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[SPOILERS] AZCT Summer Slamjam 2014 (+State of the Project)

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[SPOILERS] AZCT Summer Slamjam 2014 (+State of the Project)

Postby Nabe » 3 years ago

Hey! Thanks for tuning in to AZCT Network. This is Nabe, reporting.

The main body of content for A Zelda Classic Thing is almost complete! 8/10 dungeons are finished and undergoing polish, and 2 dungeons are being worked on. But that's really the bare minimum on content. While we polish up the plot dungeons over the next 3 months, we want to get the ball rolling on new stuff.

We want new people to make new content, and we want to enable them to do so. For most of us already in AZCT, this was our first time touching Zelda Classic, and we've put together some great stuff with our limited ability. Everything you need to get started with the engine is in this post, and the claim list is in the next post.

But listen. I've made this offer to some people privately already, and I'll make it again now: If you don't have the ability to actually make what you've dreamed up in Zelda Classic, then it's fine to do what you can, and give enough detail that someone else can do the rest. Even a plan on paper is fine. I will personally help people out by working with them closely and scripting whatever they can think up, including custom enemies. I'm sure other people will happily lend a hand as well.

All the Things You Need
  1. Zelda Classic v2.50 for Windows/Mac/Linux
  2. A tutorial on the basics of ZQuest, which is the editor for Zelda Classic
  3. Inspiration
  4. Get a Dropbox account and PM your associated e-mail address to jayScribble for access to everything

Extra Stuff You Might Want

Playtesting is also a good thing! There will be a thread for that shortly.
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Still working on AZCT
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Re: AZCT Summer Slamjam 2014 (+State of the Project)

Postby Nabe » 3 years ago

State of the Project

Main Overworld Maps (2)
Island One by Nabe -- Polishing
Island Two by KingTwelveSixteen -- Polishing

Main Dungeons (10)
Wizzrobe's House (Sword) by KingTwelveSixteen -- Done
Wyvern Cavern (Roc's Feather) by raekuul -- Done
Bombchu Warrens (Bomb Bag) by KingTwelveSixteen -- Building
Leever's Nest (Whistle) by Riolu180 -- Polishing, needs a boss
Gargoyle's Domain (Bow and Arrows) by AlexanderXCIII -- Done, needs a boss
Old Talktoun (GB Bracelet) by CodeGorilla -- Polishing, needs a boss
LEVEL 6 ("Hipster Glasses"/Lens of Truth) by raekuul -- Polishing
Shoe's Zone (Hammer) by Nabe -- Done
Nimbus Monastery (Hover Boots) by KobaBeach -- Polishing
Final Dungeon by Everyone -- Building

Sub-Dungeons (7)
*Unnamed so for now I put something silly
*Concrete Jungle (Boomerang) by JayScribble/Nabe -- Done
*Temple of Wet (Flippers) by Tsurugi/Lejes -- Done
Destroyer's Shrine (Gold Arrows) by DoctorShemp -- Polishing
Valley Ruins (Hookshot and SECRET ITEM) by FireSeraphim -- Polishing
Luna's Chariot (Shields) by Riolu180 -- Building
Haunted Shipwreck (Red Candle) by FireSeraphim -- Done
Wandering Around (Wand) by thatguyif -- Polishing
*Break the Targets! (Quiver) by Lejes -- Planning

Claimable Things
[Name of claimant]: Name of claimed thing

[ ]: An area on Island Two called Talktaun needs someone to write NPC dialogue and coordinate Talkhaus users' appearances in that town, as well as create a graveyard area with graves representing former AZCT members. I am betting that KTS would appreciate the help while he works on the overworld itself.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]: Rocky caves, underwater caves, and other modular overworld areas with sideview platforming! We don't have any, so here are five slots worth. In particular, some dungeons (Levels 4 and 8 come to mind) would benefit from transition areas between them and the overworld. Areas like these could be designed freely by the designer, and there are a ton of small but useful item rewards that could be hidden within.

[ ]: A sort-of postgame Zebra Space dungeon was suggested. If one or more people are interested, this will require someone who wants to make the dungeon, and one or more people who would add hidden small Zebra Space segments to the main dungeons, that when completed open up paths in the main Zebra dungeon. Saying "Zebra Space" is just as a reference: the nature of this could be up to the person making it.

[ ][ ][ ]: Anything else you can think of! Come up with a neato idea!
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Still working on AZCT
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Re: [SPOILERS] AZCT Summer Slamjam 2014 (+State of the Proje

Postby Nabe » 3 years ago

Contents of the AZCT Devkit (May 18th, 2014)
  • The first of the two overworld islands (WIP)
  • The first four main dungeons
  • All of the tiles/combos/maps/DMaps/palettes/scripts currently in use
  • A couple custom enemies (Boos and Podoboos)

Start from this file to get your feet wet in AZCT. The resources in this file are enough to make a very good contribution to the collab. If you want to add anything custom, just claim whatever spots you've used in the claim thread. Conflicts are easily fixed, so don't worry about that too much. For resource requests (especially scripts) there's a thread for that, and the help thread for anything else.

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