Choco Latte Contest 2022 - Rules & Discussion

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Choco Latte Contest 2022 - Rules & Discussion

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Welcome to the 2022 Chocolate Contest! This event is essentially a free-for-all level design competition, which means that you're free to do anything that is physically possible with SMBX2 and also follows the rules below!

  • You may participate alone or in a team of 2 people.
  • Every participant may only submit one level in total.
  • Levels must be compatible with SMBX2 Beta 4 Patch 4 Hotfix.
  • Levels may have up to 2 exits, and must feature at least 1. SMW stars do not count as exits but you can only have 1 if any.
  • To prevent issues with their systems affecting contest entries, none of the SMBX2-exclusive player characters may be used. (so stick to Mario, Luigi, Toad, Peach and Link)
  • A level may be disqualified if:
    • two or more judges are unable to play it. If one judge is unable to play it, that judge will merely grant a score of 0
    • the judges agree that it was designed in bad faith (e.g. negative-effort levels)
    • it has previously been released, or is stolen
    • the content of the level violates the forum rules
    • (any of) the creator(s) become(s) banned after submission or are caught banned evading
Of note:
  • We encourage you to post your level in this subforum for pre-submission testing, and/or ask friends to test the level
  • Please do not showcase your entries anywhere outside the dedicated platforms. (such as the contest's own channel on the SMBX Discord server, or the Contest Hub) The primary purpose of this is to avoid spoilers for the judges.
  • While secret exits and non-basegame custom characters are allowed, be careful when using them, because their use is known to backfire if handled poorly
  • If you want to have multiple collectibles, use Star Coins, as only 1 SMW Star is allowed per level.
  • Wrong start points, music paths and other oversights will not be corrected before sending levels to the judges. Test thoroughly!
  • Judges may cheat if they aren't skilled enough to beat a difficult level, or if they feel like a level is deliberately wasting their time. An easy way to ensure a judge plays your level legitimately is to moderate yourself in terms of length and difficulty.
This year, 6 judges will be reviewing the entries, to offer a wide array of perspectives.
  • GenesisJames
  • KBM-Quine
  • Saltlord
  • Walder
  • Eric
  • ShadowStarX
When the submission period ends, Valentine will distribute the contest's entries to the judges.

After the submission period, the aforementioned judges will review the levels based on these rubrics. The maximum score you can attain is 100, which is the sum of the 4+1 rubrics below. Maximum scores per category are shown in parentheses.
  • Pacing (30) - Determines how well your level flows and if its challenges are developed appropriately. (e.g. difficulty, length, progression)
  • Fun (30) - Subjective score from each judge, includes attributes like replay value.
  • Identity (20) - How creative, unique and/or memorable your level is.
  • Presentation (20) - To what degree do the audio and the visuals aid the level.
  • Functionality (-20) - if technical problems arise in your level, such as lua crashes, up to 20 points will be deducted from your total.
Resources: Submission:
For details regarding the submission of your level, please head over to the submission thread. However if you have questions, ask them in the thread you're reading right now.
The deadline for submitting the levels is: August 22, Monday 8 PM UTC (4 PM Eastern Daylight Saving Time)!
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