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[Answers!] VGM Guessing Contest XV-2: Rude Edition

would you like to participate in some fun contests? would you like to create some fun contests? well ^_^
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[Answers!] VGM Guessing Contest XV-2: Rude Edition

Postby Nabe » 1 year ago


I've always wanted to run one of these. Picking songs was a fun time, and surprisingly challenging, which is why we ended up where we are... with some of the rudest choices possible.

[Fairly Couth] RUDOMETRE [Heckin' Rude]

Reveal To Me The Songs
01. Dark Souls II (Every Self-Respecting Console) — Ruin Sentinels
Found by: Validon98 (Solo!)

I'm sorry, but I love this game.

02. The Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse (SNES) — Fire Grotto
Found by: Donald Duck, in a Chinese food container

I don't know who in my life decided I'd like this game, but thanks for doing so. It's a pleasant romp with a good soundtrack.

03. The Hybrid Front (GEN) — Moon - Mars ~ Cocoon Fight BGM 1
Found by: CrappyBlueLuigi (Solo!)

The funkiest strategy game OST that I know of.

04. King’s Field: The Ancient City (PS2) — The Ancient City
Found by: David Bunch

The fourth game in the series. The Souls series is a spiritual successor. In the localization, many NPCs are named for the devoted fans in the King's Field online community at the time.

05. Banana Nababa (PC) — Level Select
Found by: Sunsoft's lawyers

A little-known indie game with some fun boss battles. The song is actually originally from Gremlins II on the NES, which I would have accepted.

06. Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes (It's on Everything) — Zone of the Enders – Beyond the Bounds
Found by: Big Boss

Yeah, that's RUDE as HECK. I wouldn't have accepted Zone of the Enders, not that anyone tried. It's a remix of a ZoE song that was officially included as a cassette in Ground Zeroes.

07. Chulip (PS2) — Daytime Stroll, Worldly Desire
Found by: A Gamestop employee cleaning up the back room

This gem of a game, when it finally made it over to NA, was only available at Gamestop. You may remember seeing it on the shelves and wondering what the heck it is. It's a game about collecting kisses! The Japanese boxart is particularly nice.

08. Survival / Stranded Kids (GBC) — Jungle
Found by: Jeff Probst

A simple premise: survive, and escape the island. Can you find all of the endings? The sequel has a fan translation now, and is a cool time.

09. LET IT DIE (Every Conceivable Place) — Adventure of Slaughter (Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro)
Found by: Lily Bergamo

This free-to-play game has an enormous soundtrack of songs contributed by Japanese bands, many of which you can choose to never hear in-game. To pick one out of those many songs and present it in this contest is nothing short of rude.

10. Aviary Attorney (PC) — Trial Turnabout 2
Found by: Cyril (Solo!)

This game melds cool old animal-in-clothing drawings with cool old music to make a surprisingly coherent Ace Attorney game. And the plot continues if you fail cases!

11. Snowboard Kids 2 (N64) — Wendy’s House
Found by: SirChasm (Solo!)

I rented this game all the time, but I could never quite figure out how to unlock the secret characters.

12. Star Ocean: The Second Story (PSX) — Stab The Sword Of Justice
Found by: CrappyBlueLuigi (Sort of solo!)
Series: Validon98

I had a friend whose father burned CDs of every game in the PS1 catalog. Having randomly picked this off the shelf on one visit, I fell in love with this song, and tried to get her to play it on every visit, to no avail.

13. Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (3DS) — Courtroom Magic
Found by: cheez8, Cyril, SirChasm

My favourite game in both series! There's something very right about the pairing of the two, like green olives and ground beef.

14. Cubivore (GC) — Theme 1
Found by: Lucky eBay sellers, in a bargain bin

Be a cube, walk around on box flaps and tear flaps off of the wildlife. Feel genuine fear as you encounter ferocious cube monsters, and genuine elation as you listen to the soundtrack. I wish I hadn't traded it in at Electronics Boutique all those years ago.

15. Kingdom Hearts III (AnyConsole%) — Scala ad Caelum
Found by: Goofy, in a Chinese food container

I liked it for the most part, but Proud mode was a silly button-tapping affair. I'm really looking forward to trying Critical when the DLC comes out. Anyway, this song is one that you hear for a very short amount of time, so I was banking on the rudeness of that.

16. The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (3DS) — Stealth Maze
Found by: cheez8, CrappyBlueLuigi

It's nice to revisit the world of Link to the Past with new context. But at the end of the day, it makes me want to visit it on the SNES instead.

17. Kirby Mass Attack (DS) — Night Desert
Found by: CrappyBlueLuigi, SirChasm
Series: cheez8

Did many people play this? The gameplay is fun, but the soundtrack is dynamite, even more than usual for Kirby.

18. Megami Tensei II (FCM) — Ex-Convict
Found by: CrappyBlueLuigi (Solo!)

Good song. This series, based on a novel, eventually became Shin Megami Tensei, and then Persona sprouted from that. Hopefully SMT V is going to be as good as Nocturne!

19. Majesty (PC) — Soundtrack 04
Found by: Canadian schoolchildren flipping through the Scholastic book fair catalog

A fantastic and fun RTS, of a sort, where you need to use a bounty system to induce heroes into performing tasks for you. The sequel was alright, but check out Driftland: The Magic Revival, which is similar to Majesty and another game, Netstorm: Islands at War.

20. Nioh (Lots of Places) — Mysterious
Found by: A kodama

An action game with some great gameplay, similar to the Souls series in some respects, which takes place in feudal Japan. You can use seven weapon types, ninjutsu, or Onmyo magic, with skill trees in all of those to level up. You collect weapons, you find little green Kodama with bowls on their heads, you equip different spirits that you find throughout the game. Cannot recommend enough.

21. Environmental Station Alpha (PC) — Valiant
Found by: Cyril (Solo!)

A cute little exploration platformer where you traverse a space station to find the secrets locked within. Tight controls and a lovely crushed pixel aesthetic.

22. Lufia: Curse of the Sinistrals (DS) — Gratze Underground Factory
Found by: Fans of a series thought to be abandoned

Are you a fan of the Lufia series, and particularly Lufia II, a turn-based RPG on the SNES with Zelda-style dungeon puzzles, a ton of secrets, optional dungeons, and a monster-raising mechanic? What if I said that you can experience almost none of those features in a DS remake with action-based combat, alarming character redesigns, and a generic rewrite of the story involving magical glowing cubes?

23. Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together (PSP) — Revolt
Found by: Validon98 (Solo!)

A PSP remake of a SNES tactics classic with bonus stuff and a remastered OST. Oh, how I wish they would continue this series.

24. Alex Roe (Intruder) — Beckon a Foul Beast
Found by: The Doll after a confrontation with the Moon Presence

This Bloodborne pretender was rude as heck! Sadly, no one guessed Bloodborne, which was my uncouth goal. Alex Roe (Roetaka) is a long-time music man and never does anything poorly. If only Chrono Break had gone to completion!

25. Monolith (PC) — Tonal Dissonance
Found by: A sort of blobby cat

A shmup roguelike with great music, great gameplay, great replayability, and unlockable everything, including a room you can decorate with fancy rugs!

26. M.U.S.H.A. (GEN) — Title Theme
Found by: Its audience after a 2009 re-release

A tight little shmup with some very interesting visual design for its time.

27. Harvest Moon 64 (N64) — Winter Theme
Found by: CrappyBlueLuigi, SirChasm

My favourite in the series. I remember me and my friend had a long and arduous wait for A Wonderful Life on the Gamecube, and in that span of time, he fell out of love with video games... Tragic.

28. Brandish: The Dark Revenant (PSP) — Tradition
Found by: Falcom, somewhat begrudgingly

Great game, great music, great series. This is the definitive version of the first game, which is the only one to leave Japan. It has a unique style of control, where you rotate the camera around the character and move forward.

29. Magical Tetris Challenge (N64) — Donald’s Theme
Found by: Sora, in a Chinese food container

Possibly the best soundtrack in all of the falling block genre.

30. Steins;Gate (On every console in every worldline) — Technovision
Found by: Sanct (Solo!)

The most well-known game in the Science Adventure series of visual novels. Despite the fact that they're milking this particular entry for all it's worth and then some, it is a great read, and I can't recommend this series highly enough. This song only plays in one scene, although it is a memorable one.

31. Gravity Rush (PSV) — Pleasure Quarter
Found by: PS Vita owners, which is unusual

I never played it, although I owned a Vita. The soundtrack is pretty excellent, though. It's definitely not Cuphead or Persona.

32. Snatcher (SCD) — Theme of Metal Gear
Found by: Booo95, CrappyBlueLuigi

It's a little rude, right? Not rude enough though, clearly. I should have used the MSX version for maximum lack of couth.

33. Waterworld (SNES) — Diving
Found by: Kevin Costner's agent

Don't bother playing this game any longer than it takes to hear this song. Never again will such a bad game have such a great soundtrack.

34. Huniecam Studio (PC) — HANDSOME GIRL CAM SCHOOL
Found by: Erotic match-3 dating sim aficionados who are also occasionally interested in clicker games

As an erotic match-3 dating sim aficionado who is also occasionally interested in clicker games, I thought this was pretty fun for a couple days. The Hunie series has some nice tunes.

35. Intelligent Qube (PSX) — Stage 4
Found by: Validon98 (Solo!)

I remember someone in a previous contest saying that there should be more Intelligent Qube. (Was it Validon?) Well, here's one. It's good for these contests since it doesn't sound like you would expect.

36. Cyborg 009 (SNES) — Prologue: Surprise Attack on Gilmore Lab
Found by: Dr. Light

Not much to say about this. It makes me think of Megaman X.

37. Ninja Sex Party (Intruder) — Cool Patrol (Genesis mix by Matt Hagan)
Found by: Booo95, CrappyBlueLuigi, SirChasm

Pretty self-explanatory. Here's the original.

38. Seiken Densetsu III / Trials of Mana (SNES) — Faith Total Machine
Found by: CrappyBlueLuigi (Solo!)

When this contest started, this game hadn't officially made it overseas, and now it's gotten a new name, a surprise release, AND a more surprising remake. Clearly, they liked my inclusion of it in the contest! This game is my old beloved beauty.

39. Garshasp: The Monster Slayer (PC) — Battle
Found by: Stacky McBears

Yeah... no one had much of a chance on this one. This game is So Darn Cool that the only video I can post of the music is my own speedrun. If I could have used the narrator in the contest instead, I would have, because he makes this game worthwhile. (Music at 21:40 or so)

40. F-Zero GX (GC) — Don Genie
Found by: Nintendo, 16 years ago, and subsequently hidden thereafter

I desperately want a new F-Zero game. I'll take anything. Give me a management game, or a tower defense, or a space combat rail shooter. I'll spend money.

41. Aero the Acro-Bat (SNES) — Circus 3
Found by: Enough people for them to make a sequel

Don't listen to the Genesis version!

42. Heroes of Might and Magic III (PC) — Fortress Town
Found by: You, right now! Go play it.

Strategy in the nineties was a blast. This game is still a blast, with a killer soundtrack by Paul Romero. You're walking around with your limited steps per day, deciding what to do, building an army and upgrading your castle as sneaky foreign heroes are skulking around in the fog of war.

43. Viewpoint (NGCD) — Mes Volutes Bleues
Found by: CrappyBlueLuigi (Solo!)

This is an isometric shmup! I haven't played it, but that's pretty unique, I think.

44. La-Mulana (MSX :D) — Curse of IRON PIPE
Found by: Booo95, CrappyBlueLuigi, Cyril, Validon98

Possibly my favourite game ever! I didn't trick anyone with this versus the remake, but that's alright. This version had to be changed in the remake, because it references a song from Ashguine 2.

45. Mega Man X Command Mission (GC) — Massimo of Steel
Found by: CrappyBlueLuigi (Solo!)

I didn't beat the final boss of this game, but I recall enjoying the game at the time. I never had a Playstation, and thought the X series had ended at X3 for a long time.

46. 46 Okunen Monogatari (PC-98) — Ocean
Found by: Fan translators in 2017

46 in the name? Cheeky. E.V.O. Search for Eden is a fantastic game, but this game came first. Since this and many tracks are very similar owing to Search for Eden being a semi-remake, I would have accepted either if anyone had offered. Definitely make time to play E.V.O., it's cool. You can get a nose horn on your fish!

47. Pirates of Dark Water (SNES) — Dragon’s Maw
Found by: Sunsoft, who did their best

As sometimes happens, a game was created by people who didn't know much about the related cartoon. Or so I hear; I don't know much about the cartoon or the game.

48. Chrono Cross (PSX) — The Big Splendid Astonishing Magic Group
Found by: Validon98 (Solo!)

It's not Okami, and not even Kung-Fu Panda, it's just rude. I think this game is the bee's knees, but many people who played Trigger find it to be a tough sell. Just listen to that music, and look at those environments.

49. Rain World (Dry Consoles Only) — Pictures of the Past
Found by: A red lizard, who dragged it back to its lair

Ever wanted a sort of spiritual successor to Tokyo Jungle, with a lot of areas to explore and the dankest lore to uncover? Want to get unexpectedly devoured by a horrifying tentacle pole pretending to be a normal climbable pole? Want to get really invested in the life of a slugcat?

50. Prince of Persia (DOS) — Intro
Found by: Gilbert Gottfried

People really loved Arabian Nights around this time, huh? The rotoscoped graphics are special for their time.

51. Drakengard 3 (PS3) — Leaf of Chaos – Battlefield
Found by: CrappyBlueLuigi, Validon98
Series: Cyril, Sanct

Not Nier, but it's understandable that you would think that. If you liked Nier, it's worth diving into the Drakengard games, which are related! See if you can figure out how when you play them.

52. Snake’s Revenge (NES) — Jungle Infiltration
Found by: Booo95, CrappyBlueLuigi

This isn't a real Metal Gear game... But when you're listening to this track, maybe that's alright.

53. Virtual Boy Wario Land (VB) — Credits
Found by: SirChasm (Solo!)

Much like raocow, my only experience with this game as a young one was the Nintendo Power issue. Also featured: DKC2, Secret of Evermore, and Waterworld.

54. Addams Family Values (SNES) — House of the Dead
Found by: Cousin Itt

This game has some real bangers. Again, don't listen to the Genesis version. Nothing against Genesis, it's just not a good music port.

55. Castlevania: Circle of the Moon (GBA) — Awake
Found by: cheez8, CrappyBlueLuigi, Sanct, Validon98

Why doesn't Dracula ever stay dead?

56. 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors (DS) — Tranquility
Found by: Cyril (Solo!)

Play this series in a dark room in the quiet of night. Visual novels are my jam, if you can't tell.

57. Card City Nights (PC) — Things
Found by: Ittle Dew

Have you played Slap City? It's a bit like that, but with cards.

58. Socket (GEN) — Treasure Castle
Found by: CrappyBlueLuigi (Solo!)

Also known as TIME DOMINATOR 1st. I've never played it, but this is a catchy track.

59. Tiny Toon Adventures (SNES) — Stage 3
Found by: CrappyBlueLuigi (Solo!)

I only ever got past the first level of this game once. There was some game mechanic I didn't understand... Still, I kept renting it again and again.

60. Devil Summoner 2: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. King Abaddon (PS2) — New Battle
Found by: The Demifiend
Series: SirChasm (Solo!)

This game, which does not feature Dante from the Devil May Cry series, is unusual for the series in that it's action rather than turn-based combat. If you close your eyes, this sounds like Persona 5.

61. TRI: Of Friendship and Madness (PC) — Inception
Found by: Nabe

A charming game about triangles and foxes. There's no good video of the song, so here it is:
Reveal To Me The Scores
Seven brave souls undertook the rude trials that were before them. But the path was fraught with terrible danger.

The first to succumb was Sanct the Red, aged only 6. Soon to follow was cheez8 the Orange, whose death at 7 proved their name an optimistic prediction. But not nearly so optimistic as Booo95 the Yellow, who fell at only 11, achieving 11.6% of their life expectancy. It took Cyril the Green some time longer to fall, and the tombstone read 17, as well as expressing regret for not having been Cyril the Cyan.

That honour instead went to SirChasm the Cyan, a bright lad of 19 whose desire for hints was his downfall. And Validon98 the Indigo, of questionable inclusion in the Knights of Rainy Hue, proved his worth by laying in a pit of lava so that his last compatriot could cross. He was 21 when he undertook that brave act.

And so it was that CrappyBlueLuigi the Violet reached the Five Guys Burgers and Fries, in resplendent splendour. They ordered fried food of their choosing, and ate of the peanuts, and life was good. They lived thereafter to the surprising age of 52, which was well above the bell curve for life expectancy at that time. As a result, some accused them of being a patron of the dark arts. But that is a story for another day...

Thanks to everyone who participated! I know it was extremely rude, and not a single track was Fire Emblem, but I hope you've come away wanted to play some cool games, or at least listen to some sweet tunes.
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Re: [Answers!] VGM Guessing Contest XV-2: Rude Edition

Postby SirChasm » 1 year ago

I am genuinely in shock that no one else got the Virtual Boy Wario Land one. Did no one else watch that series in fear that it'd make them blind or something?

(Also: third place, yeah! Would've tied were it not for my hint obsession.)

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Re: [Answers!] VGM Guessing Contest XV-2: Rude Edition

Postby cheez8 » 1 year ago

Haha, geez, I did awful. Still, I had fun! Thanks for hosting this.
I don't really get it but okay

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Re: [Answers!] VGM Guessing Contest XV-2: Rude Edition

Postby Leet » 1 year ago

Nobody got Chulip??? I expected everyone else to be way better at this than me so I didn't even bother, but clearly I should have.
Well it is a decent hack but sometime its just too repetitif there no level that actually pop in your face and your like oh yeah that level they all ressemble themselves and just monster along the way.
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Re: [Answers!] VGM Guessing Contest XV-2: Rude Edition

Postby Cyril » 1 year ago

...where *does* that Steins;Gate song appear? I don't think I'd have gotten it anyways since it's been too long since I read that one, but.
I actually checked the okamiden soundtrack and couldn't find that song on it but guessed it anyways because idunnolol
Also woops I just assumed it was a generic Nier Automata song because of the style & because I've never played any other game in the series but Sure
Amusingly I random-guessed Castlevania: Circle of the Moon for a completely different song on the list wow
Congrats on picking like the most obscure 999 song ever btw I heard it and was like "oh this sounds kinda zero-escape-ish but I don't recognize it so probably not.... hmm I should double check though"
also damn I've played & love TRI but i don't remember a second of the OST lol.

got most of the songs in games i actually know, at least
and yay 4th place - not dead last! woo
SirChasm wrote: I am genuinely in shock that no one else got the Virtual Boy Wario Land one. Did no one else watch that series in fear that it'd make them blind or something?
watched half of the first episode, found it really drab compared to WL 2-4. didn't watch anything else. ohwell :partygator:

also wow crep you more than doubled everyone else geez
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Re: [Answers!] VGM Guessing Contest XV-2: Rude Edition

Postby Validon98 » 1 year ago

Oh dang, second place, with a couple of them being flat out guesses? Dang.

Also, while I didn't say in a previous contest there needed to be more Intelligent Qube, it's nice to see that game show up and be like at least sorta remembered because it and its Japanese/European only sequel had some pretty nice orchestral music for a puzzle game. Like you said in the description, it sounds much different from what you'd expect in most games! Ya'll give IQ Final Perfect Music File a listen, it's got all the music from Intelligent Qube and IQ Final on it, it's great.

Otherwise, most of these I had no way of knowing. I would've known the KH3 one if I'd actually gotten a chance to play it, but I haven't, so no dice there. Kinda sad about taking the hint on the Chrono Cross one because as much of a mess as that game was, it had some pretty alright music. And La-Mulana-wise, I know the difference between Curse of IRON PIPE and Curse of Ocean, though really since all that mattered was the game and not the song title it doesn't particularly matter. :V
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Re: [Answers!] VGM Guessing Contest XV-2: Rude Edition

Postby HatKid » 1 year ago

Ah, maybe I should have submitted what I knew, even if it was only three of them. Oh well
Congrats to CrappyBlueLuigi for winning!

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Re: [Answers!] VGM Guessing Contest XV-2: Rude Edition

Postby raekuul » 1 year ago

Yay, I would have gotten one-and-a-half points
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Re: [Answers!] VGM Guessing Contest XV-2: Rude Edition

Postby CrappyBlueLuigi » 1 year ago

i'm The Big Peeved that i didn't look further into 02 and 22 because i know those games!! and 46, considering i knew about e.v.o. and that i also knew koichi sugiyama was the composer... but i was just too ready to drop what i had i guess. anyway this was fun! thanks for putting this on!

i'd like to give a shoutout to my friend tellis for technically being the solo correct guess for 36 when i posted the link to this thread in my discord server (this was after i submitted my answers, to be clear, and is partly why i never updated my guesses with further guesses)


and, for fun, here's what my notepad doc for this thread looked like before i submitted my stuff:
vgm guessing

1. ???
2. sounds snes capcom-y. do research!!
3. hybrid front
4. ???
5. ???
6. ???
7. crash twinsanity, probably
8. incredibly gameboy...
9. ???
10. ???
11. sounds super familiar, like mario party music??
12. star ocean: the second story
13. ???
14. ???
15. ???
16. the legend of zelda: a link between worlds
17. kirby: mass attack
18. megami tensei ii: digital devil story
19. ???
20. ???
21. ???
22. ???
23. ???
24. ???
25. ???
26. early genesis... maybe
27. harvest moon 64
28. ???
29. ???
30. splatoon, probably
31. cuphead, probably
32. snatcher (sega cd)
33. sounds like something you'd hear on summoningsalt's older videos
34. ???
35. ???
36. ???
37. INTRUDER 1?? sounds like a cover of a pop song but with genesis instruments. the sonic 3/1 drums give it away
38. seiken densetsu 3
39. ???
40. ???
41. sounds western snes-y???
42. ???
43. viewpoint (arcade)
44. la-mulana (2006, pc)
45. mega man x: command mission
46. one of the snes dragon quests?
47. sounds snes-y???
48. ???
49. ???
50. ???
51. drakengard 3
52. metal gear 2: revenge of snake
53. ???
54. ???
55. castlevania: circle of the moon
56. ???
57. ???
58. socket/time destroyer
59. tiny toon adventures: buster busts loose!
60. persona 4? persona 4 arena?? king of fighters???
61. ???
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Re: [Answers!] VGM Guessing Contest XV-2: Rude Edition

Postby Nabe » 1 year ago

Two people both said they thought 7 (Chulip) was Crash Twinsanity. Is there a track close to that?

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Re: [Answers!] VGM Guessing Contest XV-2: Rude Edition

Postby SirChasm » 1 year ago

Sort of. Twinsanity's entire soundtrack was performed a capella, so I thought it was a decent guess.

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