The "Who does what?" thread! – Character Design Phase GO!

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Re: The "Who does what?" thread!

Post by Aposke »

Okay, so I said yesterday that I'd make a bit of an update- and recap post and that's what I'm gonna be doing right now!

Currently, we have 6 people who have signed up through this thread, plus potentially Holy, who I still need to get back to. Listed by field of expertise, those peeps are:

Background Artist

Character Artist
Deniya (Character Design?)

Music Producer
None (Potentially periodically Bwarch)


Horikawa Otane,

At this point, I'd like to say that I'm really happy to see that there's a lot of interest in the VN and I'm thankful for everyone who's willing to contribute! Now that we have the first few signups (we still need more peeps though, especially BG Artists and Musicians), I figured we should actually give them something to do!
I think the first big thing we need to tackle right now is character design and identity. As the poll on the dateable guys is still going, we pretty much have only 5 characters confirmed so far, 4 of which are girls, so we'll focus on those for the time being.
Basically, what I'd like to see from both the character artists and the writers are short impressions of the characters listed below. I've written up a short "bio" on 4 of them, and from the artists, I'd like to see a character sketch or two for at least one of them. That doesn't necessarily mean that this will be the person whose route you'll be drawing, as this is just a proof-of-concept thing and a first try at getting some character design going (for that reason, please don't spend a million of hours on your sketch, either – a design impression is enough).
As for the writers, I'd like to see a short standard VN-type situation written between the character you choose and the player. That could be going on a date, a humorous situation, an introduction – anything, really! Word count should be around 1000, maybe a few hundred less, maybe a few hundred more.

Now, for the character bios!
Horikawa Otane (26):
With a height of 1.70m, she’s the tallest of the girls. She sports long, auburn hair and stylish glasses. Mostly wears traditional japanese clothing and is the cure for all weeabooness in the world.
She’s the “bookworm type”. Horikawa loves reading, writing and learning about social, cultural and historical topics – especially when they’re related to Japan. She’s a master’s student at the university, but gives occasional lectures on Japanese history and culture at the same time. Will often “drop knowledge”, even in casual conversations, which can annoy some characters.

Leet (18):
1.60m big, blonde hair with a side-braid, wearing very casual clothes, mostly dark colored. Studies game design in her first semester and is just as surprised to find herself in the “Haus” as the player is (she arrives one day later).
She is the biggest and only fan of raocow’s and AOD’s self-produced comic called “Natural Space C.H.”. Big gamer and occasional artist. More interested in girls and harder to win over if one plays as a guy.

raocow (29):
Incredibly gigantic. Dark-colored hair, wears glasses and shaves shobbily.
He always seems distracted or disoriented and his mind often seems to be anywhere but at the present situation. Sometimes wears something that resembles a white lab coat for no discernable reason other than it makes him look like a stressed professor. Has a part-time job in Sherbrooke, where he works until the early morning, and is therefore often tired during the days – though that doesn’t stop him from playing videogames after the evening lectures.
He doesn’t exactly know why, but he’s incredibly popular in the “Haus”, to the point where people ask about coming to his room to play games with him.
His dark secret is that he has a cat in his room even though dorm policies include a ban on pets. Then again… they also include a ban on rooftop communities.

Rikun Frances (21):
1.60m big, long, wavy dark-blonde hair, wearing anything from normal clothes to cosplay. Sometimes wears glasses (especially when at home), sometimes doesn't.
She’s incredibly nerdy and yet really friendly and down-to-earth. Often, she will give the player dating- or relationship-related advice (while dropping a dirty joke every now and then). She’s in the 3rd semester of her pharmacy studies and lives right next to the MC.
Disclaimer: Please note that the character bio for Leet is not in its final state yet and some things might be subject to change in the future.

Other than that, I'd appreciate it if everyone who signed up could send me either their contact data on Skype or outline another way they'd prefer to communicate. If multiple people don't want to use Skype, we'll have to make an IRC channel or something.

That's all for now, I think! The deadline for the character design submissions will be Saturday, the 1st of February. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me or Grim through PM or Skype!
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Re: The "Who does what?" thread! – Character Design Phase GO

Post by Deniya »

Sure, I'll do the character design.
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Re: The "Who does what?" thread! – Character Design Phase GO

Post by EvilPear13 »

On it.

By the way, I do have layout design experience, so drawing backgrounds wouldn't be a huge problem (as long as I don't get like a million character paths to draw for).
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Re: The "Who does what?" thread! – Character Design Phase GO

Post by Mabel »


Im gonna (try to) be your programmer,

How many years of experience do you have? 3, 0 with Python tho
What languages have you worked with before? Java, Flash, VB.Net
Have you ever worked on a collab project that involved programming before? Not online but lets see what happens

Been playing with RenPy a bit and so far this looks pretty easy to work with.

Ill Throw up an example after I play with the engine a bit more.

Also, dont forget youll need an artist for backgrounds unless you feel like being lazy and use stock backgrounds.
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Re: The "Who does what?" thread! – Character Design Phase GO

Post by Dizzybelle »

I suppose I could chime in with some character drawing shtuff. I've been wanting to do SOMETHING for this community, and I figue this could work. :3

How many years of experience do you have?
I have been drawing for... Five years? Dunno the exact amount. I my got a tablet a year and a half ago.

Can you adapt your style to fit other people's styles (or even emulate them)?
Yeah, I can mimic pretty well, I can look at images and replicate the bits and pieces as needed. :)

How many characters (i.e. routes) are you willing to draw for?
Maybe 2 or 3. Depends on the workload.

Please include a link to some of your previous work
Here you go~
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Re: The "Who does what?" thread! – Character Design Phase GO

Post by Aposke »

Awesome, we got some new signups, too!
As for Mabel, it'd be great to have you as our programmer! RenPy really isn't that difficult to deal with, but it's a lot easier if we have someone dedicated to "managing the code" instead of having two of the writers do that alongside the writing.
On that note, I'd imagine it'd be useful to chalk up some tips for the writers as to how their material should look like to make its implementation into the actual game easier.
For example, the commands for italic text are "{i}{/i}", every line that a character says needs to be started with their character abbreviation (i.e. raocow "Wanna play some video games?"), and so on and so forth. I'll be opening a "rules and guidelines" thread or something for that in the near future.

Also, feel free to join in with character drawing, bkamakaze! We'll probably be accepting applications indefinitely (at least for a while), so there's no point in time where it's "too late" to sign up and still get to do something.