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SMBXorg's Super Community Contest

would you like to participate in some fun contests? would you like to create some fun contests? well ^_^
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SMBXorg's Super Community Contest

Postby TNTtimelord » 3 years ago

The next Community Contest has arrived! It's been a long time, hasn't it?

Firstly, this contest is titled Super Community Contest. The name's a little cheesy, but it's appropriately named as it is a soft reboot of the original Community Contests. We've made multiple adjustments to the formula to improve the contest experience for everyone.

As usual, your objective is to submit the best SMBX level you can possibly make. Once your level is finished, please PM it to TLtimelord, as he will be handling the compiling of the levels for the judges.


- Aristocrat
- FrozenQuills
- Quill
- Sorel
- Spinda
- TLtimelord
- Waddle Derp

There's some familiar faces and some new faces here. Can you impress every judge? Once a judge has submitted their reviews, their name will be bolded.


Here are the rules for the contest. There's some new ones here, so take a look. If you break these rules, you may be disqualified or have points redacted from your final score.

- You are only allowed to submit one level. You can submit multiple times but we will only take your most recent submission.
- You are allowed to work alone or with a partner. You can use a team name if you want, but both usernames will be listed in the results.
- Your level must be beatable with 1.3.x or SMBX2. No 1.4/38A levels allowed.
- Your level may only include a maximum of two stars.
- The level shouldn't end the game or end with a warp.
- Be careful when using SMBX2 Beta content. Many new features such as the new character may go under revisions before the final version, meaning your levels may be broken in the future. If you really want to use SMBX2 content, you must copy the relevant API to your level folder and load that API locally to avoid this problem.
- It's advised you specify in a README what playable character is required to play your level so we know how to play it properly. Alternatively, use character blocks or Lua to achieve this.
- Try to avoid music files that are longer than 5 minutes. It'll keep the filesize down. The judges recommend you use .ogg music files for your level.
- You must submit before the deadline. There will be no late submissions.
- Generic joke levels are not allowed. If you submit a level purposely designed to be trash, you will be disqualified.
- You cannot publicly submit your level until it has appeared during the results.
- By submitting a level, you agree it will appear in the contest episode.

The Judges' Encouragements & Recommendations

The judges have piled together some recommendations that, should you follow them, will improve your level. Following these guidelines will increase the chances of you performing well in the contest, so do read and take notes.

- Be creative. Don't stick with your ordinary level style unless you really have to. Try something new, as this is the best opportunity to really test yourself, and something unique will impress the judges and your peers too!
- Test your levels. Even if you already have your level ready to go, the deadline isn't until August 14th. You have plenty of time to test your level and get constructive criticism from your peers. Only submit when you know it's the best it can possibly be!
- Make sure you're having fun when making your levels. This might sound a little strange, but if you're not having fun making your level, the level quality will suffer. The judges will know if you didn't have fun.
- Levels this contest will be judged with a focus on general design, creativity and aesthetics (50% weighted in design, 30% weighted on creativity and 20% weighted on aesthetics). Try to keep that in mind while making your level.

New? Here's how to submit your level:

Once your level is complete, make sure your folders look similar enough to these images. Most users will only have the .lvl file, a folder for their custom graphics and custom music.

Inside the level folder:

Outside the level folder:

Once you've checked that, you can then compile your level into one file that can be extracted by the judges. Use programs such as WinZIP, WinRAR or 7Zip to accomplish this.

Zipped folder:

Then, upload your file using services such as Dropbox and send the download link to TLtimelord.

The participant list will be updated on the topic at smbxorg.


The deadline for the contest is August 14th, 11:00PM CST.

Good luck, everyone!

Original Topic link: https://www.supermariobrosx.org/forums/ ... 69&t=19058

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