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SMW Central's Kaizo Level Design Contest

would you like to participate in some fun contests? would you like to create some fun contests? well ^_^
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SMW Central's Kaizo Level Design Contest

Postby idol » 3 years ago

hey y'all! in case you haven't seen yet, SMW Central is running a kaizo level design contest! this year, the goal is to make savestateless kaizo - challenging and hard, but not so hard that it requires slowdown or savestates. think the first kaizo mario in terms of difficulty. this is, of course, a smw hacking contest.

there is also a twist this year: there'll be a collab! are we crazy for attempting a kaizo collab? who knows! there is a baserom provided by worldpiece and katerpie, and includes such fun things as auto-resets (think jump), screen scrolling pipes, and multiple midpoints (so players dont have to do a ton of stuff when they die).

the rules & submissions thread

the thread for questions & concerns, although you can also ask questions here

more information on the baserom

don't worry if you've never made a kaizo level before, a lot of people entering this year haven't. its a fun experience and we welcome everyone here to try it out.

the end date is june 2nd at 16:30:30 UTC.

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Re: SMW Central's Kaizo Level Design Contest

Postby Katerpie » 3 years ago

Hey there peeps. Just reminding you that you have exactly a week left as of this post to submit your entries. If you still haven't submitted yet, then get them done by then!

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Re: SMW Central's Kaizo Level Design Contest

Postby FrozenQuills » 3 years ago

oi and ft029 is stream-judging the entries too
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