[Aftermath] Talkcordhaus VGM Guessing Contest 18: World's End Results

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[Aftermath] Talkcordhaus VGM Guessing Contest 18: World's End Results

Post by Katazuki »


And the 18th VGM Guessing Contest comes to a close! We’ve had 14 people participate this time around! Let’s not waste any time and get to those answers, shall we?
Push Start To Rich

01. Burning Heat [Gradius II (NES)]
Hint: Back then, Konami used to make too many games that involve shooting things. Nowadays, they hardly make games anymore.
Found by: 5 people
Half found by: Sancles

I'm more familiar the 3 Option MIX remix of this song that's used on DDR Max 2, but the remix couldn't have happened without having such a good source behind it!

02. Gentle Breeze [Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2 (DS)]
Hint: A song that's been overly used in the early Youtube Poops of old since its format debut in a Spongebob one.
Found by: 8 people

Back in an era where memes used to be called 'fads'.

03. YO-KAI Disco [Mamorukun Curse! (PS3)]
Hint: Comes from a Japanese shmup that was only ported to the west on PS3.
Found by: 5 people

Another youkai related shmup that's not Touhou! Wow!

04. Free Money [Pikuniku (Multiplatform)]
Found by: FourteenthOrder (Solo!)

What a leggy game.

05. Always WaiWai PuyoPuyo Victory! [Puyo Puyo Fever 2 / Champions (Multiplatform)]
Hint: If the soundfont isn't enough of a clue, you need to play more puzzle games released in this day and age.
Found by: FourteenthOrder & NastCF

The one track I usually tend to pick while I'm playing Puyo matches.

06. Light of Nibel [Ori and the Blind Forest (Multiplatform)]
Hint: A beautiful credits song for a beautiful Metroidvania.
Found by: Cyril, El_Yosh, FourteenthOrder, & NastCF
Half found by: Sancles

I was on the fence on whether or not I wanted to use this song or Restoring the Light, Facing the Dark.

07. Lost in Thoughts All Alone [Fire Emblem Fates (3DS)]
Hint: For how much Nintendo pushes this franchise nowadays, they sure have pretty good themes.
Found by: 10 people
Half found by: Sancles

Smash 4/Ultimate would've also been acceptable since the sample I made was actually from that game. But the cut sample is pretty much the exact same between the two of them.

08. Map Screen [The Adventures of Lomax (PS1/PC)]
Hint: Psygnosis sure did make video games didn't they? Especially during the Playstation era.
Found by: FourteenthOrder (Solo!)

A Lemmings spin-off! I played a bit of this but didn't have enough fun playing it to warrant wanting to finish it.

09. Multiplayer/Shooting Minigame [Bust-A-Move Bash! (Wii)]
Hint: The song comes from one of two games in the series that were published by Majesco rather than Taito. This song appears on the Wii game while the other game is on DS.
Found by: FourteenthOrder, NastCF, SirChasm, & tangy

I probably should've left out the second part out of the hint out as it made the answer a little too obvious. But I guess I was that peeved that no one got the Bust-A-Move song in the last VGM contest I hosted so it is what it is!

10. Urban Ruins [Sin & Punishment: Star Successor (Wii)]
Hint: It makes me sad that Treasure doesn't make many games nowadays. This game seems to show that they haven't lost their touch since their golden age though.
Found by: FourteenthOrder (Solo!)

I don't remember how I came across this song actually, but I felt it'd be a nice obscure addition to the contest.

11. Title Screen [Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games (Wii/3DS)]
Hint: Oh hey, it's that mascot crossover series no one really pays attention to past the first two games.
Found by: ano0maly, FourteenthOrder, & NastCF
Half found by: Bean, Cyril, El_Yosh, & Piesonscreations

I don't really get how Nintendo and Sega can keep milking this franchise past the first two games, but they did.

12. Track 42 [SpaceKids (DOS)]
Hint: This song comes from a wacky DOS game that doesn't give you any explanation of...anything! Just press those arrow keys and hope that you did the thing right!
Found by: FourteenthOrder (Solo!)

Note: Skip to 17:55.


13. Title Music [John Madden Football '92 (GEN)]
Hint: ...how'd they get that ambulance on the field?
Found by: FourteenthOrder (Solo!)

I was really torn between using this song or the title music of Madden '93 on Genesis.

14. Vela Nova (Part 2) [Sonic Rush (DS)]
Hint: Sometimes, all it takes is a funky tune playing in the background to make button mashing against a cat more epic.
Found by: 7 people

Oh how I wish for Blaze to get better treatment than what Sega gave to her.

15. Did You See That Shadow? [Touhou Hisoutensoku (PC)]
Hint: I wonder if this fighting game spin-off title still has a playerbase in this day and age.
Found by: 5 people

The obligatory toohoo as yooxioowoo.

16. Lovely City [Lovely Planet (Multiplatform)]
Hint: Comes from a Katamari inspired game with a rather unexpected game genre...FPS?
Found by: Cyril, FourteenthOrder, & SirChasm

The artist of this song also did number 4 on this very list!

17. Battle of Nature 1 [One Step From Eden (Multiplatform)]
Found by: ano0maly, FourteenthOrder, & Validon98

I want to play this game eventually, but I'm too lazy to feel motivated to even buy it.

18. Piggy Peril [Super Lucky's Tale (XB1/PC) / New Super Lucky's Tale (Switch)]
Hint: You sure did try to become a mascot platformer, but it doesn't seem like you hit the mark with many peeps.
Found by: Cyril & FourteenthOrder

For what it is, it's a pretty neat attempt at a mascot platformer, but it's just a bit too easy?

19. Carnival Stage [Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes (Multiplatform)]
Hint: That's 90% welcome to USA.
Found by: 5 people


20. Greedy Game (Theme of Kaiser) [Ristar (GEN)]
Hint: Sega never be showing much love to their older properties outside of cameos, huh?
Found by: FourteenthOrder, NastCF, Sancles, & SirChasm

Break one out for another underappreciated Genesis mascot character.

21. Drivin' (Aircheck) [Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Switch)]
Hint: Music to play while driving down the highway.
Found by: Bean, FourteenthOrder, NastCF, & tangy

The one K.K. song I was most excited to hear becoming an aircheck since hearing it in New Leaf. K.K.'s version is still better.

22. Theme of Santos [Trio The Punch: Never Forget Me... (ARC/PS2)]
Hint: Lucky! Cha Cha Cha!
Found by: FourteenthOrder (Solo!)

Win Win

23. Wound-Up Windmill [A Hat in Time (Multiplatform)]
Hint: Appears in one of the games raocow LP'd. Sadly, he never got to the portion of the game with this song as it's only heard in the extra content.
Found by: FourteenthOrder & tangy

raocow Death Wish LP when?

24. World 1 [Trip World (GB)]
Hint: Well this game sure is a trip. Too bad it's so rare now to own physically.
Found by: FourteenthOrder (Solo!)

The mascot of this game is pretty cute! I hope to play this game some day.

25. Egypt Death [Waxworks (DOS)]
Hint: Comes from a DOS game where it's honestly more entertaining to see just how many ways you can die.
Found by: FourteenthOrder (Solo!)

When people commented on how many of these VGM contests had too many Nintendo songs in it, this was the first song I had in mind to put on the list.

26. Waluigi Pinball [Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Wii)]
Hint: A remix of a pinball stage we all know and love.
Found by: 10 people
Half found by: El_Yosh, Validon98, & wikiwiki

Brawl, 4, or Ultimate are all acceptable here as they used the same remix in all those titles.

27. Tutorial Klonoa [Klonoa Beach Volleyball (PS1)]
Hint: For what reason did they need to release a spin-off game on the PS1 when they already released a title in the series for the PS2? Namco please.
Found by: FourteenthOrder (Solo!)

Seriously though, what is the logic behind developing this game for the PS1 instead of PS2?

28. Euphoria by Uplink & Castion [**INTRUDER**]
Hint: The bass drops in this song are pretty euphoric don't you think?
Found by: Kshaard, FourteenthOrder, NastCF, & Validon98

The easy intruder!

Anyone else got the Algodoo Marble Race in their Youtube recommendeds? For some reason the music added a lot to them.

29. Treasure Castle [Socket / Time Dominator 1st (GEN)]
Hint: A game that tends to be seen as a Sonic clone. Also had a major name change when being ported to the west.
Found by: Kshaard, FourteenthOrder, & SirChasm

Here's a rude entry to the list. How is it rude? Because this song already appeared on Nabe's VGM contest 3 contests ago! I just started the sample at a different spot!

30. Rito Village (Day) [Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Switch/Wii U)]
Hint: A nice and calm song for a village full of bird people.
Found by: 9 people
Half found by: Kshaard & wikiwiki

Honestly seeing the Rito in another Zelda game since Windwaker was neat enough, but this song just made that moment even better.

31. Disco Necropolis (Graveyard Stage) [Skeleton Boomerang (PC)]
Hint: Someone on the SiivaGunner team likes this song quite a lot. Quite a few high quality rips done with this song mixed in.
Found by: FourteenthOrder & Sancles

You can find the greatest of music bangers in the most obscure places sometimes.

32. Funhouse of Terror [Pac-Man World Rally (Multiplatform)]
Hint: It's nice to enjoy a Mario Kart rip off every one in a while.
Found by: FourteenthOrder (Solo!)

I have this game credit for one thing. It gave us a decent 3D model of Mappy.

33. All I Want [Crazy Taxi (ARC/Dreamcast) / Jugular Street Luge Racing (PC)]
Hint: Due to the fact that this was a licensed song, it only appeared on one home console port of the game and never showed up again on any other port.
Found by: 11 people

When I made the comment about whether or not a licensed song in a game counts as an intruder, this was the song I was referring to. Many people seemed to not get the message still even after clarifying it, however, so I implemented a mercy rule for people who at least knew what the song was and told them that this number was not in fact the intruder.

34. Final Fall [Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout (PC/PS4)]
Hint: This game sure did fall in popularity as of late hasn't it?
Found by: 8 people

Among Us just rises from the ashes and suddenly takes away any popularity this game had after its launch. How unfortunate.

35. The Final Battle [The Legendary Starfy (DS)]
Hint: The main character of this game also appeared as a Super Smash Bros assist trophy since Brawl.
Found by: cheez8 & FourteenthOrder

I wonder if raocow ever played one of the two copies of this game he got during Christmas that one year.

36. Kitchen Theme [My Disney Kitchen (PC/PS1)]
Found by: FourteenthOrder (Solo!)

There was no video where I could find a SFX-less 30 second loop, so I had to record this myself. Sorry for the audio pops. Also the hint is a reference to ProtonJon's stream of the game.

37. Jika Net Tanaka [Persona 3 (PS2/PSP)]
Hint: This guy be swindlin' me. Literally a devil.
Found by: 5 people
Half found by: wikiwiki

I'm so lucky that this song had a just long enough non-lyrical portion to use for this contest. Otherwise, I would've used the Persona Dancing remix of this song instead.

38. Game Theme [Duck Maze (NES)]
Hint: Gotta love unlicensed NES games.
Found by: FourteenthOrder (Solo!)

I found this game on so many multigame in 1 packs I swore this was an actual Nintendo game but nope, unlicensed.

39. Good King Moggle Mog Pre-Battle Theme [Final Fantasy XIV (Multiplatform)]
Hint: No, this isn't 'This is Halloween'. Squenix knows how to not get sued.
Found by: FourteenthOrder, NastCF, & Validon98

I mean they actually did rearrange 'This is Halloween' in Kingdom Hearts, but that's another story.

40. Friends [Kirby 64 (N64)]
Hint: An unused song that's accessible through the sound test of a certain game whose soundfont is pretty distinctly cute.
Found by: 11 people
Half found by: Cyril, Sancles, & tangy

While unused in the stages, it does in fact exist in the sound test mode! The other two Friends theme in Kirby 3 are actually used in game, Friends 2 in Theater mode and Friends 3 in a stage.

41. Main Menu [Fortune Street (Wii)]
Hint: It's not Monopoly. It's my original creation, Stockopoly.
Found by: Bean & FourteenthOrder

I'm surprised it took them this long to localize Itadaki Street to the west. There were quite a few other games in the series before this one.

42. Stage 1 [Circus Charlie (NES)]
Hint: With how often this NES game pops up in Chinese bootleg consoles/plug and plays, it makes me wonder how popular this game actually was at the time.
Found by: FourteenthOrder, NastCF, Piesonscreations, & SirChasm

Another old NES game in many multigame in 1 list. Except this one is actually a licensed title.

43. You Will Recall Our Names [Xenoblade 2 (Switch)]
Hint: Think You Can Take Me?! Don't Forget Me!
Found by: 5 people
Half found by: Kshaard

While not as good as the first game, Xenoblade 2 still had a great unique enemy fight theme.

44. Hell's Whisper (Organ Ver.) [Disgaea / Disgaea 2 (PS2)]
Hint: Sometimes, you just have to sit on a game's title screen and take in the title theme. A very common thing to do during the PS2 era I feel.
Found by: Cyril, FourteenthOrder, & Validon98

The fact that they used this jingle for two games in the series made me expect it in every game after. Disgaea 3 just said 'nope'.

45. S.S. Aqua [Pokemon Gold / Silver / Crystal (GBC)]
Hint: Cruisin' to a nostalgic region!
Found by: 6 people

Sometimes you just have to take the ship over the train if the music slaps you know?

Hint: When music has the power to make you alive and not dead, you just gotta go out and make your final wish come true. Especially if that wish is killing the person who killed you.
Found by: cheez8, FourteenthOrder, NastCF, & SirChasm

How funny of me to put song in a VGM contest from a game that only released less than 2 months ago right? Well the second I heard this game's soundtrack, I made the executive decision to put it in the sample list immediately. This is part of the reason why I have 60 tracks in this contest!

Also as a random note, this game is actually my GOTY (not counting definitive rereleases). Please play this rat game.

47. Fermented Dream by a_hisa [**INTRUDER**]
Hint: With endless thoughts of cheese invading in your mind, you can't help but desire to make a mad dash towards them whenever you see one.
Found by: ano0maly, cheez8, El_Yosh, & FourteenthOrder

The hard intruder! The hint I gave here is subtly worded in such a way that it makes you think that it's in a game, but is in fact your mind playing tricks on you.

Anyways speaking of MAD RAT DEAD, this is the reason why I made multiple intruders the gimmick of this contest! This song was made by one of the song artists of the game to commemorate the game's release! I find it hilarious that even after a shuffle these two songs managed to find their way next to each other.

48. Air Rally [Rhythm Heaven Fever (Wii)]
Hint: Ba bum bum bum two three four!
Found by: 5 people

Will no one think of the poor victims who get bonked on the head by a stray flying birdie in the sky?

49. Fighter Select [Rivals of Aether (Multiplatform)]
Hint: The music is done by the same genius who's brought you the music of Plant Cat: First Blossom.
Found by: FourteenthOrder, Sancles, & Validon98

I love it when I can just randomly bring up Plant Cat for any reason whatsoever. Also this game is pretty fun indeed.

50. Power Up [Star Soldier (NES)]
Hint: Geez, how many shmups does the NES need!? How many did Husdon Soft make!?
Found by: FourteenthOrder & tangy

Seriously why is space such a popular theme in the NES era?

51. murmur twins [beatmania IIDX 8th style (ARC) / Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA (PS2)]
Hint: Yu Tokiwa's Engrish is great isn't it?
Found by: ano0maly, FourteenthOrder, & wikiwiki

This song is honestly a huge part of my childhood and is my second most favorite song in the entire Bemani franchise. Also here's your context as to why the subtitle of this contest is titled 'World's End' (at 1:30). It doesn't have anything to do with the coronavirus or anything haha.

52. Boo Night Fever [Paper Mario: Sticker Star (3DS)]
Hint: The song comes from a game that's often regarded as the 'beginning of the downfall of a great series' as it deviated a bit too much from its predecessors.
Found by: FourteenthOrder & SirChasm

Oh hey it's that game everyone seems to collectively hate on despite having such banger music. Maybe the music was their top priority or something.

53. Twinkle Beach [Rakugakids (N64)]
Hint: A fun JP and EU exclusive N64 game. Konami just doesn't know what to do with their actually good games do they?
Found by: FourteenthOrder (Solo!)

It's a shame this game never came to the states. I wonder how it would've done if it did.

54. Lazy Afternoons [Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories (PS2)]
Hint: A song heard before the time of sea-salt ice cream.
Found by: Cyril, FourteenthOrder, NastCF, & Validon98

My favorite rendition of this song, even if it's in a game I relatively dislike.

55. Seeing Through ~ Surge, Glance [Apollo Justice (DS)]
Hint: Don't think I can't see you perspiring over there.
Found by: 8 people

Honestly the neatest gimmick in the series until AAI2 came in with Logic Chess.

56. Diggle Hell is a Real Swinging Place [Dungeons of Dredmor (PC)]
Hint: Who knew hell could be so swingin'?
Found by: FourteenthOrder (Solo!)

A mutual showed me this track a long while back. While the game's genre isn't my thing, this is some good swing.

57. You Can Do It by Patrick Wilson & Adam Routh [**INTRUDER**]
Hint: The song associated with the almighty one hit wonder himself.
Found by: Kshaard, FourteenthOrder, & SirChasm

The medium intruder!



58. Scoutpost [Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker (DS)]
Hint: If I just keep on fusing these monsters to make higher ranking ones, I'll be the best monster tamer in the world!
Found by: Bean, El_Yosh, & FourteenthOrder

Also the BGM that plays while doing fusion, thus, the hint. Also appears in every subsequent DQM: Joker title.

59. Chun Li Theme [Street Fighter X Mega Man (PC)]
Hint: The Capcom collaboration no one saw coming, and was later quickly forgotten about.
Found by: 7 people
Half found by: Cyril, Validon98, & wikiwiki

Another track that was questioned about it being an intruder as it is from a fan game. That's why I specifically mentioned that music made specifically for fan games are okay.

60. Name These Children [Mother 3 (GBA)]
Hint: This song is a good reminder that you should never forget who you really are.
Found by: 9 people

A song played before the rebirth of the world.
And here are the placements!

The tied 'final patapon!' 13th place spot goes to...
Cyril & wikiwiki with 18 points!

Cyril: It's a shame that despite your FrozenQuills strat of guessing every option you don't know as 'Final Fantasy', you actually did not put that down on the only sample that actually was from a Final Fantasy game! How tragic!

wikiwiki: Thanks for being the only patapon exclusive guesser in the contest! Your participation is greatly appreciated!

The 'limited edition!' 12th place spot goes to...
tangy with 19 points!

Somehow every time I supply hints to you so far, I end up buffing them. The hint for 9 used to be a lot more vague before I buffed it and made it too obvious unintentionally.

The 'oh yeah this contest exists!' 11th place spot goes to...
Sancles with 22 points!

It's a good thing I sent that reminder PM! Also shout outs for being the contestant with the most half found guesses in the contest!

The 'enlightened Rito!' 10th place spot goes to...
Piesonscreations with 23 points!

All you needed was one push to see the majesty that is Rito Village's day theme!

The 'squidward!' 9th place spot goes to...
Kshaard with 24 points!

Once you find that YTP fad, all you gotta do is look for the inevitable person who either asks what the song's name is or tells what the song's name is in the comments. Though considering how old the fad is, it wouldn't be surprising to see a few stray 'Darude - Sanstorm' floating about.

The 'five is sus!' 8th place spot goes to...
Bean with 25 points!

You should absolutely get to playing a Hat in Time at some point!

The three way tied 'commentators!' 5th place spot goes to...
ano0maly, cheez8, & Validon98 with 31 points!

ano0maly: You definitely like to take things casually when it comes talking out your thought process for the guesses! It's great to see!

cheez8 & Validon98: Both of you had very colorful comments that came with your guesses and they were really fun to read!

The 'procrastination station!' 4th place spot goes to...
El_Yosh with 35 points!

Was the very last guess submission clocking in on the last hour of the contest! 4th is not a bad result to come from that!

The 'rude veteran!' 3rd place spot goes to...
SirChasm with 51 points!

Was the only person who caught that 29 was a repeat entry in the VGM contest! I totally didn't unintentionally repeat a song that was already in a contest!

The 'inquisitive!' 2nd place spot goes to...
NastCF with 55 points!

Was the one who made me realize how unfair 33 may have been to people who don't know what a Crazy Taxi is! It led me to implementing the mercy rule in the end.

And people probably saw this coming but...

The 'rookie's gambit!' 1st place spot goes to...
FourteenthOrder with a whopping 87 points!

...as well as earning...
The chibi Jack Frost confetti award for being the first contestant in the history of the Talkhaus/Talkcordhaus VGM Guessing Contests to sweep the entire board!

This is your first VGM contest and you managed to get every track correct! Sure, it took you 29 hints with a total of -70 points in penalties, but I'm very impressed to see your level of commitment! Funnily enough, even without the solo bonuses, you would've still won by 4 points. And if you stuck with initial guesses, you would've still been first with 81 points (including solo bonuses, 75 without) anyways! Big congradules to you!

Once again, I'd like to give a big thanks to all who participated! I'd like to close this contest off by reiterating what I said in the beginning contest thread itself.

If you're interested in host a VGM Guessing Contest of your very own, please PM/DM me! People who have already hosted once before in the past are now allowed to reenter the hosting queue as well! Priority will be given to those based on the date they last hosted a VGM contest, so newcomers will always get priority! If there are any potential majors shifts in the hosting queue, the person who is next set to host will be given at minimum a one month notice that they'll be pushed back.

The next contest will be happening around April-June. I hope that I don't have to host again twice in a row, but I'm dedicated to keeping the VGM contests alive, so I'll do what I can!
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Who has the most?
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Re: [Aftermath] Talkcordhaus VGM Guessing Contest 18: World's End Results

Post by Bean »

Missing that Starfy song hurts since I liked that one, but it's also been more than a decade since I've played it, so there. Good job running the contest and good job with a lot of strong competition there. That one had so many songs from games I haven't played, and I will never be able to identify an intruder song. Ever. Ha-ha.
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Re: [Aftermath] Talkcordhaus VGM Guessing Contest 18: World's End Results

Post by Nast »

Agh, I figured it was fishy to have two songs from the same game (Mad Rat Dead). Can't believe I fell for that : P

Also hot damn, big shout-out to FourteenthOrder, those are some super impressive results!

This was a lot of fun, thank you Katazuki for hosting it :catplanet:
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Re: [Aftermath] Talkcordhaus VGM Guessing Contest 18: World's End Results

Post by SirChasm »

Aw, man, third place again. One of these days I'll get enough to make it to the top! I swear it on the life of my pink shirt!

EDIT: Augh, and Burning Heat was used in another contest earlier as well, but I didn't recognize it! Curse my inability to differentiate most sound fonts used in composition for music in 8-bit games!
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Re: [Aftermath] Talkcordhaus VGM Guessing Contest 18: World's End Results

Post by Validon98 »

That Kirby 64 song really messed with me at first because I knew it wasn't the version from Dream Land 3 and I was right! Oh well, one of these days I'll do better than fifth. Also, glad you liked the comments, it's become a habit for me when sending in guesses to commentate. ^^;;;
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I never update this currently playing section anymore, it's probably an RPG or something.

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Re: [Aftermath] Talkcordhaus VGM Guessing Contest 18: World's End Results

Post by Crow »

last place :rao:

i do not really listen to much VGM outside of games i've actually played lol
i've honestly never played a video game in my life
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Re: [Aftermath] Talkcordhaus VGM Guessing Contest 18: World's End Results

Post by cheez8 »

I can't believe Air Rally becomes entirely unrecognizable when ba bum bum bum goes away, what the heck
also yes MAD RAT DEAD is freaking stellar and became one of the most memorable games I've played in my entire life after a mere half hour. Good to see it here!

anyway yeah, thanks for hosting as always! and also congrats to FourteenthOrder, because WOW
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Re: [Aftermath] Talkcordhaus VGM Guessing Contest 18: World's End Results

Post by FourteenthOrder »

I'm honestly a bit surprised my billion hint penalties didn't outweigh my score xD
I spent waaay too much time listening to a billion soundtracks with the hints in mind to work out the ones I didn't know and stuff, but I had a lot of fun doing it, so. I think that makes it worth it. :p
Thanks so much for running~ 💚
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Re: [Aftermath] Talkcordhaus VGM Guessing Contest 18: World's End Results

Post by ano0maly »

Guesses & Hints Time:
ano0maly wrote:1 year ago 1) Gradius II (NES) [Burning Heat (Stage 1 theme)]
2) Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2 [Gentle Breeze]
3) Turrican?
4) Lemmings?
5) Intruder?
6) NieR?
7) Fire Emblem Fates [Hitori Omou]
8) Hitman?
9) A platformer?
10) Initial D?
11) <Hint Used> Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games [Title theme]

13) Something from Sega Genesis?

15) Touhou 12.3 Hisoutensoku [Did You See that Shadow?]
16) Katamari?
17) <Hint Used> One Step From Eden [Battle of Nature I]

19) Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes [Carnival Stage theme]
20) Metroid?
21) 3D Sonic game?
22) Something else from Sega Genesis?
23) DDR?
24) Some old dungeon exploration game?
25) A retro Disney game?
26) <Hint Used> Super Smash Bros. Ultimate [Waluigi Pinball - Mario Kart DS]

29) 2D Sonic game?

32) A haunted level?
33) Crazy Taxi, Jugular Street Luge Racing, World of Tanks - take your pick [All I Want (by The Offspring)]
34) Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout [Final Fall]
35) A Contra game?

37) Gran Turismo?

39) Medieval combat?
40) Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards [Friends (Beta)]
41) A game with Yoshi?
42) NES?
43) Rock Band?
44) Probably an RPG Maker non-RPG adventure game?
45) Pokemon Gold, Silver, Crystal [S.S. Aqua theme (Stereo)]
46) PaRappa the Rapper?
47) Intruder?
48) Intruder?
49) Final Fantasy?

51) Beatmania IIDX 8th Style [Murmur Twins] - apparently it's in a bunch of other Konami rhythm games
52) Some Jazz?
53) A sunset coastal road drive?
54) Life Is Strange?

56) Maybe a spy game?

58) Another Konami?
59) <Hint Used> Street Fighter X Mega Man [Chun Li theme]
60) A lullaby?

Hints Used:

11: Oh hey, it's that mascot crossover series no one really pays attention to past the first two games.
26: A remix of a pinball stage we all know and love.
31: Someone on the SiivaGunner team likes this song quite a lot. Quite a few high quality rips done with this song mixed in.
47: With endless thoughts of cheese invading in your mind, you can't help but desire to make a mad dash towards them whenever you see one.
58: If I just keep on fusing these monsters to make higher ranking ones, I'll be the best monster tamer in the world!
59: The Capcom collaboration no one saw coming, and was later quickly forgotten about.
I'm sad I missed 23, but the soundtrack for that game is like over 5 hours, and that's without DLCs. And it's a Seal the Deal Death Wish track in a game that has multiple arranges of tracks with different styles and instrumentation. No wonder I didn't recognize it.

After I saw the hint for 47, I looked up a bunch of games with levels where you chased down cheese - it just led me to old obscure games, or mobile games (which I don't know if they've ever been used in these VGM contests). I even found a thread in a forum that was all about "games with cheese" - not a single one clicked. Then I thought, "What if this isn't from a game, but from a cartoon or something?" I put down intruder as the guess, and it ended up giving me 7 points :partygator:

51 drove me crazy, but with enough search attempts I finally got enough keywords correct to lead me to a wiki page. I still don't know what the actual lyrics are supposed to be. I'm convinced that the singer is using some wrong words outright.

Another annoying one was 58. I could not reconcile the hint about raising and fusing monsters with an audio that sounded like the Konami jingle from Policenauts or Metal Gear Solid. Seriously. Listen to these, and then imagine my confusion when I saw the hint:

Also good job FourteenthOrder! I was wondering how you managed to win with 29 hints, but it looks like having a lot of other correct guesses boosted you, and it's still impressive to get every track figured out.
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Re: [Aftermath] Talkcordhaus VGM Guessing Contest 18: World's End Results

Post by Piesonscreations »

Thanks for hosting! I was really interested in seeing the actual songs this time cause I really wanted to hear N°4. Sad the original track is so short.

These were my original guesses
3. Mamoru-kun wa Norowarete Shimatta - YO-KAI DISCO
4. No clue but it's a banger.
7. Fire Emblem Fates - Hitori Omou (Or Lost in Thoughts All Alone if you wanna go with that)
11. Sonic Unleashed (?)
14. Sonic Rush - Vela-Nova (Part 2)
19. Marvel vs Capcom 2 - Carnival Stage
26. Possible Intruder [Mario Kart - Waluigi Pinball (Some remix)]
30. Intruder [From Fullmetal Alchemist(?)] {Later changed to Rito Village}
33. Intruder [The Offspring - All I Want]
34. Fall Guys - Final Fall
40. Kirby 64 The Crystal Shards - Friends
42. Circus Charlie - Stage 1
58. Yo Noid 2 ????
60. Mother 3 - Love Theme
I tend to be pretty sparse with guesses since if I don't have a clue, I just don't have a clue, so no use in even asking for hints. That being said, I could only think of Yo Noid 2 when it came to 58, and somehow I never thought of Smash as an option for the Waluigi Pinball one.
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Re: [Aftermath] Talkcordhaus VGM Guessing Contest 18: World's End Results

Post by cheez8 »

Oh, yeah, GJ Katazuki for finding a song with english lyrics that only a quarter of the entrants could guess. That's nuts.

I'll throw my bad guesses with good comments out there too
cheez8 wrote:1 year ago 1. Parodius [Fun fact! I had Gradius here originally. In hindsight, I'm an idiot.]
2. Trauma Center - Under The Knife 2
3. Tales of Vesperia on the Sega Genesis
4. I don't know but it is greatly intimidating
UPDATE: actually I'm gonna say Intruder, this reminds me a bit of Snail House's style
5. Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore
7. Fire Emblem Fates
8. Jammin'
9. Double Jammin'
11. Xenoblade Chronicles 2
12. Mother 3?
13. Vectorman
14. Space Channel 5
15. Touhou Hisoutensoku (rare that I get one of these in under two seconds, lol)
16. Amazing Katamari Damacy
17. Super Space Awesome
18. Rayman Origins
19. Super Mario Strikers
20. dunno but it's way cool. Pokemon Rumble?
21. Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games
22. Contra 3
23. DDR 5th Mix
24. Kabuki Quantum Fighter
25. somebody torturing a series of flies
26. okay yeah that's the Brawl version
27. Style Savvy Trendsetters
28. Space Channel 20
29. Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine
30. Holy butts. Breath of the Wild. It took EFFORT to peg that as Dragon Roost so I could search deeper.
31. Galaxy Force II
32. Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair, probably
33. Crazy Taxi! <3
UPDATE: Fall Guys. Tsk. Here I was, thinking this theme came from a super-amazing game that I'd have to look into! Can't fault the music, at least.
35. The Legendary Starfy!
36. Dragon Quest Builders
37. I expected this one to be another miss and then there was ONE toot and suddenly it's Tanaka's channel. Persona 3!
Also, wow, that 30-second snippet really fit perfectly to dodge the dead giveaways, huh?
38. Seven
39. man, the thirties have been really good. Secret of Mana HD?
40. Kirby 64 (unless it's a VERY good imposter)
41. Phantom Brave
42. Nail 'n' Scale
43. GUITARS!! Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier
44. nope
*45. I know this one! Wish I knew it
UPDATE: How is this not Super Mario Land OR Mole Mania? what the heck
UPDATE 2 ELECTRIC BOOGALOO: Pokemon Gold & Silver. I've probably only ever heard this music twice, so I'm surprised it stuck with me at all!
46. MAD RAT DEAD HECK YEAH. I played this game once, for twenty minutes, and this tutorial level theme got stuck in my head ALL the next day at work.
*47. I know this one too! AAGH
UPDATE: ...Intruder? I think? I dunno why this is giving me the trouble it is.
48. Space Channel 99
49. Intruder, possibly. Wherever I've heard something like this before, I don't think it was anywhere it would get this sort of treatment in-game.
51. how come I can't make out any google-able string of lyrics here? did you cast some sort of spell on this song?
52. Space Channel 172. Careful with your browsing out here, these are untamed lands
53. Howdydoo Cowboy Ranger
55. Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney
56. A Hat in Time
57. Jet Set Radio
58. Umihara Kawase
59. Sneaky. Street Fighter X Mega Man- the officially-approved-by-Capcom Actual Video Game (tm).
60. Well, it seems the world has ended, so let's say The World Ends With You.
Hints received:
2: A song that's been overly used in the early Youtube Poops of old since its format debut in a Spongebob one.
45: Cruisin' to a nostalgic region!
47: With endless thoughts of cheese invading in your mind, you can't help but desire to make a mad dash towards them whenever you see one.

34: This game sure did fall in popularity as of late hasn't it?
35: The main character of this game also appeared as a Super Smash Bros assist trophy since Brawl.
39: No, this isn't 'This is Halloween'. Squenix knows how to not get sued.
47: 47 does indeed have a relation to 46.
(I had to ask in between the hint groups to make sure I didn't get 46's hint by mistake, haha)
I don't really get it but okay
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Re: [Aftermath] Talkcordhaus VGM Guessing Contest 18: World's End Results

Post by Valentine »

haha, oops.

guess that's what happens when I don't go out to confirm any of my guesses
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Re: [Aftermath] Talkcordhaus VGM Guessing Contest 18: World's End Results

Post by AmeijinMayo »

Ah jeez. I flubbed up on participating in this vgm contest. I had been swamped with quite a number of unforeseen circumstances, but it's a shame I didn't send one of my guesses beforehand. I'll be sure to give the next contest a go, congratulations to everyone who participated. Also, nice guessing, FourteenthOrder :D
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