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Smoovement.lua - Neat sprite animations

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Smoovement.lua - Neat sprite animations

Postby underFlo » 3 years ago

Smoovement.lua is an API that provides some neat animation help, as well as scaling and rotating sprites and parent-child relationships.

Gif of it in action using a custom Inkling sprite in my Megaluavania API:




For example, this could be used to make cutscenes feel more alive without having to animate them sprite-by-sprite.
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Re: Smoovement.lua - Neat sprite animations

Postby S1eth » 3 years ago

This makes me wonder why we don't have a "Lua" subforum yet.

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Re: Smoovement.lua - Neat sprite animations

Postby Ivy » 3 years ago

yeah they are all just being shoved into A2XT lmao
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