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[Answers~!] ♪ Unofficial Talkcordhaus VGM Guessing Contest ♫

would you like to participate in some fun contests? would you like to create some fun contests? well ^_^
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[Answers~!] ♪ Unofficial Talkcordhaus VGM Guessing Contest ♫

Postby Katazuki » 1 year ago

Image We've reach the end of the first unofficial VGM contest! I'm happy to see that people are still interested in doing these! 16 peeps had a go between here, Discordhaus, and the Patapon Spotzone.

Image Now let's not waste any more time! Here's Kat with the answers and final results!
Let's get down to business!

01. Last Surprise [Persona 5 (PS)]
Hint: ...Just Google the opening lyrics.
Found by: Everyone and their grandma.

Gotta start it off easy! With a freebie! ...Parcheesi.

02. Vs. Duo [Mega Man Battle Network 4 (GBA)]
Hint: The theme of probably one of the more underwhelming final bosses in the series. You'd probably get more a challenge randomly encountering the omega versions of the previous bosses.
Found by: 2 people
Half found by: Mayoh

My first MMBN title (Blue Moon specifically) and also has one of the best lineup of Navis in the series IMO.

03. Gear Up For... [Fire Emblem Heroes (Mobile)]
Hint: You have the one of the biggest variety of peeps to summon and yet you keep making alt costumes for the same characters over and over again? You're just aiming for the whales aren't you?
Found by: 4 people

It's a mobile game I can't really say whether I like it or not. One thing is for sure though, I'm still playing it.

04. Fish Within The Fish [Cluefinders 5th Grade Adventures (PC)]
Hint: Since when do edutainment PC games have notable music? Well to be fair, a lot of the Learning Company titles do.
Found by: 2 people

Ah, the days before I actually had a real gaming console. To be fair though the Cluefinder series was definitely good as an edutainment title. I replayed 3rd and 5th grade quite a bit back then. 6th grade gave me nightmares though.

05. Remix 8 [Rhythm Heaven (DS)]
Hint: Tap and flick your way to an...OK rating. The speed up at the end throws people off sometimes.
Found by: 6 people

I was pretty close to using a remix from Fever instead, but I figured I'd go back a bit further.

06. Cactus Carnival II [BlazBlue Chronophantasma / Central Fiction (ARC/PS/PC)]
Hint: Hey, if you have a playable cat person in a fighting game, I'm sold.
Found by: 4 people

The song I used as a 'cat song' example on my last VGM contest, except the sequel! To make it a little more tricky though, I used a section of the song that isn't nearly as identifiable as the beginning.

07. The Prince's Adventure [For the Frog the Bell Tolls (GB)]
Hint: Great to see the star of this game make a more pronounced appearance as an assist trophy in Smash!
Found by: 3 people
Half found by: KayhemMaus

I gave you half points if you answered 'Link's Awakening' as this song is "remixed" in that game (as heard in Richard's Villa). But yeah if you ever wanted to know what game the 'Snake & Frog' spirit came from in Smash Ultimate, here you go.

08. First Phase - Mind in a PROGRAM [Kirby Planet Robobot (3DS)]
Hint: A machine that takes control of minds? Haven't heard that one before! Daddy please come back.
Found by: 8 people

Kirby games never fail to deliver on the amazing final boss themes.

09. Stray Cat [Melty Blood Actress Again (ARC/PS2/PC)]
Hint: French Bread is the best game developer name I've ever heard. The music for their games are pretty dang good too.
Found by: 3 people

One of the rejected songs from the previous contest gimmick, now put into this contest as a consolation!

10. The Core [Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity (PS2/Wii)]
Hint: The first time you hear this song is on a race track that finally unintentionally references the western lore first established by the cartoon of all the media the main star appears in.
Found by: 2 people

I can never hear this song's intro without hearing the 'BUWWOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH' that follows from the final boss of the game.

11. Panel Attack [Furu Furu Park (Wii)]
Hint: A very obscure Wii game from Taito that probably got the most exposure it'll ever get from Game Grumps.
Found by: Mayoh (Solo!)

Note: Skip to about 3 minutes and 51 seconds.

I actually had to record the music straight from an emulator please don't sue. But yeah there's no literally no other gameplay video of the Panel Attack mode on Youtube, so I'm using the Game Grumps video because I have no other choice.

12. Baby Universe (Instrumental) [We Love Katamari (PS2)]
Hint: With stages that end up going much longer than the song's length, you're bound to hear this instrumental version a few times played after the vocal version.
Found by: pholtos (Solo!)

The best Katamari game. A shared opinion with many as this was the last game the original creator of the series directed.

13. Title Theme [Felix the Cat (NES)]
Hint: The opening jingle of this song is actually from an old cartoon theme song.
Found by: Cheez (Solo!)

I wondered how many people would actually recognize the opening jingle to Felix the Cat. I guess it's too old for a lot of us! Especially myself!

14. Funfair Fever [Cuphead (PC/XBone)]
Hint: It's definitely not the SMW Athletic theme. Sounds a bit too cartoony to be that.
Found by: 10 people

Rubber hose animation is my favorite kind of animation.

15. Fetus of God [Darkstalkers 3 (ARC/Saturn/PS1)]
Hint: Ech, the remix of this song from MvCI is definitely a thing. They should've been more faithful to their original character theme, which was this song.
Found by: KayhemMaus (Solo!)

I haven't played Darkstalkers, but I'm well familiar with some of the cast as they cameo in so many other Capcom titles.

16. Main Theme [Super Pitfall (NES)]
Hint: The song comes from the only game that makes you jump into a specific unidentifiably different enemy in order to progress in the game. Nintendo hard at its finest.
Found by: 4 people

Probably most known via AVGN. Still this game looks pretty stupid from what I've seen.

17. Brain Power [SOUND VOLTEX II -infinite infection- (ARC)]
Hint: A song that's commonly used as a micspam on streams. Actually originates from an arcade rhythm game.
Found by: 6 people

O-oooooooooo AAAAE-A-A-I-A-U-
JO-oooooooooooo AAE-O-A-A-U-U-A-
E-eee-ee-eee AAAAE-A-E-I-E-A-
JO-ooo-oo-oo-oo EEEEO-A-AAA-AAAA

18. Noisy Notebook A [Snipperclips (Switch)]
Hint: The song comes from a simple and fun co-op game that should be cute, but for some reason people always seem to make inappropriate.
Found by: 5 people

I really love the idea behind this game. A shame there isn't single player focused content.

19. Inquisitive Waltz [Klonoa: Door to Phantomile (PS1/Wii)]
Hint: A light hearted menu theme to lure you into a false sense of security that leads into a sad as hell narrative for many parts of the game.
Found by: 4 people

There's a reason why I planned for this contest to end on the 10th. It's because the AGDQ 2019 run for this game is happening in just a few hours from now! Good planning on my part right? Totally not a coincidence at all, nope.

20. AIN'T NOTHIN' LIKE A FUNKY BEAT [Lethal League Blaze (PC/PS4/XBone/Switch)]
Hint: You know you got an appealing trailer theme when the same guy who did the music of Jet Set Radio composed it.
Found by: 7 people

...Huh, I thought this would be more recognizable just by the style of funk this song exudes.

21. Lantern [Deltarune (PC)]
Hint: A once court mage now a cynical shopkeeper. A very interesting character.
Found by: 7 people

I decided against using the more well-known songs because I already have one song that's too easy to recognize right at the top of the list.

22. Battle of Fate [Solatorobo: Red the Hunter (DS)]
Hint: Only a failure can rise up to the challenge of saving the world that was once inhabited by humans but now inhabited by furries due to it already being destroyed once before.
Found by: Komus (Solo!)

A game that just came and went. NA version somehow became of the rarest games on the DS. I guess I should be lucky that I own it?

23. Headdy the Hero [Dynamite Headdy (Genesis)]
Hint: This song plays in what I think is the most American of bonus stages. Why New York City?
Found by: 3 people

Who pays attention to the music whenever the cow LPs a game? That's just silly!

24. Wario Dance Company [Wario Ware: Smooth Moves (Wii)]
Hint: That's it! Bounce that butt! Dance with that Wiimote!
Found by: 2 people

I really wanted to use Wario de Mambo, but considering they keep repeatedly saying the title of the song in the song itself, yeah no.

25. Kanzuki Beach Theme [Street Fighter V (PS4/PC/ARC)]
Hint: What do you mean this girl is rich enough to get two stages associated with her? Who wants to fight at a beach anyways?
Found by: Mayoh (Solo!)

This is the most jamming of fighting game stage themes. Too bad the stage is banned in tournament.

26. An Old Story from Grandma (ver G2/G3) [Mabinogi (PC)]
Hint: This song is the theme of an MMO that's "remixed" in a more current and fairly popular MMO that's actually a sequel to another MMO made by the same devs.
Found by: 4 people

I first heard this song as a MIDI in Maplestory 2. I personally prefer the beta login theme (known as the TransAge Mix) the most, but I'd rather use a version that's more recognizable.

27. Life is Beautiful [Deadly Premonition (PS3/X360/PC)]
Hint: Sometimes, a calm whistling melody is all you need to make yourself sane again after experiencing a supernatural occurrence so horrifying, that it caused you to hide behind an entirely different personality.
Found by: 11 people

I honestly don't know how this song is so well known, but I knew that it was.

28. The King of Speed [Daytona USA (Saturn)]
Hint: Comes from a Sega arcade classic.
Found by: 3 people

The hint and the system the some comes from are inconsistent, but I would've excepted either system since they're barely different from each other.

29. Dimension Heist [Sonic Mania (PS4/Xbone/Switch/PC)]
Hint: A fresh new take on the classic formula of chasing something until you catch up to it.
Found by: 7 people

Probably one of the best special stage themes in Sonic games.

30. It's show time! [Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice (3DS)]
Hint: The wonderful illusions of teleportation. Except it was just a twin jape all along. Is that such a crime?
Found by: 4 people

Bonnie is a good girl and she tries her best. But yeah it's a hard one to pinpoint because the investigation songs aren't all that memorable compared to the court specific songs.

31. Mimiga Town [Cave Story (PC)]
Hint: You wake up, go exploring, and then suddenly, you find yourself in a cute rabbit thing town.
Found by: 12 people

Getting the Mimiga ending for this game is the best thing. Also 'cute rabbit thing' is a pretty accurate description of Kuro too I'd say.

32. Futatsuiwa from Sado [Touhou Divine Spirit Mausoleum~ Ten Desires (PC)]
Hint: An Extra Stage boss theme from a series where people can't seem to live without something above their head.
Found by: 8 people
Half found by: 2 people

Literally the last thing I ever listened to that related to any of the newer Touhous. I stopped following the series at that point.

33. Ravio's Theme [The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (3DS)]
Hint: That freeloader should be paying ME to use MY house as a shop.
Found by: 6 people

Bizzaro Link is a douchebag.

Hint: This is a song that just hits you right in the nostalgia. It brings together elements of the past to make you want to revisit the days of old.
Found by: Cheez (Solo!)

Here it is! The intruder! A wonderful song that was composed by the indie artist Silentroom and featured in the BMS of Fighters Ultimate 2017 (or BOFU2017 for short). And much like osu and Beat Saber, I don't count BMS as an actual game source for music.

35. Steam Gardens [Super Mario Odyssey (Switch)]
Hint: I'm sorry, I thought I was playing a fun adventurous platformer, not a Jurassic Park tie-in.
Found by: 6 people

A pretty solid riff, though definitely not the kind of music I'd expect in a Mario game.

36. Sabat [Makai Kingdom: Chronicles of the Sacred Tome (PS2)]
Hint: The song is associated with a character that can't stop cameoing in other games made by the same devs. Well at least he's always a fun character to see with his over the top attacks.
Found by: 2 people
Half found by: KayhemMaus

The hub world theme of the game. This song probably appears in other NIS games I’m sure which I would’ve counted for as well. ZETTA BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAM.

37. Battle Theme [Xenosaga Episode I (PS2)]
Hint: The song is the battle theme of a very futuristic PS2 JRPG title.
Found by: 2 people
Half found by: Xirix

Everyone knows about Xenoblade, but back in the day, it was all about Xenosaga! Granted it never reached the popularity of Xenoblade, but it was still quite a hit.

38. Brave New World [Project X Zone 2 (3DS)]
Hint: A remix of a song from a crossover game that never made it to the west. But for some reason the game this remix appears in was ported to the west.
Found by: 3 people
Half found by: 3 people

The original version (from Namco X Capcom) can't be topped. The song and the game itself IMO. Though this game was still fairly good in its own right.

39. Olé! Sylvando! [Dragon Quest XI (PS4/PC)]
Hint: The theme of one of the best JRPG characters I've seen in quite a long time. I can never not associate that dance with this song.
Found by: 2 people
Half found by: Bean

Strangely, despite the fact that most of the game disappoints me with replacing the orchestrated tracks with MIDIs, this one particular song I think is better sound as a MIDI.

40. Mushrooms [Super Cat Planet (PC)]
Hint: Comes from a sequel of a game we all know and love on the Talkhaus!
Found by: 4 people


41. March de Chocobo [Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales (DS)]
Hint: The song comes from a spinoff of a popular JRPG series. It's filled with some juvenille minigames, but it also has one hell of an amazing card game.
Found by: 4 people
Half found by: 7 people

It's a Chocobo theme! But from which game? OoooOOOOOooOOoOoOooooo~.

42. Lost Painting [Super Smash Bros Ultimate (Switch)]
Hint: It's a remix of a song from an old Konami game where dashing backwards is more effective than walking forward.
Found by: 4 people
Half found by: 2 people

Originally from Symphony of the Night. It sounds so different, but the smoothness really works. Fun fact: There are other songs on this list that were remixed in Smash Ultimate.

43. Creative Exercise [Mario Paint (SNES)]
Hint: You can just play this game and slap some Bob Ross in the background and bam, you made a masterpiece.
Found by: 12 people

Not much to say about this one! Just an old catchy classic!

44. Mouse Mania! [Chu Chu Rocket (DC/GBA)]
Found by: 4 people

Stress out your friends: the game.

45. It's Pizza Time! [Pizza Tower (PC)]
Hint: The song comes from an up and coming indie title inspired by the Wario Land series.
Found by: Cuboid™ (Solo!)

You all need to know about this game! There's only a demo out right now, but if you like Wario Land 3 & 4, then definitely check this game out!

46. All For One [Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance (3DS/PS4)]
Hint: All for one, and one for all!
Found by: 3 people
Half found by: Xirix

I'll still never fully understand the story of this series, but the gameplay of this one was really fun!

47. Highs Off U (Scorccio XY Mix) [DDRMAX Dance Dance Revolution 6thMix (ARC) / Dance Dance Revolution Extreme (PS2)]
Hint: Fun Fact: This song samples the chrous of Frankie Valli and The 4 Seasons's "Can't Take My Eyes Off You". Oh yeah and it also got licensed into an arcade rhythm game.
Found by: 5 people

I originally made a sample of the full version of the song, but since it's actually not in the game itself, that'd be cheating on my part.

48. Elite 4 Battle [Pokemon Puzzle Challenge (GBC)]
Hint: Defeating the strongest of monsters using the weakest of monsters. Only in puzzle games.
Found by: 3 people

It's the Pokemon song from the Pokemon spin off game! You know since gen 3 started when the E4 had their own theme separate from the Gym Leaders, I was wondering if Game Freak would spin this song into the Johto's E4 theme in HG/SS. Of course not.

49. Eaten! [Ardy Lightfoot (SNES)]
Hint: Experience the adventures of a furry and blue Kirby which at one point leads them to getting vored-...oh. Oh no.
Found by: None

Is vore allowed-

Hint: This song was entered into an Japanese indie music competition known as BOFU2017 and later on got added onto an arcade rhythm game.
Found by: None

Unlike GAMEBOY, while this song was also originally made for the BOFU2017 competition, it was later licensed by SEGA to be used in their maimai series. The more you know!
Who goes where?

The 'wow!' 16th place spot goes to...
ZombieGenius with 10 points!

The 'no hints!' 15th place spot goes to...
Picochilla with 16 points!

The 'cube™!' 14th place spot goes to...
Cuboid™ with 17 points!

The '1-up!' 13th place spot goes to...
Alceris with 18 points!

The '2-up!' 12th place spot goes to...
Xirix with 20 points!

The 'twinsanity!' tied 10th place spot goes to...
Jessie & tangy with 23 points!

The 'triple trouble!' tied 7th place spot goes to...
ano0maly, Enjl, & pholtos with 26 points!

The 'cool beans!' 6th place spot goes to...
Bean with 28 points!

The 'legitimately guess everything!' 5th place spot goes to...
KayhemMaus with 33 points!

The 'patapatapatapon!' 4th place spot goes to...
SirChasm with 42 points!

The 'solo bonus!' 3rd place spot goes to...
Mayoh with 43 points!

The 'righty-o!' 2nd place spot goes to...
Cheez with 47 points!

And finally...

The ':plushYK:!' 1st place spot goes to...
Komus with 71 points!

...as well as earning...
The pointless Rockin' Cat award for identifying 5 cat songs correctly!
Anyways, I guess this is the end of the contest! Thanks much for participating! I don't know if someone will possibly step up to make the next unofficial VGM contest on their own, or if Jesuiscontent will become active again in maintaining the hosting queue, or if I have to step up as the VGM contest organizer, but regardless of what happens, I'd love to see this kind of contest happen more often in the future and not succumb to a year long hiatus again!

Now here's Kuro with the last word!
Image ...

Image Bye!

Who has the most?

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Re: [Answers~!] ♪ Unofficial Talkcordhaus VGM Guessing Contest ♫

Postby ano0maly » 1 year ago

My guesses:
1. Persona 5 [Last Surprise]
2. Ghosts & Goblins?
3. Zelda?

5. F-Zero?

8. Super Robot Wars?

14. Mario?

16. Super Pitfall

19. Klonoa: Door to Phantomile [Inquisitive Waltz]
20. Lethal League Blaze [Ain't Nothing Like a Funky Beat] (was really hard to find)
21. Mana series?
22. Zelda?
23. Sonic?

25. Intruder?

27. Deadly Premonition [Life is Beautiful] (not Mario)
28. Marvel vs Capcom?

31. Cave Story [Mimiga Town] (COME ON)
32. Touhou 13: Ten Desires [Futatsuiwa from Sado]
33. Pikmin?
34. Dead or Alive?

37. Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht [Battle Theme]
38. Danganronpa?

40. Super Cat Planet [Mushrooms] (not Cave Story)
41. Chocobo Tales [March de Chocobo]
42. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate [Lost Painting] (from Castlevania)
43. Mario Paint [Creative Exercise]

46. Etrian Odyssey?
47. DDRMAX -DanceDanceRevolution 6thMIX- [HIGHS OFF U (Scorccio XY Mix)]
48. Ninja Gaiden?
I asked for hints for 2, 12, 22.

At first things were going quite well, being able to pinpoint the specific tracks for several games. But there were a lot of tracks that sounded like a familiar style but investigating them wasn't working out. The hints I got didn't change that (although I should have given the Battle Network 4 BGM a listen when that came up in search, I didn't expect it to be that). After three free hints that led to no progress, I felt it was time to stop the guesswork and just turn in what I have.

I got to check out several good OSTs while I was looking up things, though.
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Re: [Answers~!] ♪ Unofficial Talkcordhaus VGM Guessing Contest ♫

Postby Picochilla » 1 year ago

I didn't knew Brain Power was from an actual Game....
100% Approved!
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Re: [Answers~!] ♪ Unofficial Talkcordhaus VGM Guessing Contest ♫

Postby Bean » 1 year ago

I think I did all right. Got more than a quarter fully correct and tacked on two straight half-right guesses late. Not bad for a dude that doesn't get to play as many games anymore! I will also never get the intruder song right. Anyway, picks are in the spoiler box below.

1) Persona 5
3) Fire Emblem Heroes
7) Bomberman?
8) Kirby: Planet Robobot
9) Ragnarok Online?
14) Cuphead?
20) Lethal League Blaze
23) The Intruder!
27) Deadly Premonition
29) Sonic Mania
33) The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
35) Super Mario Odyssey
38) Namco X Capcom
39) Dragon Quest?
40) Cave Story
41) Chocobo Tales
43) Mario Paint
46) Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance
47) Dance Dance Revolution Extreme
Good contest, Katazuki! Glad to see this back!

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Re: [Answers~!] ♪ Unofficial Talkcordhaus VGM Guessing Contest ♫

Postby Smibbix » 1 year ago

I forgot to post my guesses in time, but still, it's so satisfying to listen through these and get to hear the full versions of all these tunes I just barely forgot about, and also to hear all these cool songs I haven't heard yet.
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Re: [Answers~!] ♪ Unofficial Talkcordhaus VGM Guessing Contest ♫

Postby Xirix » 1 year ago

Ah I got so many half-wrong guesses this time around, glad I saw this in time though, was fun. ^^

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Re: [Answers~!] ♪ Unofficial Talkcordhaus VGM Guessing Contest ♫

Postby Super Maks 64 » 1 year ago

If I listened to the songs before, I would have recognised 7 as being from Rockman 4 Minus Infinity

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