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The talkhaus End Game Madness Contest - RESULTS!

would you like to participate in some fun contests? would you like to create some fun contests? well ^_^
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The talkhaus End Game Madness Contest - RESULTS!

Postby RedMageSusie » 1 year ago

End game screen answers! I had a lot of fun putting this together. I hope everyone had fun playing. I also had some really great guesses throughout that had me cracking up. The results are down below the answers. Now, without further ado…

1) Super Mario World (Found by everyone and their mothers, except one person…)

I decided to start off with an obvious one. How did someone miss this? Well, you’ll find out in the results... I can’t even look at the image without getting the ending song stuck in my head.

2) Phoenix Wright: Justice for All (Found by cheez8, half found by 4 others)

I love love LOVE the Phoenix Wright series. Every game had a really solid ending, but I think the third game is my overall favourite. The second game ending was still rather sweet.

3) Solitaire (Found by everyone except two people this time)

It’s still early in the contest, so I had to keep it easy. I used to play this a lot as a kid. I dunno why when there’s so many better games out there.

4) Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword (Found by cheez8, Mikkofier, and Bean)

I gave it to anyone who just said Fire Emblem because that’s the name it was released under in North America. My favourite guess for this one: “That guy looks scary”. Indeed he does.

5) Okami (found by 5 people)

Beautiful game. I figured the art style might give a hint (and I was correct). I want to play this again now.

6) Ghostbusters (found by 5 people)

Congratulations! You had the patience to sit through this awful game. You have proved your nerdiness. Now go **** yourself![/avgn] I assume that’s the only way people know it, because I wouldn’t have known it any other way.

7) Sonic The Hedgehog 3 (Found by 7 people, half found by 2 others)

Another one that was easy to get points on. Most people were able to pinpoint the correct game….But now I have the Super Sonic theme stuck in my head. Dammit.

8) Diddy Kong Racing (Found by Pyro, cheez8, and Bean)

I had a lot of guesses for Spyro the Dragon on this one. I wasn’t expecting it, but I can understand it.

9) Silent Hill 2 (Found by 5 people, half found by 2 others)

I started this game but never finished it. I want to, because I found it interesting, but I’m also a huge coward. :(

10) Braid (Found by 8 people)

Or, how I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb

11) Another Code R: A Journey into Lost Memories (Found by no one)

I loved every single Cing game. Unfortunately, the last two were Europe only, but I managed to get a hold of it. I had a LOT of guesses for Guitar Hero.

12) Bomberman 64 (found by 8bitgamer123 and Bean)

Getting this ending was such a pain. Gotta get all the gold cards in every level (except the final world). Had a lot of guesses for RPGs on this one.

13) Donkey Kong 64 (found by 6 people, half found by 1 other)

Despite all its faults, I still kinda enjoy this game. I might be crazy.

14) Doom (Found by Pyro, FrozenQuills, Mikkofier & Willhart)

Poor bunny…

15) Super Paper Mario (Found by 6 people, half found by 2 others)

Probably the best story in a Mario game ever. Really great stuff. It’s worth checking out if you haven’t played it (or at least look up the story/cutscenes). I’m pretty sure the font helped with a few guesses here.

16) Metroid Fusion (Found by 5 people, half found by 2 others)

I can see where some people would get Zero Mission from this one, but the ending suit is different in that one.

17) Resident Evil 1 (Found by Mikkofier and Bean)

I never played this one. I didn’t realize it had “real” cinematic scenes in it until I looked up the ending. I had to check multiple videos to make sure I had the right game.

18) Super Meat Boy (Found by 7 people)

I got a few guesses for Binding of Isaac on this one. No points for that. Sorry.

19) Ripper (Found by FrozenQuills and Mikkofier)

The only scene you need to know from this game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFKylgGk73I

20) ET (Found by 8 people)

I didn’t know this game had an ending until I looked it up. I didn’t realize anyone would actually want to beat this garbage.

21) Tales of the Abyss (Found by Bean, half found by Mikkofier)

I didn’t like this one as much as some of the other Tales games, but the ending was pretty solid imo.

22) Tetris Attack (Found by 6 people, half found by 3 others)

I loved this game as a kid. I used to be super good. Now…let’s not talk about it…

23) Final Fantasy X (Found by MECHDRAGON777)

I never beat this one. I got too annoyed to bother.

24) Porky Pig’s Haunted Holiday (Found by no one)

I owned this one. It was pretty short (6 levels) and not really all that hard. Porky wants to have a vacation, and ends up falling asleep and having a nightmare vacation. The ending confused me. But at least you get to beat up Tweety Bird.

One person guessed Scooby Doo, which was kinda funny for me, because I also had the SNES Scooby Doo game. The ending to that one though was even worse.

25) Pokemon RBY (Found by everyone except 1)

Any of the first three versions counted. If you didn’t get this one, you probably didn’t have a childhood.

26) Chrono Trigger (Found by 8bitgamer123, Bean, Mikkofier, and Willhart)

I had multiple endings to choose from. This one was always bittersweet for me, especially the final scene, which is why I picked it

27) Mother 3 (Found by Pyro, Willhart, 8bitgamer123, and Mikkofier, half found by 4 others)

A lot of Earthbound guesses on this one. Mainly due to the font. Gotta pay attention to the details!

28) Mass Effect (Found by Mikkofier, half found by FrozenQuills, Willhart, and 128-Up)

My fiancée gifted me this a couple months ago. I have to give this one a shot once I get a better computer.

29) Grand Theft Auto 3 (Found by Mikkofier, Willhart, and Bean)

I think my favourite guess I got for this one was “Playstation Graphics: The Game”

30) Kid Klown in Crazy Chase (Found by Mikkofier (SOMEONE ELSE PLAYED THIS ONE?!))

(I couldn’t find just the ending, so have an entire longplay)

Can I just say getting this ending was a bitch? You had to get all the special hearts, and deal with this stupid RNG mini-game that you only got one shot at (at least it seemed random. If there was a solution, I never figured it out). So worth it.

Favourite guess for this one “I didn’t need to see that”.

31) A Super Mario Thing (Found by 8 people)

Hey! It’s me! :D Yeah, I expected a lot of people to get this one.

32) Star Tropics (Found by 7 people)

Stupid Mike. That’s not where those go!

33) Majora’s Mask (Found by cheez8, Mikkofier, and Bean, half found by 2 others)

This is my favourite Zelda game and one of my favourite game endings of all time. Hits all the right notes imo.

34) Quest 64 (Found by no one)

I actually beat this stupid game. Screw this game and its non-ending

35) Xenogears (Found by Bean)

I have a friend who absolutely loves this game. That’s why I thought of it for this contest. Apparently it’s not very recognizable.

36) Metal Gear Solid 4 (Found by Mikkofier, Willhart, and Bean)

Somewhere in that giant ending cutscene…

37) Prof Layton and the Diabolical Box (Found by 128-Up, half found by 4 others)

This was a cute ending. The third game had the best ending in the series imo.

38) Kirby Super Star (Found by 8 people, half found by 2 others)

Milky Way Wishes to be precise. The ending song for this one was great.

39) Shining Force (Found by no one)

Token Genesis game because I needed more diversity

40) Rayman Legends (Found by 5 others, half found by one other)

This game was a ton of fun. Would recommend if you like platformers.

41) Plants vs Zombies (Found by 8 people, half found by one other)

Yeah, this one was pretty obvious, but I thought it’d be worth putting on. I enjoyed this game more than I thought I would.

42) Bubble Bobble (found by 5 people, half found by one other)

I had one person guess “Bubble Bobble Clone”. Whoops…

43) Gradius (Found by 7 people)

Iconic layout in the bottom helped out with this one

44) Contra (Found by 6 people)

I never beat this one as a kid :(

45) Halo Reach (Found by Mikkofier and Bean, half found by cheez8)

If I cut the image just one second later, it would’ve said “Planet Reach”. A bit of a giveaway…

46) Captain Novalin (Found by Pyro, Mikkofier, and Bean)

This was the first LP I ever watched. It was….educational. Had a few guesses involving Holy.

47) Link’s Awakening (Found by MECHDRAGON777 and Bean)

Another one of my favourite Zelda games with a pretty bittersweet ending. (Sorry, “floating anime head in the sky doesn’t count as a game)

48) Disgaea 2 (Found by Willhart, half found by Mikkofier, Bean, and 128-Up)

I know a lot of people didn’t like it as much as the first Disgaea (mostly because of Adell). I still enjoyed it.

49) Monster Hunter Generations (half found by Pyro)

I never played a MH game. My friends like it and it looks good for what it is. It just doesn’t look like a game I would enjoy. I like how I got a guess for Halo Reach for this one. Also “My garbage cats wake me up at 3am every morning.”

50) Borderlands (found by cheez8, Mikkofier and Willhart, half found by 128-Up)

Kinda like Okami, I figured the art style would give this one away. I got a lot of guesses for Portal on this one.

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…the Results!

In 10th place: 8flight – 1 point

Everything was not Kirby, I’m sorry.

In 9th place: MECHDRAGON777 – 27 points

You did a good job getting FFX when no one else did. Kudos.

In 7th place (tie): 128-Up and 8bitgamer – 42 points

You may not have won, but you got the best number of points at least

In 5th place (another tie?!): FrozenQuills and Willhart – 47 points

Great effort on both parts. FrozenQuills probably had some of my favourite guesses in the entire contest.

In 4th place: Pyro – 50 points

First person to submit an entry, and she did really well.

In 3rd place: Bean – 60 points

Really strong showing! If only you were able to nail down some exact title names, you might’ve pulled it off. Plus, getting Xenogears helped. Good job!

In 2nd place: Cheez8 – 62 points

Just edging out Bean by a couple points. I thought this one had a good shot at winning. A very strong overall performance. Congrats on getting second!

And the winner of the first ever End Game contest is… Mikkofier!!! – 76 points

Wow! This one was pretty impressive. He got a lot of the obscure ones, plus Kid Klown. Congratulations on your victory! You deserve it.

And that’s all. Thanks to everyone who participated!

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Re: The talkhaus End Game Madness Contest - RESULTS!

Postby MECHDRAGON777 » 1 year ago

Umm, guessing itwas Final Fantasy was easy since I have beaten it five+ times! The hard part was guessing if it was X pr X-2 honestly! Thank you though. Glad I could try, even if I got last place. (Not counting 8flight becuase he said Kirby on all 60 of them and I know he did not try, he tried for last, so not counting it. Oh well.)

Edit: It is embarrassing to miss Quest 64 since I beat it twice, and watched my dad play it when I was younger, on top of that, I even got the game and played on my dad's old profile that was about a few years (older than me (18)) and beat the final boss when I was ten. That is messed up I missed that, but oh well. Congrats Miffer (Or however you say that.)

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Re: The talkhaus End Game Madness Contest - RESULTS!

Postby Mikkofier » 1 year ago

Oh hey, I won!
I'd like to thank Google and VGMuseum.com for helping to confirm my hunches.
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Re: The talkhaus End Game Madness Contest - RESULTS!

Postby FrozenQuills » 1 year ago

I am glad I had the best random guesses :P

1: Super Mario World
2: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney...?
3: Solitaire (windows 98 version)
4: that guy looks scary
5: Okami
6: NES Ghostbusters ("conglaturation" kinda gave this away)
7: Sonic the Hedgehog
8: Spyro the Dragon...?
9: Silent Hill
10: Braid
12: im getting final fantasy vibes
13: Donkey Kong 64
14: Doom...? (i recognize the blood of all things and i never played the game)
15: Super Paper Mario
16: Metroid Fusion...?
17: arnold schwarzenegger the game
18: Super Meat Boy
19: Ripper
20: E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (oh dear god)
21: if i have no idea it's final fantasy
22: Tetris Attack????????
23: avatar the game
24: Crash Bandicoot????????
25: Pokemon Red/Blue
26: why do i recognize this style also final fantasy
27: Earthbound...?
28: Mass Effect Andromeda??? (ive never played this series but i recognize the alien dude)
29: playstation graphics the game
30: weird
31: A Super Mario Thing (thanks raocow)
32: Startropics (thanks raocow)
33: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time??? (ive never played any of the n64 LOZ's oops)
34: there are too many games with flying castles
35: anime the game
36: Resident Evil 4 (doubt it, i never play gritty realistic games)
37: im getting professor layton vibes
38: Kirby Super Star..?
39: it looks like startropics 2 but it's not
40: Rayman Legends???
41: Plants vs. Zombies
42: alternate universe adventures of lolo
43: Gradius
44: Metal Gear..?
45: Xenoblade Chronicles..?
46: holy's boss from the mafab relay the game
47: floating anime head in the sky the game
48: i like the art
49: i like the cats
50: it reminds me of the portal 2 ending but i know its not that
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Re: The talkhaus End Game Madness Contest - RESULTS!

Postby cheez8 » 1 year ago

Whoa, second place? Sweet!

1. super mario world
2. Phoenix Wright: Justice For All
3. Solitare (windows)
4. Fire Emblem: Fire Emblem
5. Okami?
6. Ghostbusters
7. Sonic 3
8. Diddy Kong Racing?
9. Silent Hill 2
10. Braid I guess? I think that's the main char there
11. guitar hero idk
12. Final Fantasy Tactics
13. Donkey Kong 64
14. oh my gosh what (Destroy All Humans???)
15. Super Paper Mario! If it weren't for the font I would've TOTALLY glazed right over that
16. Metriod Fusion
17. Dead Rising?
18. Super Meat Boy
19. L.A. Noire???
20. Bubble Bobble idk
21. Kingdom Hearts 3 1/2.7 or whatever they're calling them these days
22. ...Tetris Attack?
23. Mass Effect idk
24. Rayman?
25. Pokemon Red
26. Secret of Mana
27. oh gosh that isn't Pokemon Mystery Dungeon is it ;-; no wait, those dots are from Earthbound
28. ...Halo?
29. goldeneye 007
30. Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom
31. ASMT
32. Startropics
33. Majora's Mask? idk
34. Final Fantasy 9
35. Senran Kagura 2
36. L.A. Noire
37. I seriously can't even fake a guess for this one. Seems pretty charming though!
38. Kirby Super Star
39. Chrono Trigger?
40. Rayman Legends
41. Plants vs. Zombies
42. Bubble Bobble
43. Gradius
44. Metal Arms
45. Halo???
46. definitely Halo
47. probably should know this one OH WELL
48. idk but that's a pretty nice art style. Ghost Trick?
49. Halo: Reach
50. ...Borderlands? That kind of looks like Claptrap...

Only managed to come up with Tetris Attack because I recognized the "walking down the path" thing from Pokémon Puzzle league. Figured it just might be a reskin, and I was right!
...are you certain #11 isn't secretly Guitar Hero after all
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Re: The talkhaus End Game Madness Contest - RESULTS!

Postby Bean » 1 year ago

First off, you all need to play Xenogears even though it goes off the rails in the second disc. I was right about 15 being one I've beaten but couldn't figure out. I do not like Super Paper Mario at all. 24, I was totally wrong at thinking I had played it. Nope. I also sorta knew a few (Layton, Disgaea, and Professor Layton) just from the artwork. And finally, that was a lot of fun. Thanks for doing this, Mike.

Went off of memory and guesses. Looked up the Ghostbusters one after this because of how bad that Engrish was! Ha-ha. 15's the one that I feel like I've beaten but can't figure out. 24's bugging me, too. Ah, I'll just guess where I can. Anyway, thanks for this one. I was hoping someone would do something like this after all the music contests!

1) Super Mario World
2) Phoenix Wright (Don't know which one)
3) Solitare
4) Fire Emblem 7 (The one with Lyn, Eliwood, and Hector)
7) Sonic the Hedgehog 3
8) Diddy Kong Racing
9) Silent Hill 2
10) Braid
12) Bomberman 64
13) Donkey Kong 64?
15) Some Capcom Mickey Mouse game?
16) Metroid Fusion
17) Resident Evil? (Guessing the original)
18) The Binding of Isaac?
20) E.T. the Extra Terrestrial
21) Tales of the Abyss
22) Tetris Attack
25) Pokémon Red/Blue
26) Chrono Trigger
27) Earthbound
28) Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic? (Either that or Mass Effect, but I'll go with SW) OOPS!
29) Grand Theft Auto III
31) ASMT
33) The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
35) Xenogears
36) Metal Gear Solid IV: Guns of the Patriots: Plot Twists of the Terrible Writer
37) Professor Layton? (Looks like Level 5 art)
38) Kirby Super Star
39) Phantasy Star?
41) Plants vs. Zombies
44) Contra
45) Halo: Reach? (Know it's a spinoff one at least)
46) Captain Novolin (Check You Feet)
47) The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX
48) Disgaea?

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Re: The talkhaus End Game Madness Contest - RESULTS!

Postby Mikkofier » 1 year ago

Oh, we're doing this thing:
Mikkofier wrote:
Here be my guesses:

1. Might be Super Mario World, though I have no way to be sure...
2 Is probably one of those Ace Attorney games?
3 is Windows Solitaire
4 going by gut feeling: a Fire Emblem?
5 might be Okami?
6 is from Ghostbusters for the NES
7 is from Sonic 3
8 is for the N64, but good luck with the name
9 is the truest ending of Silent Hill 2
10 is from Braid. Nukes are a big deal.
11 I have no clue about.
12. ^ditto
13 is from Donkey Kong 64.
14 is from Doom, Episode 3. The rabbit will be avenged!
15 is from Super Paper Mario. Hype!
16 is another mystery.
17 is from Resident Evil, the first one. FMV FTW!
18 is from Super Meatboy.
19 is from Ripper. Un-fucking-believable!
20 is from E.T. Never forget...
21 might be from one of those Tales games... Zestiria, maybe?
22 is from Tetris Attack.
23 is a mystery
24 I know nothing about
25 Is from Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow aka. Gen 1 as the cool kids say
26 is from Chrono Trigger. I need to play it some more some day...
27 is from Mother 3, the crowning moment of fan translation.
28 is from Mass Effect 1. No disingenuous assertions, please...
29 might be GTA3
30 is from Kid Klown in Crazy Chase. Downloaded a ROM once at random. It's a weird game.
31 might be A Super Mario Thing of some kind...
32 is from Star Tropics. That stupid face... so stupid!
33 is from Majora's Mask
34 annoys me with familiarity, but I don't remember it.
35 mystifies me too
36 might be from MGS4
37 is from one of them Professor Layton games.
38 is from Kirby Super Star
39 is a jrpg of some sort.
40 is from Rayman Legends. It's pretty good.
41 is from Plants Vs. Zombies
42 is from Bubble Bobble. Have a patient friend or you won't win!
43 is from plain ol' Gradius
44 is from Contra, or Probotector, as I knew it
45 might be from Halo: Reach?
46 is from Captain Novolin. Check you feet!
47 is from something
48 is from one of the Disgaea games
49 is adorable. Maybe from one of the trillion Final Fantasy games?
50 is from Borderlands.

Oof, that's a lot of games...
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Re: The talkhaus End Game Madness Contest - RESULTS!

Postby MECHDRAGON777 » 1 year ago

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Immage Contest
Date: Sunday.01.May.2016 06:01
To: RedMageMike

MECHDRAGON777 wrote:

1 - Super Mario World
7 - Sonic the Hedgehog 3
8 - Spyro the Dragon
11 - Guitar Hero 3
12 - Super Mario RPG, Legend of the Seven Stars
13 - Donkey Kong 64
15 - Mario & Luigi Super Star Saga
16 - Metroid Fusion
18 - Binding of Isaac
22 - Yoshi's Story
23 - Final Fantasy X
24 - Rayman 3
25 - Pokémon Green/Blue/Red/Yellow
26 - Final Fantasy VI
37 - Beauty and the Beast
38 - Kirby Superstar
40 - Rayman Legends
41 - Plants Versus Zombies 2
42 - Rainbow Island
43 - Galactica
44 - Contra
47 - The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
50 - Portal 2

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Re: The talkhaus End Game Madness Contest - RESULTS!

Postby Willhart » 1 year ago

Congratulations to everyone who partisiated. I think the list was fun to go through.
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Re: The talkhaus End Game Madness Contest - RESULTS!

Postby Pyro » 1 year ago

Holy geez 4th? I did a lot better than I expected

Pyro wrote:
1. Super Mario World
2. ???
3. .....solitare???
4. idk
5. Okami?
6. Ghostbusters NES
7. Sonic the Hedgehog 3
8. Diddy Kong Racing
9. silent hill?
10. Braid
11. what
12. some n64 game ;a;
13. Donkey Kong 64?
14. doom???
15. Super Paper Mario
16. Metroid Zero Mission
17. ???
18. Super Meat Boy
19. some crappy game retsupurae played? :v
20. the Atari E.T. game
21. anime
22. Tetris Attack
23. ???
24. a scooby doo game?
25. Pokemon Red & Blue
26. a snes rpg??
27. Mother 3
28. ???
29. another silent hill game?
30. i didn't want to see that
31. A Super Mario Thing
32. StarTropics
33. ???
34. ???
35. ???
36. ???
37. ???
38. Kirby Super Star (Milky Way Wishes)
39. ???
40. ???
41. Plants vs. Zombies
42. b-bubble bobble....?
43. gradius???
44. contra???
45. ???
47. ???
48. anime
49. monster hunter?
50. p-portal 2?

rip me

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