- Donpachi (I do not know enough shmup OSTs but this sounds like one so winging it)
29- Under Night In Birth
30- Disgaea
33- Touhou Luna Nights (Well today on "which version of Maiden's Capriccio is this," the answer is a fangame.) [GIMMICK because I think this triggers a special ending?]
35- Mega Man 8 (winging this one it sounds like a Mega Man)
Because Touhou OCs can in fact exist, sounds fake I know.

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Re: Talkcordhaus VGM Guessing Contest #20: VERSUS! Big Dealer (RESULTS!)

Post by Katazuki »

Next VGM contest will be coming around on March - May of next year!

Don't forget to drop me a PM or DM on the discordhaus if you're interested in hosting one of these!

Who has the most?
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