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npcParse.lua (Standardized NPC message parsing!)

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npcParse.lua (Standardized NPC message parsing!)

Postby Rockythechao » 1 year ago

Copypasta from the SMBX community thread because I'm tired and gonna hit the snoozemat after publishing this



Download and documentation

This library loads data both from tables stored in the NPCs' message text and a JSON file in the level folder ("npcdata.json") and stores it in each NPC's pNPC data. You can even specify a message for the NPC to say once the data's been parsed!
This way multiple libraries can utilize the same NPC's message text, though libraries that currently read from the NPC message directly, such as my own cinematX and a few custom NPC ones, will have to be updated with an option to get the information from the pnpc data instead.

(Please note that the debug text shown in the above screenshot is not a feature of npcParse, but part of the test level's code that uses currently-unreleased features of textblox. I may implement it as a feature in a future update, however.)
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