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Official Rules WIP (Read before posting a contest thread)

Posted: 06 Apr 2014, 22:38
by The Destroyer of Worlds
So yeah, here's rules broken down into two categories.

Talkhaus Contests
  • 1. ALL contests with over 20 stated interests require a planning and feedback thread that runs for the period of at least a month (longer is fine) before the contest itself begins. Smaller contests can have a smaller feedback time, but may not be stickied or archived.
    2. No announcement thread (declaring the start of the contest) will be allowed unless you have at least 10 stated interests in the relevant planning thread.
    3. No announcement thread will be allowed unless you have a set timeline for entries and a timeframe for judgement.
    4. No announcement thread will be allowed unless all judges have been decided upon.
    5. For a stickied contest, you require at least twenty stated interests.
    6. raocow is NOT required to play these. He will state his intention in the thread if he wants to. Don't bug him or me about playing yours in particular.
    7. Nothing illegal. Don't post ROM images, for example. ips's are fine.
    8. You MUST provide a link to the finished product upon completion of judgement
    9. You must make a separate results thread with the results of your contest and a download link once judgement is over (unless raocow decides he wants to play it, then the results thread must be made after his LP is over)
    10. Contests do not have to go through a planning phase if they are a regular contest. For example, the videogame music guessing contest is one that has been held several times.
    11. That said, EVERY yearly MaGL contest MUST go through an extensive feedback/planning phase and thus the rule above does not apply to the yearly MaGL.
  • MaGL Contests
    • 1. All above rules apply.
      2. Contact me if you're interested in running the next MaGL for either SMW or SMBX.
      3. If I approve your request, I'll allow you to make a planning thread. Take all feedback to heart.
      4. Results MUST be revealed in raocow's playthrough and not released to the public beforehand (teasing is alright though).
Off-Site Contests
  • 1. Anything goes, really. Feel free to advertise your off-site contest here!
    2. You MUST briefly describe the rules, point to the main site of the contest, and provide instructions for participation however.
    3. You must also mention what engine the contest is in and, if hacking is required, mention a hacking utility to help our users participate better. If your main thread lists this information, you don't need to list it here.
    4. Nothing illegal
Contest management tips will be in another thread.

Re: Official Rules WIP (Read before posting a contest thread

Posted: 12 May 2014, 19:12
by The Destroyer of Worlds
I've updated the rules to allow shorter feedback times for smaller contests.

Still please use at least 2 weeks.