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SMBX Community presents: SMBX Grand Extravaganza!

would you like to participate in some fun contests? would you like to create some fun contests? well ^_^
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SMBX Community presents: SMBX Grand Extravaganza!

Postby Enjl » 3 years ago

We from the SMBX Community like to hold contests every 2 hours and it's time for the next official one. It's been a year since the last one, and this time we're changing up the formula a bit.
Mivixion wrote:Hi, I'm Mivixion, the friendly neighborhood SMBX dog here to start the first official...
(thanks to Intuition for the logo!)
Unlike Community Contests, this contest is run in 2 rounds. After announcing the winners of the first round, we invite every member of the top 10 to adjust their level based on the feedback they got and send an updated version. These levels from the top 10 will be re-evaluated and placements can change as a result. The winner of the 2nd round is the winner of the Extravaganza.
The Rules
  • You are allowed to submit only one level. You may update your submission during the submission period. The latest submission will be judged. Submitting two levels and expecting both to be judged will lead to disqualification.
  • You are allowed to work alone or with a partner. You may request a team name if you are working in a team.
  • Level must be beatable with a 1.3.x/2.0 variant of SMBX. No 1.4/38A levels are permitted.
  • If you submit after the deadline has passed, penalties apply. Details below.
  • Judges mustn't know which level is yours. Do not submit a level you have publicly showcased or released in the past.
  • Include all LunaLua APIs you're using inside the level folder. Details below.
  • SMBX 2.0 Characters are not allowed, since some of them will see revisions before the game gets released that might break compatibility. Other 2.0 features are allowed.
  • Either specify which characters your level is made for or include a filter.
  • Your level may not end in a warp exit.
  • You may include one secret exit in your level. This exit has to end the level and can also not be a warp exit.
  • Keep your music files short to reduce the filesize of your package. Converting music to .ogg format and adding loop points is encouraged, but not required.
  • Judges are not allowed to submit levels.
  • Test your level! Make sure events work, start position is correct, there are no errors, etc. Levels will be judged as they are submitted.
  • By submitting you agree that your level will be included in an episode featuring all of the submissions.
Judges will submit a written review of each level and then score them based on the rubric below:
Design and Execution: 50 Points
In this category, the overall execution of a level is judged. This includes how the level's concept is executed, how fun the level is, the flow it has to it and the level's difficulty curve. A level should feel good to play, offer a variety of things executed with its concept while feeling coherent and not be boring or frustrating.
Creativity and Innovation: 30 Points
This category focuses on a level's personality, the factor which makes it stand out among others. Here, a level's presentation of its ideas and innovation is judged, both in an aesthetic, as well as a gameplay-specific sense.
Aesthetics and Composition: 20 Points
In this category, a level's overall look, feeling and atmosphere is judged. The level's aesthetics should thrive to improve upon the overall quality on the level and support the experience, rather than getting in the way of it.
Special thanks to Vitor Vilela and the guys running VLDCX for creating the base for this rubric and supporting us!
Penalties in this contest work a bit differently than in previous SMBX contests. Instead of subtracting from the score the level has gained, they subtract from the maximum possible score your level can achieve. A level without penalties can get a maximum score of 100. A level with a penalty of 10 will not be able to gain a score higher than 90/100, even if all judges score it 100/100.
Penalty increases by 4 points per day after submission period ends.
After 5 days past the deadline we won't accept late submissions anymore! The maximum penalty is thus 20 points, locking the latest levels at a maximum of 80 achievable points.
LunaLua APIs
In case APIs get updated throughout submission period, judging period or the time it takes to create the game, you are required to include all APIs your level relies on locally inside your level folder. Rename all your APIs by prefixing their files with "local_". You have to rename them in the API.load call, too. Example:

Code: Select all

local eventu = API.load("local_eventu")
Keep an eye on APIs that rely on other APIs in order to function. Please include and rename those, too. You can find these by searching for "loadSharedAPI", "loadAPI" or "API.load" inside the APIs you're using.
How to submit
Submission procedures are similar to those for the Community Contests. PM me your level in a .zip archive to me and structure it like so:
  • Music goes into the level folder to keep the episode folder organized and so we can easily tell which level uses which music.
  • Do not include your username anywhere.
  • Give your level a distinctive name. Try to be creative!
  • You may include a readme if you want to give credits or want to write additional information. Again, remember to not put your name anywhere.
  • Make sure the level and custom graphics folder share the same name, and make sure your readme includes your level's name. Name the archive after your level, too.
  • Music can be one of many formats. mp3, ogg, spc and wav are the most commonly used ones. Same goes for sound effects.
Your package should look something like this. Keep in mind that graphics, music and sound are not one file:
Outside the level folder:
Grab all the stuff in the 2nd image and neatly pack it into an archive to submit it:
Submissions Deadline
Your level must be submitted by 11:59PM USA Central Time on SATURDAY APRIL 15TH, 2017. Penalized submissions will be taken up to 5 days after this date.

Judges (bolded have submitted reviews)
  • Enjl
  • Sanct
  • Sorel
  • SuperMario7
  • HeroLinik
  • PixelPest
  • JupiHornet
Link to original post:
https://www.supermariobrosx.org/forums/ ... 69&t=18023

Also a judge blurb:
https://www.supermariobrosx.org/forums/ ... 23#p261363

Signing up with a reply isn't required, just make sure to send your level to Mivixion before the deadline if you're interested :3

Have fun!

Zha Hong Lang
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Re: SMBX Community presents: SMBX Grand Extravaganza!

Postby Zha Hong Lang » 3 years ago

Been forever since I last looked at an SMBX contest, but this seems like a nice idea.
(Formerly Jayoshi)

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Re: SMBX Community presents: SMBX Grand Extravaganza!

Postby TheDinoKing » 3 years ago

Something's off.

Zha Hong Lang
"HTMI - Hyper Text Markup Interface"
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First name: ZHL
Pronouns: Male
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Re: SMBX Community presents: SMBX Grand Extravaganza!

Postby Zha Hong Lang » 3 years ago


after seeing how it ended, I guess that this contest wasn't everything it was quite cracked up to be :P
(Formerly Jayoshi)

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