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Talkhaus VGM Guessing Contest UNLUCKY NO.13!?!™ ANSWER KEY~!

they were fun, but now they're done
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Talkhaus VGM Guessing Contest UNLUCKY NO.13!?!™ ANSWER KEY~!

Postby Katazuki » 11 months ago

Image Alright! The contest is now over! Not too many participants this time around, just 10, but entries were made nonetheless!

Image Besides, I think half of the fun of this contest is seeing the answers anyways! So here are the answers for the 50 tracks! And Katazuki himself will handle the comments for each track!
Before I begin though, I would like to comment that a lot of the games that appear in this list are related to my image rotating avatar and signature. It was why I intentionally hid my signature for most of the VGM thread until I forgot to do it at some point. Whoops. But it seems like no one noticed anyways, so hooray! Now let’s get right to it!

And the answer is...

01. DanceDanceRevolution Supernova 2 (PS2) - Calico Cat Rock :cat:
[Other various Konami arcade games also acceptable]

Found by: pholtos :cat: & kitikami :cat:

Starting off immediately with a cat song! In reality, the games this song would be most recognizable in the west are DDR SuperNOVA2 and DDR ULTRAMIX4. However, this song originated from GUITARFREAKS 8thMIX & drummania 7thMIX, so fun facts all around!

02. Binary Land (NES) - Stage Theme
Found by: Lespna01 [Solo!]

I lived off a few years of my childhood playing an 80 games in 1 pirated GBA cart with Super Mario Kart Super Circuit as the main game in it. The rest of the games were NES titles such as this one. Thanks to this game, I was able to listen to the beautiful original music this one was based off of, Je Te Veux.

03. Neo Turf Masters (Neo Geo) - Germany Course
Found by: Heavy rough

Found this one watching a YT series called homo-genius: a history of gay inventors. Funny stuff. PLAYER 1: PORK CHOP.

04. Professor Layton & the Unwound Future (DS) - Puzzle Battle
Half found by: pholtos & Cheez

Why yes! This game did show up in the last VGM contest! I was going to replace this track, however, I thought that the two songs sounded different enough that it'd be able to trick people in not being able to find out!

05. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Wii U / Switch) - Kass' Theme
Found by: Ashan, kitikami, & FrozenQuills

There's never not a time when I'm playing this game when I don't want to hear this theme for a few moments.

06. Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil (PS2) - Joilant :cat:
Found by: Tat

Also yes, Klonoa is officially stated by Namco to be a cat of some kind.

07. Pokemon X & Y (3DS) - Super Training!
Found by: Jesuiscontent
Half found by: Cheez & FrozenQuills

Doesn't even sound like a Pokemon song. More like a Megaman song. But it's so good nonetheless.

08. Offspring Fling (PC) - Mother's Day
Found by: Mysterious Ninja

A fun little platform puzzle game where you throw babies. An experience surely everyone can enjoy.

09. Tail Concerto (PS1) - Black Cats Gang :cat:
Found by: The Priss Sisters

It's that prequel to Solatorobo: Red the Hunter no one even cares about! But I do. Because it's one of my favorite games.

10. Gunbound (PC) - Now Loading
Found by: Cheez [Solo!]

The ONE MMO game I've played to death during my childhood. I wish this game was still relevant today and not the pay to win Brazilian aimbot fest that it is now. ADUKA 2 SS OR KICK.

11. X (GB) - Tunnel Scene
Found by: pholtos, Cheez, FrozenQuills, & Jesuiscontent

It's a song from a game that was then remixed into SSBB. I was wondering how many people would catch that.

12. Graffiti Kingdom (PS2) - Graffiti
Found by: Pastel

An underrated game where you can design your own creatures to play as. One of the pre-made peeps you can unlock in the game itself is Reimu A.K.A. the 'Flying Maiden'.

13. RollerCoaster Tycoon (PC) - Ragtime
[RCT2 (PC) also acceptable]

Found by: kitikami & FrozenQuills

Not one of my favorite styles in the game, but one of the most memorable to me. Love me some RCT.

14. Jack Bros. (VB) - Onto the Next Stage!
Found by: The Jack Bros.

A virtual boy game!? Well it's definitely a game I wish wasn't on the virtual boy that's for sure.

15. Puzzle and Dragons Z (3DS) - Decisive Battle!!
[Puzzle and Dragons (Mobile) also acceptable]

Found by: Syrup

Yes, I am mobage scum. And I bought this game purely because I liked the mobile game itself. But it was definitely worth buying because Syrup is one cute dragon bunny thing.

16. Neko Atsume (Mobile) - Theme :cat:
Found by: kitikami :cat: & FrozenQuills :cat:


17. Harvest Moon: Magical Melody (GC) - Spring Theme
Found by: Jamie

The second and last Harvest Moon game I've played personally. After this, I figured that this series wasn't really for me. Seriously though does this music even sound like it comes from a Gamecube game?

18. Xenoblade Chronicles (Wii) - Frontier Vilage
Found by: Riki

And here I thought everyone here was familiar with Xenoblade. The fact that no one got this makes me :sadkataz:

19. The Blue Marlin (NES) - Cape Canaveral
Found by: Lespna01 [Solo!]

I honestly have no connection to this song. I found it randomly one day searching YT and liked the sound of it.

20. Phantom Brave (PS2) - Grand March
Found by: kitikami [Solo!]

Because most games that are not Disgaea don't get much attention out of the NIS library. Shame cause this legitimately is my favorite game of all time. Really. Kuro's species is from this game. Also I figured the music style of the track after the drum roll would’ve been too much of a giveaway, so that’s why I cropped the track the way it is.

21. vib-ribbon (PS1) - Menu
Found by: kitikami [Solo!]

It's a game made by the same peeps who made Parappa the Rapper. A very minimalistic and interesting rhythm game where you can even play your own music tracks you insert into the CD drive!

22. INTRUDER - VRC6N001 by Naruto
Found by: Cured fish

From the same guy who brought you Artificial Intelligence Bomb, this track very much sounds like it belongs in a video game doesn't it?

23. Kirby's Dreamland 3 (SNES) - Friends 3 :cat:
Found by: Jesuiscontent :cat:
Half found by: FrozenQuills

This is the theme of Rick and Nago. And Nago is a cat. Therefore it is a cat song! But seriously, I’m surprised that after how many people found the Kirby track in my Discordhaus VGM contest that it was almost unidentifiable here!

24. Under Night In-Birth (PS3 / PS4) - Purity Strictly (Orie's Theme)
Found by: FrozenQuills [Solo!]

French Bread fighting games have some top tier music. Originally an arcade title, but localized to the west first as a console game.

25. OneShot (PC) - Niko and the World Machine :cat:
Found by: FrozenQuills :cat: & Parama :cat:

But is he really a cat? OoooooOOooooooooOOOoh.

26. Super Mario 64 (N64) - Piranha Plant Lullaby
Found by: Mikkofier, Cheez, Ashan, kitikami, FrozenQuills, & Jesuiscontent

A lesser known song from a very popular game! Wow! Of course with this being a mostly Mario-based community I expected this to be the most correctly guess track.

27. Rhythm Heaven Megamix (3DS) - Kitties! :cat:
Found by: Te te te pan pan

Another repeat game from the last contest! And how could I say no to one of my favorite stages in the game! The style of this song of course was drastically different from the last VGM contest’s track of the same game, so I wondered if it would throw people off.

28. Odin Sphere (PS2) - Victory
Found by: Pookas

No, this wasn’t the intruder. It’s another game on my top favorites list! This game is absolutely one of the best action RPGs I've ever played. The only thing I'd mark off points for is how tedious it is to get through the game just to see the new story bits on every new game plus.

29. Street Fighter EX3 (PS2) - Strange Sunset
Found by: Guile

RedMageSusie did comment on how she should've used Guile's Theme to make it more identifiable. Well here it is!

30. Asura's Warth (PS3) - In Your Belief
Found by: Mikkofier [Solo!]

I think it's a shame that this game didn't get more recognition, because this game is pretty high on the testosterone scale.

31. Bubsy in Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind (Genesis / SNES) - The Village :cat:
Found by: pholtos :cat: & kitikami :cat:


32. Megaman Network Transmission (GC) - Blazing Internet
Found by: Cheez & Ashan

I will admit I found out about the existence of this song in a YT shitpost. But looking at the game, it definitely doesn't seem like a bad MMBN title!

33. The Game of Life (PS1 / PC) - Title Theme
Found by: LIFE’s Little Games

There used to be a video that had only the music playing on it, but unfortunately it's gone now, so I'll use this gameplay video instead. But yeah out of all the board game video games I've played, this is probably my favorite one.

34. Gyakuten Kenji 2 (DS) - Pursuit ~ Wanting to Find the Truth
Found by: pholtos, Cheez, kitikami, & Parama

It's an objection theme! And it's probably my favorite one! Why couldn't this game be ported to the west, I'll never know, but at least there's the fan translation that pretty high quality!

35. Puyo Pop Fever (Multi-Platform) - The Untrained Demon King Ultimate Legend :cat:
[Any other Puyo game after this one is also acceptable]

Found by: pholtos :cat:, kitikami :cat:, & FrozenQuills :cat:


36. Animal Crossing (GC) - K.K. Crusin' (Aircheck)
[Any other main AC game after this one is also acceptable]

Found by: FrozenQuills [Solo!]

I chose the K.K. song that sounded the least like a K.K. song. Should've probably used K.K. Disco honestly since that's my favorite K.K. song.

37. Red Alert 2 (PC) - Jank
Found by: Yuri

In the first trip to my family's home country that I can remember, I was brought to their old internet cafe and this was the only games I played for HOURS. They also had other stuff on there like Pangya and Ragnarok Online that I played for a bit, but this was the game that got the most attention out of me.

38. Jazzpunk (PC) - Map Music
Found by: The Director

One of those games I wish Raocow would play, but it's hardly a game and more like a walking simulator. But the humor in this game is so good.

39. Yo! Noid 2: Enter the Void (PC) - Title Theme
Found by: Mikkofier & kitikami

And here we have one of the main red herrings of the contest, a Game JAM game! I figured this would be somewhat fair because some popular LPers/streamers have played this game already. Especially that vinnypastasauce guy.

40. Katamari Forever (PS3) - SHADOW & LIGHT
Found by: The King of All Cosmos

And here's the only song with lyrics in the contest! Since there wasn't a 30 second non-lyrical portion of the song I could use, I decided to use the one spot I knew no one could decipher from the lyrics alone!

41. Sonic Adventure (DC) - Lazy Days ~ Living in Paradise (Big's Theme) :cat:
Found by: pholtos :cat: & Parama :cat:

Image Froggy! Where are you?

42. Super Marisa Land - Castle Stage
Found by: pholtos, Cheez, kitikami, & Jesuiscontent
Half found by: QubicTom

And here's the obligatory toohoo song of the list. I wonder why Raocow never LPed either of the Super Marisa Land games?

43. LINE Puzzle Bobble (Mobile) - Stage 1
Found by: Bub & Bob

Again, no video that specifically showcases this track alone, so here's more gameplay footage with the song being played. I'd thought the 'Puzzle Bobble'/'Bust-A-Move' song would at least be recognizable enough for half points, but wow, I guess puzzle games aren't really a thing here!

44. Luminous Arc 2 (DS) - I Hope Everyone Is Alright......
Found by: Josie

This was the one song I was banking on nobody finding. An obscure song from an obscure game. Yes there is sometimes a cat involved when this song plays, but technically it's not really related to them.

45. Plant Cat: First Blossom (PC) - Title Theme :cat:
Found by: Quince

I wish I didn't have to use my own gameplay video to showcase this, but I did let the title theme loop once so yeah. Here we have another JAM game on this list, but this one is much more fair play than the last one since I blatantly referenced this game in my MaGLX2 level. Fun fact though, the person who programmed the game, flashygoodness, also does the music for the Smash clone, Rivals of Aether.

46. Miitopia (3DS) - Boss Battle
Found by: Cheez [Solo!]

And this song is here to directly tie in to BK's TALKTOPIA! Give it a look you guys! I actually wanted to use a different song in this game for this slot, but that would be a spoiler for BK since it appears later in the game.

47. Mappy (ARC) - Bonus Theme
Found by: Goro/Nyamco

I was jumping back and forth between using this theme and the main theme of the game. I probably should've gone with the easier option given how hard a lot of these tracks were.

48. Eschatos (Xbox 360) - Point of No Return
Found by: kitikami [Solo!]

Of course, the first place you peeps probably heard this song being used was in the Warship area in Distorted Travesty 3 (which I would’ve given half points for if you guessed that). Granted, I completely didn't notice this song in that game when the cow LPed it, and actually found this song via a YTPMV. So hoopla!

49. Night in the Woods (PC) - Demontower - Boss :cat:
Found by: FrozenQuills :cat: [Solo!]

A GAME WITHIN A GAME. Seriously though, NitW is good stuff. Mae is right now my favorite video game character for being so identifiable with. Also more fun facts, the person who composed this track, Alec Holowka, also composed the music for Offspring Fling (track number 8 on this very list).

50. maimai ORANGE PLUS (ARC) - Oshama Scramble! :cat:
[Any other maimai game after this one is also acceptable]

Found by: kitikami [Solo!]

And lastly, a Japanese only song! Found out about this one via a Mowtendoo shitpost. And the catgirls in the PV still count as cats I'll have you know.
Image And now, for the results! With Katazuki again making the comments here!

The 'you did the thing!' 10th Place spot goes to...
QubicTom with 1 point!

You did it! You got a point! Wasn't it everything you've ever dreamed of and more?

The 'thanks for playing!' tied 8th Place spots go to...
Lespna01 & Ashan with 6 points!

As long as you submitted something, I'm glad that you guys participated! So thanks much for being a part of this thing!

The 'double trouble!' tied 6th Place spots go to...
Mikkofier & Parama with 8 points!

Both of you submitted your answers after one rundown of the list. Though you didn't find much, what you did know got you on the upper bottom half of the placings!

The 'master procrastinator!' 5th Place spot goes to...
Jesuiscontent with 11 points!

The last minute entry of the list got right in the middle of the rankings! Not bad! It's a shame though that many of your guesses were on this list, but just guessed on the wrong tracks!

The ':blobsnuggle:!' 4th Place spot goes to...
pholtos with 19 points!

You almost made it to the top 3! Maybe if you snuggled more of those tracks...

The 'eureka!' 3rd Place spot goes to...
Cheez with 20 points!

Looking at your copypasta'd notepad doc made me snicker. But yeah, how funny that you found this thing uploaded just after my VGM contest started.

The 'final fantasy!' 2nd Place spot goes to...
FrozenQuills with 32 points!

Your final fantasy almost got you 1st! Though I'm very happy that you got a good chunk of my favorite cat songs on the list!

And finally, the 'hint lovers pizza!' 1st Place spot goes to...
kitikami with 36 points!

Used the most hints in the contest! Even with the penalty given from the overdose, you still managed to get 1st! Impressive! I admit my hints might've been too obvious, but nonetheless, you succeeded in winning the Talkhaus VGM Guessing Contest UNLUCKY NO.13!?!™! Congradules!
Image But that's not all! I have one additional award to give out here...or rather awards!
The :happykataz: awards go to...
pholtos, FrozenQuills, & kitikami!!!
Image Each of you found 4 cat songs out of the 13 hidden in this list! Though if kitikami labeled 50 as a cat song, they would've won the award by themselves. But as it stands, I've very happy that you guys got into this gimmick!
Image And with that, this contest now comes to a close! Thanks much for your participation! It means a lot to me! It was fun hosting this contest, and I surely can't wait for the next one to pop up eventually! I might even host a few more mini VGM contests on the Discordhaus as well, but I still haven't fully decided on that yet. So...

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Re: Talkhaus VGM Guessing Contest UNLUCKY NO.13!?!™ ANSWER KEY~!

Postby cheez8 » 11 months ago


Thanks for hosting! As always, I love discovering new and amazing soundtracks through these. Never would've pegged #22 as the intruder, and man, I wasn't expecting to see Gunbound come up again, like, ever. That one made me real happy.

Since it was a good chuckle, here's the same copy-pasted list that I hastily submitted as my answers:
1. I don't recognize this AT ALL but the start sounded vaguely like the Mario underground theme so, Super Mario Odyssey?
2. The Legend of Zelda: Link's Adventure
3.I can't tell if I heard this one before
4. Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box
5. Earthworm Jim 2 (it's probably not but I don't know what it actually is, so it's fine)
*6. what games even take place at the circus? Fortune Street for now
7.IT'S A SUPER TRAINING THING FROM POKEMON! Yessss now to find the version
8. Tales of Vesperia
9.:cat: (but what is it???)
10. Definitely heard this before... well, either that or it's generic as heck OH WAIT IS THIS GUNBOUND I THINK IT IS
11. Tunnel! X? which one of those is the actual game title
*12.I like this
13.well geez, this could be anything
14.what even
16. Nintendogs + Cats :cat:
20.katazuki I swear if it's just drum rolls the entire- okay that's a LITTLE better
23.you and your short loops. Ape Escape?
26. Super Mario 64 I think? was it always this long a loop
28.Possibly the intruder? Sounds like a movie soundtrack
32. Mega Man Network Transmission. Been a while since I even recognized a musical style, much less an actual song
34. Ace Attorney Investigations 2: I Don't Have An Officially Translated Subtitle
37. Sly 2: Band of Theives?
38. Octodad: Dadliest Octo
39. if it weren't for the "do" chorus in the background I'd have pegged this as the intruder but uh... gosh I dunno. The Sims?
40. Whoa, way to hold that note, buddy!
41. Paperboy???
42.Super Marisa Land? It's within the Super Marisa Land series, that's for sure
44. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
46. Miitopia!! I'm so glad I searched out this game's soundtrack, it's amazing through and through
47. Pinball Wizard
48.Vaguely familiar
50. Beatmania IIDX
I don't really get it but okay

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Re: Talkhaus VGM Guessing Contest UNLUCKY NO.13!?!™ ANSWER KEY~!

Postby FrozenQuills » 11 months ago

2nd was WAY higher than I expected, weow. Thanks final fantasy.

1) pk rockin'
2) gameboy the game
3) hawaii but in space
4) pirates of the carry bean
6) it sounds SO mario like
7) sounds pokemon-ish
8) final fantasy I
9) final fantasy II
10) feels wii sports-ish
12) i like xylophones too
13) ROLLERCOASTER TYCOON (ragtime theme is SO GOOD)
14) final fantasy III
15) final fantasy IV
17) final fantasy V
18) i almost want to say stardew valley
19) minigame time
20) a childs introduction to drums
21) final fantasy VI
22) final fantasy VII
23) VERY REMINISCENT of kirby 64
24) Under Night In-Birth (took some major sleuthing, never even heard of this)
25) ONESHOT (niko and the world machine) 🐱
27) kinda paper mario color splash-ish
28) final fantasy VIII
29) final fantasy IX
30) fire emblem???
31) final fantasy X
32) final fantasy XI
33) final fantasy XII
34) reminds me of xenoblade
35) PUYO PUYO!! 20TH ANNIVERSARY (Popoi's Theme) 🐱
37) final fantasy XIII
38) sims 4???
39) bwah
40) bwaaaaaah
41) party like it's 1985
42) something something spooky
43) mario party again???
44) sounds like a character theme
45) snes final fantasy
46) final fantasy XIV
47) kirby???
48) final fantasy XV
49) NIGHT IN THE WOODS' DEMON TOWER (boss theme) 🐱
50) hardcore final fantasy
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Re: Talkhaus VGM Guessing Contest UNLUCKY NO.13!?!™ ANSWER KEY~!

Postby Bean » 11 months ago

I would've finished around the middle of the pack had I have posted my first guesses. You did a good job hosting the contest. Again, I apologize for not submitting anything for this.

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Re: Talkhaus VGM Guessing Contest UNLUCKY NO.13!?!™ ANSWER KEY~!

Postby Jesuiscontent » 11 months ago

Oh my god I'm so bad, there are so many I should have got like the Luminous arc 2 and YTPMV/MAD songs like the intruder (I DID think about the Artificial bomb guy but I was like "no that's an original song not a video game" IM SO SMART)



Almost poetic

Pretty interesting selection m8


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Re: Talkhaus VGM Guessing Contest UNLUCKY NO.13!?!™ ANSWER KEY~!

Postby Picochilla » 11 months ago

i am a bit disappointed that only 1 person got the Miitopia Song....
100% Approved!
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Re: Talkhaus VGM Guessing Contest UNLUCKY NO.13!?!™ ANSWER KEY~!

Postby kitikami » 11 months ago

Thanks Katazuki for running the contest.

I also guessed Professor Layton for #5 initially because of the accordion and then actually went through the Katamari Damacy soundtracks thinking #39 might be from that, so I was amused when those were actual answers to the songs right next to them, and even more so seeing Jesuiscontent did the same thing. Thinking about it now, once I figured out what #5 was, I probably should have guessed Professor Layton for the other accordion song right next to it.

I can't believe I didn't notice 41 was Sonic, because I specifically thought that song would fit the cat theme but then dismissed it because of the vocals without realizing there is an instrumental version.

This reminds me I still need to play Odin Sphere sometime.

Hints I received:
#1: This song appears in various Konami arcade games.
#20: Kuro definitely can relate with this song.
#21: It's a PS1 rhythm game with a cult following.
#26: It's a somewhat obscure song in a very popular 3D platformer.
#31: The puns in the subtitle of this 2D platformer are only a taste of what's yet to come.
#34: That one DS game which is part of a huge series. Except that one game was never ported to the west.
#39: A recently released unofficial sequel nobody asked for, but ended up becoming a whole lot better than the original. Could've lived without the dabbing though.

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Re: Talkhaus VGM Guessing Contest UNLUCKY NO.13!?!™ ANSWER KEY~!

Postby Matt is me » 11 months ago

Hmm...I would've done ok. I gave each a quick listen before deciding I'd come back when I had more time, which never happened. I had, in that quick listen, gotten only 16 and 41 (both cats, though, so that's a total of 6 points). In addition, I knew that I knew 26 and 31, but was blanking. In both cases, I'm right--I DO know those songs. If I asked for hints and got them, including the cat on 31, I could have scored 11, not a bad score.

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Re: Talkhaus VGM Guessing Contest UNLUCKY NO.13!?!™ ANSWER KEY~!

Postby Lespna01 » 11 months ago

I know the contest is over, but shouldn't I have gotten 8 points since I was the only one to guess those two songs? You said the points were doubled unless it was b/c I used more than three hints, but the way you worded it, you said three hints could be given on any track. It didn't say a total of three hints.

Well, I guess I had fun doing this. Thanks for hosting this contest, and at least, I didn't get last place. I'm not saying I had any chance of winning. I'm just kind of frustrated b/c I always get close to last place in the level design contests no matter how hard I try, and then Raocow made fun of my level, but I guess you're right. It was kind of fun discovering new video game music even though I had no idea what most of them were. They always pick the ones that sound like one game but are from a completely different one. Then, there was that Super Mario 64 one, but I've only played that once, and I probably should have listened to the sound engine better, but you picked one that wasn't really popular.

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Re: Talkhaus VGM Guessing Contest UNLUCKY NO.13!?!™ ANSWER KEY~!

Postby QubicTom » 11 months ago

Hey I finally came last! Hooray! :lol:

I guessed that 24 and 42 were both "touhou". Yup. Didn't know anything else :P

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Re: Talkhaus VGM Guessing Contest UNLUCKY NO.13!?!™ ANSWER KEY~!

Postby Xirix » 11 months ago

Oh bugger I completely forgot about this and didn't submit >.< Oh well, I didn't do great this time around, only got 7 (3 of which were cat related). Thanks anyway for putting the contest together. 8-)

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