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Make a Good Mega Man Level Contest (MaGMML)! RESULTS! TIER 5! Congrats RedBlupi!

would you like to participate in some fun contests? would you like to create some fun contests? well ^_^
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Make a Good Mega Man Level Contest (MaGMML)! RESULTS! TIER 5! Congrats RedBlupi!

Postby Pyro » 1 year ago



Oh man, it's finally time! Welcome to the very first Make a Good Mega Man Level Contest! A contest where you attempt to make a good Mega Man level. As said in the title. I couldn't come up with a better description okay

You're probably wondering how the heck this is even going to be run at all. This contest is going to take place in Game Maker 8.0, with a super-modified version of Blyka's Engine that comes with TONS of stuff from the classic series. All you have to do to participate is express interest in this thread, and I'll send a PM to you with all of the required materials. Don't be intimidated by it being in Game Maker - I've made an effort to make the engine as simple to use as possible, along with writing a massive user guide, and soon enough two video tutorials will be up!

Now you might be wondering what's available to use in this souped-up Blyka's Engine...


  • Beak
  • Big Eye
  • Blader
  • Bombomb
  • Crazy Razy
  • Flea
  • Killer Bullet
  • Met
  • Octopus Battery
  • Peng
  • Picket Man
  • Screw Bomber
  • Sniper Joe
  • Spine
  • Tackle Fire
  • Watcher
  • Batton
  • Big Fish
  • Blocky
  • Hothead
  • Snapper
  • Prop-Top
  • Croaker
  • M445
  • Fan Fiend
  • Mole
  • Monking
  • Neo Mettall
  • Pierobot
  • Pipi
  • Returning Sniper Joe
  • Schworm
  • Crazy Cannon
  • Shrink
  • Spring Head
  • Crabbot
  • Telly
  • Bikky
  • Bolton and Nutton
  • Bomb Flier
  • Bomber Pepe
  • Cannon
  • Dada
  • Elec'n
  • Hammer Joe
  • Needle Harry
  • Have "Su" Bee
  • Komasaburo
  • Magfly
  • Mechakkero
  • Parasyu
  • Peterchy
  • Petit Snakey
  • Pickelman Bull
  • Potton
  • Returning Monking
  • Walking Bomb
  • Wanaan
  • Yambow
  • Docron
  • Gachappon
  • Garyoby
  • Gyotot
  • Haehaey
  • Helipon
  • Hover
  • Imorm
  • Jumbig
  • M442A
  • Mantan
  • Metall Swim
  • Mono Roader
  • Pakatto 24
  • Ratton
  • Ring Ring
  • Sea Mine
  • Shield Attacker
  • Skeleton Joe
  • Skullmet
  • Super Ball Machine Jr.
  • Taketento
  • Togehero
  • Tom Boy
  • Up N' Down
  • Bomb Thrown
  • Jet Bomb
  • Kouker Q
  • Lyric
  • Metrain
  • Mizzle
  • Mousubeil
  • Nobita
  • Power Muscler
  • Pukapelly
  • Subeil
  • Sumatran
  • Suzy G
  • Taban
  • Tondeall
  • Batabattan
  • Cannon Joe
  • Curlinger
  • Fire Telly
  • Gabgyo
  • Jet Buton
  • Molier
  • Pelicanu
  • Shigaraky
  • Pandeeta
  • Super Cutter
  • Sniper Mech
  • Jamacy
  • Hologran
  • New Shot Man
  • Giree

  • Hot Dog
  • Lantern Fish
  • Penpen Maker
  • Big Snakey
  • Tama


  • Metal Blade
  • Gemini Laser
  • Solar Blaze
  • Top Spin
  • Thunder Wool
  • Black Hole Bomb
  • Pharaoh Shot
  • Magic Card
  • Rush Coil
  • Rush Jet


  • Customizable Spawners
  • Water
  • Quicksand
  • Conveyor Belts
  • Yoku Blocks
  • Guts Man Lifts
  • Electricity Spawners
  • Fire Spawners
  • Fire Pillars
  • Metal Man Presses
  • Force Beams
  • Magnets
  • Moving Clouds
  • Dropping Platforms
  • Flying Tops
  • Rising Platforms
  • Needle Presses
  • Shootable Eggs
  • Garbage Blocks
  • Building Platforms
  • Sinking Platforms
  • Falling Platforms
  • Rolling Drills
  • Low and High Gravity
  • Falling Crystals
  • Cogs
  • Floating Shootable Platforms
  • Springs
  • Bouncy Donuts
  • Fans
  • Barriers For All Weapons
  • Melting Ice Platforms
  • Falling Rocks
  • Time Bombs


  • Health and Weapon Pickups!
  • Tons of Included Tilesets!
  • E-Tanks and W-Tanks!
  • Exit Ability!
  • Easy-to-Set-Up Level Select!
  • Easy Support for Custom Music!
  • Infinite Amount of Checkpoints!
- Basics
- Extra Tilesets + Custom Spawners
- Setting Up Your Level For Submission


Now that that's over, here's some info on the actual contest. As this is a contest, levels will be entered through a hub, not a stage select, and there will be no bosses in the stages (unless you make them yourself). Each stage, instead, will end in the Mega Man 1 orb. You can have up to two of these in your stage. Also, don't worry - there's no gimmick in this contest. Go wild, do whatever you want in terms of level design!

Levels are due February 22nd!

- Do NOT modify ANY existing objects!! If you're going to make modifications, just clone the object!
- If you want to code anything from scratch, you're totally welcome to do so, but make sure to follow the conventions below and inform me of these changes!!
- When first making your room, title the room "(Username) (Level Name)". It will make it a LOT easier to insert everything into the final product.
- If you're inserting new sprites, creating new objects, etc., prefix the name of the asset with "(your username)_".
- MAKE SURE to end ALL of your levels with the object 'energy_element'. This object is affected by gravity, so make sure to account for that.
- When submitting your level, PLEASE notify me of the number of energy elements in your level, along with any new objects/sprites/sounds/etc you may have added.
- To export your level, go to the "File" tab at the top, and click on "Export Resources". Save the file as your username. Then a popup will pop up with tons of checkboxes. Uncheck every single checkbox except "Rooms", and hit OK. This and your music file are the two files you will send to me.
- If you added new resources, send the sprites as image files to me, and for objects, click on your object, hit 'Show Information' and save that file and send it to me for each object you add.

Personal Fun Factor - 25 points
Other Person Fun Factor - 25 points
Uniqueness - 15 points
Creativity - 15 points
Graphics - 10 points
Music - 10 points
Total - 100 points

  • Pyro
  • cheez8
  • Duvi0
  • MrKyurem
  • Blackmore_Darkwing
List available here!

If you have any questions, concerns, devkit bug reports, or (reasonable) suggestions, just ask in the thread! Have fun! ;3

Tier 1 - Levels 20-17
20. No Lynch - Objective: Vain Space (9/100)
  • Pyro (8/100)
    • we have a winner here
    Cheez8 (11/100)
    • Alright, you got me. I thought my game was glitched for a moment. Can't fool me again though!
    Duvi0 (8/100)
    • Watch this get on Steam Greenlight as a masterpiece.
    Blackmore_Darkwing (18/100)
    • what
    MrKyurem (0/100)
    • ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
19. qazcake - City War (14.4/100) (Pyro, Cheez, BD, and MrKyurem's Least Favourite)
  • Pyro (22/100) Cheez8 (21/100)
    • I don't know whether all the invisible holes were on accident or on purpose, and honestly, I'm not sure which would be worse. They really ruined the level.
    Duvi0 (8/100)
    • I refuse.
    Blackmore_Darkwing (12/100)
    • No checkpoints at all, invisible ladders, a number of random invisible holes, very little in the way of actual platforming, a background that really should've been paralaxed, a copious amount of spots where I just used Rush, etc. This level is... not a good one, at all, I definitely did not enjoy this one, it really feels like more of a rush job than anything.
    MrKyurem (9/100)
    • I’m not quite sure how to describe this, but it works kinda like a therapy for me. Occasionally, I look at some old Mario Maker levels, and get sad, because Nintendo patched out the glitch that allows you to have invisible blocks, and blocks that behave like other blocks. When that happens, I load up this level, spend a few minutes on it, and suddenly, I respect their decision.
18. kanna - Level (18.4/100)
  • Pyro (19/100)
    • Uuuuuh....uhh...what to say about this. Uh....hmmm....oh, yeah, you forgot the level exit. Also there was a level I guess?
    Cheez8 (13/100)
    • This was incredibly lacking. Nothing is interesting about a room with one enemy and some floating platforms. Mix and match enemies, change up the terrain, make it look nice. You can do better than this.
    Duvi0 (8/100)
    • You're not supposed to submit the "messing around with the editor" as an actual level, buddy.
    Blackmore_Darkwing (22/100)
    • This is kind of like [censored by Pyro - 15th place], in the sense that its there. Nothing about it sticks out in any good or bad way, it's just... there.
    MrKyurem (30/100)
    • Comment. This level, like its name, seems very unfinished - it was all rather short, and nothing really happened.
17. Zyglrox Odyssey - The Quickening (35.2/100)
  • Pyro (35/100)
    • i liked the music
    Cheez8 (51/100)
    • Y'know, it's probably a good thing there's no music here. A fifteen second loop would get real annoying after the first ten minutes. That was INCREDIBLY satisfying to actually complete, by the way.
    Duvi0 (8/100)
    • No time to waste the player's time!
    Blackmore_Darkwing (25/100)
    • Oh... all right then, another Quick Man level-type. I... can't say I'm impressed with this one. Wasn't a fan of Quick Man's level, nor was I a fan of Rainbow Man's level, and I can't say I'm a huge fan of this one either. That being said, its short, and the concept behind this is unique for a Quick Man level, but... its still a Quick Man level.
    MrKyurem (57/100)
    • That letter between X and Z. For a level based solely around quick lasers, this is surprisingly fair and well made (although stupidly hard). There's safe zones in every screen at the start and end so you can watch the pattern, then scroll it off screen and restart the pattern so you can try it, and there are no sections where something shows up that you didn't notice. For anybody who's not ready for the bad times upcoming, you should try Black Hole Bomb on the lasers. Gets a 5 for music despite not having music because silence really helps, although I am disappointed you did not use Quick Man's theme.

Tier 2 - Levels 16-13
16. Gyra Solune - Chroma Key (38.6/100) (Duvi's Least Favourite)
  • Pyro (58/100)
    • The idea behind this stage was super neat, and I LOVED the mixture of the included tilesets (it looked great!), but the stage in general just didn't seem too terribly fun? Parts of it really felt like enemy spam, and while there were a couple neat things (like using the Hot Dog as a stage obstacle), it felt like enemies were kinda just slapped down, especially in the section with the snake miniboss.
    Cheez8 (33/100)
    • There's a right way and a wrong way even for something like enemy spam. The right way in this case is to break up a constant stream of enemies with well-placed breathers- that way the game doesn't respawn, oh, say... a pair of ballistic green clowns every time the player backs away from anything. I at least loved the look of the first half, but then the level enters the jungle and loses what little focus it had.
    Duvi0 (16/100)
    • "Enemy spam is fun, right, guys?"
    Blackmore_Darkwing (50/100)
    • This is a unique concept! I didn't quite expect this sort of level, and it worked decently well... conceptually. However, there are definitely some issues with the level design itself. First is the absolutely insane Telly spam, if you wait for much longer than 3 seconds that room becomes basically unmanagable. The Power Massler near the end also kind of bugged me since it was almost impossible to no damage without weapons. I managed to work around these issues, but not everyone will, creating a bit of a problem with this level. Final Comment: Beyond the Time is a good song.
    MrKyurem (36/100)
    • The only part of this level I found interesting was the theming. The rest of the level was usually either rather dull, swamped with enemies that really didn’t need to be there, or in some cases, a mixture of both.
15. blue_kirby - Midnight Snow (43/100)
  • Pyro (58/100)
    • The level looked great, and the music was really relaxing. I liked the whole mini-challenge style of the level, but I feel because of this the level felt a bit unfocused? The whole level basically just felt like rooms with enemies, not much special about it.
    Cheez8 (42/100)
    • Most of the level was straightforward to a fault. The inside portion was nice though- while the split paths didn't really do much for the level, it was nice to have more varied terrain. Definite points for presentation though! Since it looked as nice as it did, it felt peaceful, not boring.
    Duvi0 (53/100)
    • This was a cute li'l level! If it had cheeks, I would kiss them.
    Blackmore_Darkwing (23/100)
    • This level... is. That's it, that's all I really have to say about it. Its there. some of the graphics and general layout make me think of SMB2, but other than that and the slightly odd music, I can't say much about this level.
    MrKyurem (39/100)
    • This level seems a bit too reliant on enemy challenges - apart from enemies, not much is really going on. The choice of only using single screens is questionable, too, as it can cause the player to be unprepared for what is coming - something that I cannot tell if you either didn't notice, or tried to exploit, without realising how it would affect the player. The other-fun factor on this is significantly less than the rest because it appears that, if you die in the second half of the stage, you fail to respawn, along with the fact that I am taking the benefit of the doubt, and assuming that there are meant to be some fluent scrolls.
14. Scorpio - Sunset Siege (44/100)
  • Pyro (49/100)
    • I liked the setting and the music of the level, and some of the things presented were nice (like the usage of all the barriers), but the whole level just felt kinda....there. Like it kinda lacked an identity? It felt like just some rooms with enemies and then the end goal. Also you can get shunted in a wall via a screen transition at one point :V
    Cheez8 (27/100)
    • Rather sparse, wasn't it? The overall idea was nice, but it would have been better served by having some more varied terrain, and maybe some mobile enemies to give it that action-y vibe that it lacks.
    Duvi0 (26/100)
    • I can't see what's so sunset or siege about this level. It's kind of a nothing level.
    Blackmore_Darkwing (50/100)
    • This was definitely a level, no doubt about that. I actually quite liked the music choice here, and you did a fairly decent job of using the resources that you were given. Some folks may be annoyed by the barrier abuse, but I actually found it rather fitting, considering its supposed to be a siege.
    MrKyurem (68/100)
    • This level doesn't exactly seem to know what it wants to be - only in the interior section does it get some sort of coherent theme, and even then it's somewhat questionable as to what you're setting out to achieve. Every screen it seems like something new is being thrown at me. The screen transitions seem a bit broke, too - because the upper path on the junction simply doesn't join up right, I cannot take it without death, so I'm only rating based on the bottom path - which has forced usage of every weapon - ideally, I think weapons should only have forced usage for secret or alternate paths, and it should only be 1 or 2 weapons.
13. MonkeyShrapnel - Sky Ziggurat (46.8/100)
  • Pyro (46/100)
    • While it wasn't very visually impressive and the music was...not that good, the level in general did present some neat bullet hell-ish challenges. All of the challenges allowed you to react if your reflexes were fast enough, which was really nice. Some of the rooms felt a bit spammy though, especially the ones with the Big Eyes.
    Cheez8 (80/100)
    • This was a super fun and solid level. Most of the challenges felt reasonable (though a couple "Think fast!" Mettaurs in front of pits pushed the limits.) There were plenty of refills lying around to make up for the challenge too.
    Duvi0 (42/100)
    • I liked the split-path stuff, but the graphics were blad, the music was bleh, it didn't really do anything interesting, and bluh.
    Blackmore_Darkwing (26/100)
    • Enemy spam is not how you do level design. Like...I'm sorry, but a number of these really did feel like they were all just thrown into wherever looked good and then left at that. Beyond that, there's really nothing that fancy about this place, it doesn't really do anything beyond throw wave after wave of enemy at you. I can tell this was a level tested with the weapons, but quite frankly, if you can't do this without Weapon Tanks or lucky weapon drops, there's a problem. At least the lives and E-Tanks were decently generous.
    MrKyurem (40/100)
    • The level at many times seemed to expect me to know what was coming, and at times, it was flat out unfair - with no prior introduction to the concept, it threw me into a room with a Big Eye and 3 of those hammer-throwing enemies from Guts Man's stage, which essentially required weapon usage. Powerups seemed to be given out like free candy at times - without any sort of intention, I stumbled upon a room with an E tank, a W tank, an extra life, a large health capsule and a large weapon capsule. Its challenges, while significantly harder than they should be, appear to have at least some form of thought behind them from time to time, however. One touch this stage had which I liked was that the colour of the Suzies told you which direction they travelled in - while there wasn't really any sections this was useful in, it was a nice touch.

Tier 3 - Levels 12-9
12. Mitcheddar93 - Wily Combo (48.4/100)
  • Pyro (72/100)
    • It looked great, it had great music, the idea behind it was great, overall a very solid level! Some of the sections, though, were more difficult than they probably should have been due to mechanical differences of the engine, such as the Rush Jet section. Some of the redesigns were neat though, I especially liked the redesign of the Magnet Beam room!
    Cheez8 (31/100)
    • Sorry, but I believe with at least -most- of my heart that there are much better stages to lovingly recreate than MM1 Wily 1. That room with the firebar jumps just isn't fun at all. At least Rush fits down in there now... Well, aside from that, the graphics really didn't work well. I found it hard to tell real walls from background walls in certain areas, and consider myself lucky to be so familiar with the sources already.
    Duvi0 (60/100)
    • I would order a Wily Combo from Wendy's.
    Blackmore_Darkwing (47/100)
    • Well, this definitely felt like a Wily stage. The first time I tackled this level, I was not in top form, so I died a lot and just got generally really frustrated. Second time through though I absolutely aced this place. Really not a bad level, but it takes some getting used to for sure. Docking graphics a little though since I found myself having to strain my eyes to play the stage when I first entered it. Contrast could use a bit of a boost.
    MrKyurem (32/100)
    • While the idea of a Wily mashup was interesting, it seems that the design aspects each Wily stage has had was forgotten in an attempt to reap nostalgia points. Forced weapon usage was kept, but clever enemy-based challenges were removed. The boss room was also a huge cockblock - the boss corridor has no background, and the room layout is almost identical to the MM1 Yellow Devil room, only for a Snakey to be waiting at the room. Seems a bit cruel.
11. Thoron - Napalm Forest and Caves (52.2/100)
  • Pyro (67/100)
    • I can see you, erm, were...inspired by the sample Blyka's Engine stage. That being said though, I think this level did a really good job of making itself feel new! It's nice to see the Plant Man platforms get some love, and I like how you incorporated Plant Man, Bubble Man and Splash Woman into the stage's design. And having alternate paths was super neat! I'm also a fan of the spike drop with falling platforms, it's an interesting take on a spike drop. I can't believe I just said that.
    Cheez8 (61/100)
    • I like the idea at work here. To explore the area around a stage, rather than the one set path... That was pretty cool, and Napalm Man's stage was a great choice for it. I'm less enthusiastic about the added content- maybe it was just me, but the new parts seemed fairly punishing for what was originally a Robot Master stage, both in terms of death spikes and enemy choices.
    Duvi0 (40/100)
    • I'm sorry, what did I just play? I forgot immediately after playing.
    Blackmore_Darkwing (53/100)
    • It's an expansion of Napalm Man's level, and actually a rather well-designed one, with a number of interesting paths and multiple routes to pick from. That being said, I still have a few gripes. One of the sets of spikes in the underwater section behind the Solar Blaze wall, down the ladder after the first section, was hidden behind complete black for some reason. Also, the level itself runs really, really long, which is probably my biggest gripe with this. There's a definite sweet spot for level length in these games, and this does not hit that sweet spot at all. It's a good level overall, but its still really long
    MrKyurem (40/100)
    • The parts that weren't just copy+paste Napalm Man were fairly decent, although they occasionally used a few too many enemies. Not much to say about this really, as it is, for the most part, just a slight rehash of Napalm Man's stage.
10. ParmaJon - Hard to See Land (52.4/100)
  • Pyro (61/100)
    • The vertical top section was a super neat idea, but thanks to a combination of the jankiness of the vertical scrolling and my programming incompetence with the tops it became a bit on the 'eh' side. The rest of the level was...okay? It was just 'fine' in my book, except for the end with the solid colors, ow that hurt my eyes.
    Cheez8 (62/100)
    • I don't really see what's hard to see about this place. Is that the joke...? How meta. It's interesting seeing this basically be a pure platforming stage in an engine that rarely deals in them. Many enemies seemed like an afterthought until I realized that. Makes it hard to judge, but for a different kind of challenge, it was fun enough.
    Duvi0 (32/100)
    • I hated this level... until the second half. What the hell is with the first couple screens, dude?!
    Blackmore_Darkwing (58/100)
    • This was a fairly interesting level. You had a definite concept in the level graphics, and the level makes fairly good use of various platform types. Generally speaking I can't complain. That being said, the sudden bright colors right at the end of the level is something I'm going to have to dock you for, that was quite hard on the eyes. I prefer needing something being hard to see in terms of squinting, not its hard to see because its too freaking brihgt.
    MrKyurem (49/100)
    • I am glad that this level didn't live up to its name (until the boss room, that is) - despite some rather easy-to-see flaws, like some unfair portions of the level (crystal section comes to mind), this level had some neat ideas, including the vertical scrolling section.
9. Flashman85 - Maze of Death (63.8/100) (Duvi's Favourite)
  • Pyro (93/100)
    • Wow. What an absolutely fantastic level. With a few exceptions (the room with like 5 cannon joes), you can tell that tons of love and care was put into this level, and the level itself is EXTREMELY creative and unique. I LOVE how you used the barriers as ways to connect the whole maze. There were also some REALLY creative rooms built around manipulating your special weapons, and the Black Hole Bomb was definitely used very well here. And I really liked the whole aspect of the stage where you had to destroy the barriers leading to the exit, that was super neat!! Overall an incredibly fun and creative level!
    Cheez8 (89/100)
    • Now that was fun! The exploration aspect was actually handled really well, especially with all the permanent shortcuts for backtracking. It was great fun figuring out how to approach each challenge too, and personally, I love the way this stage was designed with copious weapon use in mind. ...Though I can't say I ever figured out the last room.
    Duvi0 (78/100)
    • This feels like a Wily level from a really, REALLY good MegaMan fanhack... except for the last room. The last room is kind of garbage.
    Blackmore_Darkwing (30/100)
    • Agh... Wow... this level is really brutal, like, really really really brutal. I honestly will admit that my heart sank when I first saw there were Force Beams in here, and then it just kept going. This is easily the single most brutal level in here, and its... I really didn't enjoy it, I really truly didn't. It felt frustrating to get through, like some kind of slog, especially since there was no way to guarantee that you didn't just waste a ton of energy on a dead end. Also took entirely too long to pull off.
    MrKyurem (29/100)
    • It seems you've spent so long thinking about whether you could, you didn't stop to think if you should. Each screen seemed to completely neglect both what was in the screen before it and what the player was prepared for, and with every death, it seemed I made no progress. Eventually, I just looked at the playthrough you posted on Youtube, and it honestly made me somewhat glad I chose to give up, as I would have only been more disappointed at the boss, so to speak.

Tier 4 - Levels 8-5
8. 128Up - Under Construction (67.2/100)
  • Pyro (71/100)
    • This was super fun!! The whole level was really well-designed, especially that one Shield Attacker towards the end that was specifically placed to be turning around when you finished climbing the ladder :3. And overall it was just filled with a bunch of super neat mixes of obstacles, like the needles and gumball machines! I had a ton of fun! also bcas oooowwwwnnsss #memes
    Cheez8 (70/100)
    • Not sure I'm much of a fan of the "complicated platforming terrain" style this has going for it- it kind of brought out all the little problems in the engine (or all the clumsiness in me. Take your pick.) All the big, bulky enemies definitely made me notice a lack of health refills, too, but I had a good time all the same.
    Duvi0 (73/100)
    • Finish the level; I wanna see what it's like when it's done.
    Blackmore_Darkwing (66/100)
    • No real comments here, nothing here really stood out as 'why' worthy to me. Not the most creative level, but it isn't a cheap or unfair level either, it's overall pretty good. I have to give you props for using what was there in a fairly solid manner. Also, really liked your song choice
    MrKyurem (56/100)
    • Coherent theming all the way through was quite nice. However, some choices in this level were questionable - pandas appeared to replace the armoured cannons semi-randomly, which was odd, considering they are very similar enemy types (and the pandas are arguably easier). Some rooms also didn't really communicate well with the player, like the first room with the ice wall (I originally thought this was a death pit). Overall, enjoyable, but not perfect.
7. The Stove Guy - Spiky Meltdown (69.2/100) (Cheez' Favourite)
  • Pyro (79/100)
    • Maaan this level looked great, and I really liked the design as a whole! The music didn't really feel like it 'fit', though. The Plantman platforms were used really well, too. My only real issue with the level is the design of some sections. The Tackle Fire area felt like a bit much, and the huge area with the falling platforms felt a bit unfair, with a Spine catching you right after a group of bomb enemies...
    Cheez8 (84/100)
    • I was fooled again! Man, that was a nice challenge. I especially like how the level asks you to think ahead on several of the screens. As far as issues go, the long bridge was a bit of a mood killer, since any little mistake in that area usually meant a death. Otherwise, there's really not much to complain about!
    Duvi0 (56/100)
    • I don't even have anything sassy to say about this one, really. Decent level.
    Blackmore_Darkwing (70/100)
    • Okay, first thing I want to mention is, those are some nice graphics. Secondly, that's a Kevvviiinnn song in the background, isn't it? Third thing, this is actually a really solid level, I actually found myself quite enjoying this place, well, most of it. The Changkeys were an absolute pain in the rear to deal with (as per usual with respawning enemies in MaGMML), but other than that this level is pretty well made, and that spike scare at the end was evil. XD
    MrKyurem (57/100)
    • Lives up a bit too well to its name at times, although the challenges provided by them are, for the most part, fun and interesting. I would say that, mainly during the horizontally scrolling sections with lava and falling platforms, there is a severe overpopulation of Tackle Fires and Gabyoalls, respectively, essentially rendering Pharoah Shot and Black Hole Bomb the only reasonable weapons in those areas. I’m also fairly certain that ending classifies as psychological torture, which is illegal.
6. Lamda - Thunderclyffe Plant (70.4/100)
  • Pyro (89/100)
    • This level seriously looks amazing, and I really like the aesthetic of an underground castle and city. The music was great, too! Some of the castle parts were super neat too, I really liked the structure of the vertical segment towards the end.
    Cheez8 (67/100)
    • You can get stuck and have to restart if you enter the room with the W Tank by sliding. I can see how you'd overlook something like that though. More importantly, the stage was still fun a second time, which is something to be proud of! It didn't really push any envelopes in terms of gameplay, but you changed things up a lot, and the presentation was especially good.
    Duvi0 (81/100)
    • Jokes aside. I loved this level, front to back.
    Blackmore_Darkwing (48/100)
    • This... was also a level. I take it the music theme here is Tesla Coatl's theme in 8-bit. Regarding the level itself... you definitely built a good level with what you had, but I don't really feel like enough was done to really make the level excel either. It works, but I wouldn't say it stands out, really.
    MrKyurem (67/100)
    • Overall, I quite enjoyed this level, although at times, it seems either too empty, or just a bit too harsh. I also quite liked the tower portion of the stage - not many of these levels do ladder segments. I did find that some gimmicks, like the yoku blocks, were hardly fleshed out at all.
5. WreckingGoomba - Research Facility (74.2/100) (MrKyurem's Favourite)
  • Pyro (88/100)
    • This was AMAZING!!!! The weapon archives were SUPER neat and you had a great selection of bosses! Great choice of music too! The whole stage was just a lot of fun to go through. Though I do feel that the actual stage apart from the bosses was just 'a stage'? It's nice to see the sparkman platforms get some use but besides the bosses everything just felt like it was...there.
    Cheez8 (81/100)
    • Haha, wow. This definitely pleased the fanboy in me. That's a very nice take on the Wily Archive. All the boss parts were so well-crafted, and they generally struck a good balance of "faithful" and "improved". I think you could have done a little more with the inbetween sections, but even then, what you have isn't bad.
    Duvi0 (80/100)
    • The only thing missing from this level is a scientist pleading for his life.
    Blackmore_Darkwing (54/100)
    • The level itself was boring. Nothing about it really stood out as good or bad, it was just... there, really. The Guardian Archive, on the other hand, I rather liked that, and it was the main source of fun from this level, with one exception. The Cossack Catcher is an absolute pain to fight, and cost me two of my E-Tanks, something no other boss can say so far. That docked you pretty significantly, as I found that downright frustrating
    MrKyurem (68/100)
    • A Wily Boss Archive was a very clever boss idea that I found very enjoyable! The rest of the stage, while somewhat devoid of enemy challenges, laid out some good game design demonstration, and each asset of the level was, for the most part, well introduced and tested.

Tier 5 - Levels 4-1
4. Entity1037 - Citadel Basement (75/100)
  • Pyro (86/100)
    • Amazing! The stage keeps its focus with just using the Guts lifts and a few types of enemies. But wow does the stage make amazing use of the Guts lifts! I really liked the race towards the end of the level, and the vertical sections were really cool too! Great job on this one!
    Cheez8 (75/100)
    • A little punishing, but you judged the length and midpoint placements well! The Guts Man platforms let you ask some things of the player that I personally haven't seen before, too. A very straightforward challenge, but a well-crafted one that really got me feeling pumped up when I pulled it off.
    Duvi0 (91/100)
    • Is it just me or does the gutsman platform ridiculously phallic?
    Blackmore_Darkwing (66/100)
    • Huh, this was actually a pretty fun level overall. I ended up needing to use Rush Jet in my successful run, but I'm honestly okay with that. You put the Guts Man lift things to rather good use here, and just overall I quite like this. I have two major complaints here. One is that this level basically comes from a more MMU-train of thought where you basically can't make any mistakes in order to make it through, which is...disappointing, to say the least, never been a fan of that school of thought. The other complaint is that the final third of the stage is far easier than anything before it, which gives this place some mild issues with its difficulty curve.
    MrKyurem (57/100)
    • Slightly too brutal for my liking - although, the design behind said torturous difficulty was actually fairly well done. I think some of the challenges could definitely have been done without so many spikes, and that first section where you have to walk off the Guts Man platform didn’t need to saturn-thingies-that-i-don’t-know-the-name-of, as this is where you’re introducing them to this concept. I will also give you that this is the first time I have been scared by an E tank since Minus Infinity.
3. Friendly Dictator - NEON GRAVITY (75.6/100)
  • Pyro (90/100)
    • WOW. What an absolutely fantastic level! The black hole gimmick was REALLY creative, and definitely something I've never seen before in a Mega Man game. You also utilized it really creatively, especially the parts with the spinning bullet trios. And the level looked gorgeous, and the music was awesome, and the boss fight was really fun! I think the only complaint I have is that some rooms I wasn't sure how to get through without getting hit, like the room with the Sniper Joe just before the boss.
    Cheez8 (62/100)
    • Well, that was certainly a marvel of engineering. I'm afraid it was a little too unnatural for me though- it took a game over or two to really get used to how the wells worked, and until then the stage was just aggravating.
    Duvi0 (66/100)
    • Not really a huge fan of the level. Enemy placement's kinda irritating, but I liked the attempt at making a puzzle level over a Jump & Shoot level. Also: kind of ridiculously beautiful.
    Blackmore_Darkwing (73/100)
    • The start of this level is surprisingly brutal, its rather difficult to make it through the first portal section without of damage unless you throw caution to the winds. That...is a frequent occurence here, the level design is the type where you have to speed through it to avoid damage, and yet the black holes are so funky that I, at least, tended to wait and see what I was dealing with first, leading to damage. Not exactly fond of that. That being said, the gimmick itself is brilliant, and used in very interesting ways. I did enjoy how you couldn't cheat your way out of spots with Metal Blade, and the boss was a rather interesting fight... if an easy one.
    MrKyurem (87/100)
    • I haven't seen this gimmick before - and it was very cleverly executed! Both the boss and the miniboss took full usage of the gimmicks presented to you, and the boss was a good test to ensure you had a hang of the gimmick. Quite challenging to get used to the gimmick, and I don't think the difficulty curve reflected that as well as it could've, but that's not to say the difficulty curve didn't escalated semi-fairly.
2. kumuhmuh - Mega Man World (80.8) (Pyro's Favourite)
  • Pyro (96/100)
    • Oh man this was super adorable~! I loooove your reimagining of the Mario enemies, the gimmicks were super neat, the design was great~ this was so gooood!!!!! I don't really have much to say about it other than fantastic job!! Like seriously I was smiling the whole time I played this~ Also I HOPE I WIN
    Cheez8 (58/100)
    • Certainly felt like it dragged on. I don't know if it really was just the length, or if it was more because the majority of enemies were durable, shielded, and/or completely in the way... Actually, yeah, that was it. Too many of the enemies just take up your time, all the time. It outlived its charm.
    Duvi0 (96/100)
    • You probably did!!
    Blackmore_Darkwing (86/100)
    • It's a Super Mario World-themed level, and its actually really quite fun. I greatly enjoyed all of the new enemy types, and you put the brick block gimmick to very good use with the Hammer Bros. enemy at one point. I honestly don't have much to complain about here, only that the Yoshi eggs don't really do much, Reznor glitched himself to death, and Birdo wasn't really a very impressive boss fight.
    MrKyurem (68/100)
    • I really like what’s been done here - the mix of these two games has come around quite nicely. I should point out, however, that I find a lot of the enemies a tad more durable than they deserve to be.
1. RedBlupi - Glass Man (84.2/100) (BD's Favourite)
  • Pyro (94/100)
    • Oh man this was AMAZING! The new enemy with the glass shield was really neat and used pretty well, and the spritework here was absolutely fantastic. The stage was also designed pretty well, too, with some interesting setups with the Nut-and-Bolts and neat platforming challenges. And there's so much attention to detail put into it, too, with the crystals breaking!! The boss was super fun too, though I found his glass orb attack to be a bit tough to dodge. Also I sure hope Daniel Page doesn't track me down again for this stage having MME music :V
    Cheez8 (76/100)
    • Maybe it was just the music, but this felt like a genuine Capcom-made level! Good job. Only a few things stick out, like the room that surrounds you with bolts, and the boss fight (which, while impressive, alternated between being very dangerous and not at all dangerous.)
    Duvi0 (90/100)
    • I can't begin to describe this level. This is what Megaman should be. I'm not the biggest Megaman fan, but this makes me want to replay the whole series all over again!
    Blackmore_Darkwing (82/100)
    • This...this felt like a Mega Man stage. There's no other way to put it. This felt like a Mega Man stage. I really enjoyed running through this level, and my only real complaint is the spamming of the bolt enemies from Top Man's stage, otherwise this is pretty great. Bonus Points for having an actual honest to goodness robot master to your stage, especially since I could see what his Master Weapon would be. You did great here.
    MrKyurem (79/100)
    • A brilliant boss fight with a very enjoyable and well-co-ordinated level to go with it. Glass Man's pinch attack seems a bit painful to dodge, but outside of that, I would not be surprised if Glass Man were to show up in some other fangame in the future.

Score Breakdowns
Blackmore Darkwing
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Re: Make a Good Mega Man Level Contest (MaGMML)!

Postby Pyro » 1 year ago


- First, create your room by right clicking and copying the room "level_template". Click on the "settings" tab in the room editor and change the name to (Your Username) (Level Name).
- Next, click on the room 'initiate'. Go to settings and click on 'creation code'. There, you'll see a line that looks like this:
- This is the (commented out) code to set up your level with the level select menus and to set up music for it. "setUpLevel" has three arguments - level slot, level room name, and filepath to the music. The filepath to the music has to be in quotes, but the other two don't have to. Just fill in the relevant info and you're good! Be wary, though, the game only supports 5 level slots, but you really don't need more than 1 in this context...

- To place objects, select the "objects" tab on the interface on the leftmost side of the room editor. To select objects, click on the icon with the mouse towards the bottom of the interface. Then, a big popup will pop up, with tons of folders. Move your mouse over the folders to view them. Click on an object to set it to the object you're using, and then left click in the actual room to place it.
- To mass-place objects, hold "Shift" as you place them. To delete objects, right click them. To mass delete objects, just hold down the right mouse button and drag it along the objects you want to delete. To access an object's creation code, hold CTRL and right click it, and choose "Creation Code".
- To place blocks, select the "tiles" tab on the interface. Then, hit the icon with the mouse on it towards the bottom. You can then select from various "backgrounds" to use. Click on the tile you want to use, and place it anywhere.
- Tiles have the same mouse actions as objects, minus the creation code.
- To edit a room's height and width, and to edit its creation code, select 'settings'. DO NOT EDIT THE 'SPEED', 'ROOM CAPTION', OR 'PERSISTENT' options. Note that in order to have proper scrolling, width values must be a multiple of 256, and height values must be a multiple of 224.
- In order to add a background to your level, select 'backgrounds', click on 'Background 1' in the menu, check 'Visible when room starts', and click on the mouse icon to choose between a background. If you want to make your background a solid color, just click on the box next to the Color text and choose your color.
- To edit your spawn point in the level, select 'views', and edit the X and Y options for 'View in room'.

- To avoid making unneccesary clones of objects, many enemies have "variations" that you can set by modifying the individual object's "creation code". To modify this, simply right click an object while holding the Control key and select Creation Code. The coding interface will pop up. All you have to do is type in "variation = (variation number)", with the variation number of the enemy being listed below. If you do not set the variation, the object will default to its first variation. If you set the variation to anything other than a listed value, the game will likely crash, so don't do that!
- Some enemies have variations, ranging from simple color changes to custom variations with harder or easier attributes.
- Usually, you want to make sure to uncheck the 'Delete underlying' box in the bottom left. Unchecking this box stops Game Maker from deleting objects that intersect each other. The only time you really want this checked is if you're filling blocks/ladders, to prevent unneccessary duplicate objects.
- If you want to connect your screens instead of making them all individual and apart from each other, use the object called 'camera_setting'. Place that at the top left corner of the first screen in your row, then go into the creation code and type "numberOfScreens = (number of screens you want)".
- To add a checkpoint to your level, place 'checkpoint_setting' in the top left of the screen you want to make a checkpoint, and then place 'teleport_block' objects around the center of the screen. These objects will define where Mega Man lands when he teleports in. You can have as many checkpoints as you want. Just make sure to not place one in the middle of a stretch of connected screens, otherwise the scrolling will be messed up.
- Make sure that if you want to connect two screens downwards vertically, you place the object 'holedoor' at the bottom of the first screen.
- Extend your tiles that touch the top of the room 2-3 tiles above the room. You can place tiles up there, even if you can't see it in the room editor.

- Custom spawners are pretty powerful. With it, you can spawn any object in the game with any piece of code you can write. I'm not going to go into meticulous detail on how to do tons of different settings with these (consult your local Game Maker help file for that), so here's a general description of how they work and a thing you can do with them.
- There are two types of spawners - interval (red) and continuous (green). These are labeled appropriately in the files.
- Interval spawners will spawn one object at your defined interval. Continuous spawners will endlessly spawn an object at a designated interval for a designated amount of time, before shutting off and waiting another designated amount of time. Remember, for these time values, 60 = 1 second, 30 = half a second and so on.
- Interval spawners require three values to be inputted - "code", "interval", and "object". "object" is the object the spawner will create (look at the list below for object names), "interval" is self-explanatory, and "code" is anything you might want to put in the creation code. Your code must be formatted 'like this'. If you do not want any creation code, just put code = ''.
- For example, if you want a spawner that spawns an orange Killer Bullet every two seconds, you would input this in the spawner's creation code:
interval = 120;
object = killerbullet;
code = 'variation = 3';
- Semicolons are not required. You don't have to have exact spacing as well so you could just do "interval=120" or "interval =120" or "interval= 120" if you're so inclined.
- The same applies for continuous spawners, except there are some extra variables. You still have to input "code" and "object", but there are three interval variables involved - "spawnInterval", "stopInterval", and "waitInterval". These are the gap between the spawning of objects, how many frames until the spawner stops, and its cooldown time, respectively.
- For example, if you want a spawner that spews 10 regular bullets straight downwards with a gravity factor of 1 for 10 frames and then wait half a second before spawning again, you would input this -
object = standard_bullet;
code = 'grav = 1; sound_stop(sfx_enemyshoot); sound_play(sfx_enemyshoot)';
spawnInterval = 1;
stopInterval = 10;
waitInterval = 30;
- The sound code is not required, but it is nice to have sound for your spawners.

- This is mostly for custom spawners, but this can also be applied for custom resources and creation code and such.
- Most enemies in the game have "hsp" and "vsp" variables, and some have a "grav" variable. "hsp" and "vsp" are horizontal and vertical pixels per frame, respectively. "grav" is gravity, and you'll generally want this to set to "1". This is the same gravity constant Mega Man uses on land. "0.5" is floatier, and "0.75" is in between.
- If an object does not have "hsp", "vsp", or "grav" variables, you can substitute them with "hspeed", "vspeed", and "gravity" + "gravity_direction = 270".
- Some variables might be nice to know. Mega Man's health is "global.health". His E-Tank and W-Tank values are "global.tanks_e" and "global.tanks_m" respectively. The power of his charge shot is "global.csp".
- You can change Mega Man's keys. The variables are "global.key_up", "global.key_down", "global.key_left", "global.key_right", "global.key_a" (jumping), "global.key_b" (shooting), and "global.key_start" (pausing). For letter and number keys, type ord('key'), with 'key' being the letter/number of your choice (surrounded by ' on both sides). For something like Shift or Ctrl, it will be vk_key with key being the key you want, decapitalized. If this doesn't turn red in the code editor then you typed it in wrong. The Game Maker help file has a full list.

- Make sure that when using any floor-tracking enemies (Spines, Spring Heads, Electric Gabyolls, and Garyobies) you set their boundaries by placing "marker" objects where you want them to turn around, unless you want them to run off ledges.
- You can use the same "marker" objects to make Shield Attackers turn around prematurely, and make Crabbots turn around.
- There are 8 slots for yoku blocks. They will appear continuously in the order they're numbered.
- For code/custom spawner purposes, the standard_bullet object, which is used in almost all projectile-shooting enemies, will disappear if you set alarm[0]. So if you wanted to have a bullet only appear for a second, you would type in its creation code alarm[0] = 60.
- Many obstacles and dynamic platforms have settings you can set in their creation code to change their behavior. These are listed in the 'ELEMENT VARIABLE LIST' section.
- If you're going to create new enemies, copy existing ones, otherwise you're in for some pain. Make sure to modify their 'User Defined 15' event to have the object's name instead of whatever you copied it from.
- Make sure to place Have Su Bees (the massive bees that carry hives) where you want them to fly TO, not where you want them to fly from.
- Make sure to place Monkings (the Mega Man 2 monkeys) in the position you want them to fly and grab to.
- Make sure to place Parasyus, Moles, M44As, Bombombs, and various other enemies that come down from the sky or from the bottom of the screen inside the screen you want them to appear in. Don't place them offscreen or they'll get scrolled offscreen.
- If you want to place a gear + clown combo like in Metal Man's stage from 2, JUST place the gear. The clown will automatically appear and land on the gear. You don't have to do anything else special.
- The "lowgravity_setter" (the moon) and the three purple gravity objects have different uses. The former, when placed, will apply low gravity globally throughout the entire level, so only place one. The latter three objects change Mega Man's gravity when he touches them, so place them as if they were blocks.


Met Beta & Charging Met & Scuba Met & Metrain
1 - Default mode.
2 - The shots are lined up instead of the top and bottom shots being slightly behind.
3 - Will only shoot the center shot.
4 - Shots are twice as fast.

1 - The enemy will be green.
2 - The enemy will be blue.

1 - The enemy will be blue.
2 - The enemy will be orange.
3 - The enemy will be blue and always at max speed.
4 - The enemy will be orange and always at max speed.
5 - The enemy will be blue and always at minimum speed.
6 - The enemy will be orange and always at minimum speed.

Killer Bullet
1 - The enemy will be red.
2 - The enemy will be blue.
3 - The enemy will be orange.

1 - The enemy will be orange.
2 - The enemy will be red.
3 - The enemy will be blue.

Octopus Battery
1 - It will be red and start moving downwards.
2 - It will be red and start moving upwards.
3 - It will be red and start moving leftwards.
4 - It will be red and start moving rightwards.
5 - It will be orange and start moving downwards.
6 - It will be orange and start moving upwards.
7 - It will be orange and start moving leftwards.
8 - It will be orange and start moving rightwards.
9 - It will be blue and start moving downwards.
10 - It will be blue and start moving upwards.
11 - It will be blue and start moving leftwards.
12 - It will be blue and start moving rightwards.

1 - The enemy will be blue.
2 - The enemy will be red.

Screw Bomber
1 - The enemy will be orange.
2 - The enemy will be blue.
3 - The enemy will be red.

1 - Starts moving downwards.
2 - Starts moving upwards.

Fan Fiend
1 - Normal behavior.
2 - Pushes you twice as hard.
3 - Pulls you in instead of pushing you.
4 - Pulls you in twice as hard.

1 - Starts moving downwards.
2 - Starts moving upwards.

1 - Starts moving downwards.
2 - Starts moving upwards.

1 - The enemy will be red.
2 - The enemy will be orange.
3 - The enemy will be red and always at max speed.
4 - The enemy will be orange and always at max speed.
5 - The enemy will be red and always at minimum speed.
6 - The enemy will be orange and always at minimum speed.

Power Muscler
1 - The enemy will be red.
2 - The enemy will be green.

To use these, go into the creation code of the object and type in the name of the variable, then an =, and then the value you want to set it to. As a general rule, -1 for any 'dir' variable is left, and 1 for any 'dir' variable is right.

Yoku Block: 1 setting, 'variation', which changes the sprite.
1 - Mega Man 4, Wily Stage 1
2 - Mega Man 6, Wily Stage 2
3 - Mega Man 5, Proto Stage 1
4 - Mega Man 2, Heat Man
5 - Mega Man 1, Elec Man
6 - Mega Man 1, Ice Man
7 - Mega Man 9, Plug Man
8 - Mega Man 9, Endless Mode
9 - Mega Man 10, Sheep Man
10 - Mega Man 10, Enker

Elec block and fire block: 2 settings. 'dir', which is self explanatory, and delay, which is the on/off timer. If you want it to shoot right, type dir = 1 in the creation code, and dir = -1 for it to go left. They will default to right. To change the delay, put delay = (your number here) in the creation code. It will default to 60 (a second in real time).

Stationary magnet: 1 setting, 'dir'. Self-explanatory. Defaults to right.

Quick laser spawner: 3 settings - 'delay', which is how many frames until the spawner shoots the lasers, 'dir', the direction (same values apply to this as the rest), and 'laserspeed', the speed of the quick lasers. delay defaults to 1, dir defaults to 1, laserspeed defaults to 16 pixels per frame.

Gutsman lift: 1 setting - 'dir'. Self-explanatory. Defaults to right.

Crashman lift: 3 settings - 'mdir' is the direction. Unlike other direction variables, you have to type out your direction. So 'up' for up, 'down' for down, 'right' for right, 'left' for left. 'hsp' is the starting horizontal speed. Negative numbers are left and positives are right. 'vsp' is the starting vertical speed. Negatives are up and positives are down. Keep these consistent with your mdir, otherwise glitches may occur. The lift defaults to going straight up.

Poking needles: 1 setting - 'dir'. 1 is down, 2 is up, 3 is left, 4 is right. Defaults to down.

Time bombs: 1 setting - 'numstart', the number on the time bomb. Ranges from 0 to 5.
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Re: Make a Good Mega Man Level Contest (MaGMML)!

Postby Pyro » 1 year ago


Everything not highlighted red will be fixed in the full package.
  • Top Spin animation sometimes doesn't play
  • Magic Card doesn't work when walking left
  • Falling platforms and time bombs don't respawn properly
  • Fan Fiends are a bit glitchy
  • "Array index out of bounds error" when I select my level slot? (Solution: You set up your slot wrong. Once you set it up correctly it'll work.)
Z - Jump
X - Shoot
A - Previous Weapon Quick Switch
S - Previous Weapon Quick Switch
Enter - Pause
Arrow Keys - Move

F1 - Resolution is 256x224
F2 - Resolution is 512x448
F3 - Resolution is 768x672
F4 - Fullscreen
F7 - Reset game
1 - Toggle invincibilty (won't work if you just got hit)
2 - Kills you if your health is full, otherwise refills your health
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Re: Make a Good Mega Man Level Contest (MaGMML)!

Postby ParmaJon » 1 year ago

Go to bed


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Re: Make a Good Mega Man Level Contest (MaGMML)!

Postby Zyglrox Odyssey » 1 year ago

Pyro wrote:
  • Rush Coil
  • Rush Jet
No Rush Marine? ;-;

(I'm interested I GUESS)

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Re: Make a Good Mega Man Level Contest (MaGMML)!

Postby Pyro » 1 year ago

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Re: Make a Good Mega Man Level Contest (MaGMML)!

Postby 128-Up » 1 year ago

Yo, I'm in.

I probably won't win but it should be better than Eternal. :3c
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Re: Make a Good Mega Man Level Contest (MaGMML)!

Postby pholtos » 1 year ago

Uhh... I... guess?
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Re: Make a Good Mega Man Level Contest (MaGMML)!

Postby MonkeyShrapnel » 1 year ago

Why the heck not?
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Re: Make a Good Mega Man Level Contest (MaGMML)!

Postby Sorel » 1 year ago

oh lord I have never done the megamans

high time I do.
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Re: Make a Good Mega Man Level Contest (MaGMML)!

Postby Friendly Dictator » 1 year ago

sure, i'll try to enter this
why's it in 8.0 though?

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Re: Make a Good Mega Man Level Contest (MaGMML)!

Postby Pyro » 1 year ago

Friendly Dictator wrote: why's it in 8.0 though?
It's just what I have. You can use 8.1, just make sure you don't use any 8.1-exclusive stuff.

Also, I added the controls to the third OP.
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Re: Make a Good Mega Man Level Contest (MaGMML)!

Postby 7NameSam » 1 year ago

I might be able to make something for this.

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Re: Make a Good Mega Man Level Contest (MaGMML)!

Postby WestonSmith » 1 year ago

Welp, I'm def interested. Not sure how much time I'll have available over the next two months, so if I submit a single screen of Big-Eyes, blame a busy work life.

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Re: Make a Good Mega Man Level Contest (MaGMML)!

Postby Phoba » 1 year ago

i'm interested
(a)smbx(t) stuff i'll probably not continue???

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Re: Make a Good Mega Man Level Contest (MaGMML)!

Postby Dustinvgmaster » 1 year ago

I might be able to do something for this. Wouldn't hurt to try, anyway.

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Re: Make a Good Mega Man Level Contest (MaGMML)!

Postby blue_kirby » 1 year ago

Well this sounds interesting ... count me in! :)
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Re: Make a Good Mega Man Level Contest (MaGMML)!

Postby Pyro » 1 year ago

New video tutorial out!

Extra Tileset Info + Custom Spawners

Also I totally forgot to add edit and cheat key documentation so I'll be adding that to the third OP shortly.
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Re: Make a Good Mega Man Level Contest (MaGMML)!

Postby kumuhmuh » 1 year ago

woah i'm interested!

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Re: Make a Good Mega Man Level Contest (MaGMML)!

Postby raocow » 1 year ago


I hope this engine eventually becomes able to substain a demo-based full-replacement game because wowie-zowie.
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Re: Make a Good Mega Man Level Contest (MaGMML)!

Postby Willhart » 1 year ago

raocow wrote:woah

I hope this engine eventually becomes able to substain a demo-based full-replacement game because wowie-zowie.
Someone could probably easily replace the player character as Demo for their level already, and make an ASMT level. I feel like that would take some work though, that could be used for level design and getting used to the editor too.
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Re: Make a Good Mega Man Level Contest (MaGMML)!

Postby Friendly Dictator » 1 year ago

can i have multiple music tracks or would that break something?

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Re: Make a Good Mega Man Level Contest (MaGMML)!

Postby Pyro » 1 year ago

Friendly Dictator wrote:can i have multiple music tracks or would that break something?
As long as you can make it work, it's fine. You're just gonna have to look at and edit the music scripts. Just tell me about those changes when you submit.
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Re: Make a Good Mega Man Level Contest (MaGMML)!

Postby FourteenthOrder » 1 year ago

This looks fun. Is it still possible to join?

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Re: Make a Good Mega Man Level Contest (MaGMML)!

Postby Pyro » 1 year ago

FourteenthOrder wrote:This looks fun. Is it still possible to join?
Oh, yeah, the due date hasn't been even set yet. Anyone is welcome!
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