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CALL FOR ARTWORK FOR A2XT2 [No cows allowed]

The second SMBX collab!
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CALL FOR ARTWORK FOR A2XT2 [No cows allowed]

Post by Hoeloe »

Hey there!

So, A2XT2 has been in the works for a loooooong time, but progress has really taken off this year (and you can see a lot of it if you join the Discord). One thing we need to complete the episode is artwork. Not sprite art, just regular old artwork of various characters. There's a big list available, which I will post here (and try to keep updated), and it can also be found in the pins of the A2XT2 development channel on the Discord server. Effectively what we need is 116x144px artwork of a selection of characters, in interesting poses, with backgrounds, etc. Just fanart of these characters. Why we need this is covered in the Discord and is rather spoilery so I won't mention it here. I will include a list of characters that are not spoilery and a list of characters that are spoilery here, so people who don't want spoilers can still help out.

It doesn't matter too much who makes what, just make some artwork and post it, or send it to me via private message! I'll put stars next to artwork for which providing layered versions (such as .psd or .ase files) would be extremely helpful, so keep that in mind!

Non-spoiler list:
  • Demo
  • Iris
  • raocow
  • Kood
  • Sheath
  • Catnip*
  • Pily
  • Science
  • King Charles
  • Flesh Lord
  • Uncle @sbestos
  • Uncle Denmark
  • Uncle Broadsword
  • Uncle Rewind
  • Uncle Pumpernickle
  • Land (ATXS)
  • Drift (ATXS)
  • Feed (ATXS)
A lot of these cards will be characters people unfamiliar with the current progress will not recognise. Please ask for references and we'll do our best to provide them.
Spoiler list:
  • Ultimate Pandamona*
  • Nat
  • Adm
  • Dog
  • Tam
  • Noctel
  • Flesh Brute Dennis
  • Brisket & Alabasta
  • Coatlyn
  • Sir Professor Doctor D. Duff Dickson Esq.
  • Steve*
The following characters are fan ABCDs and may require asking permission from their creators first! Rixithechao has given permission for anyone to work on art of their characters, so no worries there.
  • Epoxy (Rixithechao)
  • Douglas (Cuboid)
  • Kale (Cuboid)
  • Snorkel (Rixithechao)
  • Coinchael (Bench-kun)
  • Lake Chad (7NameSam)
  • Shapes (7NameSam)
  • Lilith (Sancles)
  • Tello (Chaoxys)
  • Araneae* (Chaoxys)
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