Perfect Tides, a game about being 15 going on 16

this is the place where lps are being talked about. it's important to talk about games being played on the internet.
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Perfect Tides, a game about being 15 going on 16

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over the last couple of months, i've been playing Perfect Tides, a point-and-click adventure game by meredith gran of the webcomic Octopus Pie. the game, set in the year 2000, focuses on the mid-teenage years of a girl named mara living on the tourist-destination isle of perfect tides. as the seasons change, mara deals with both the social othering of being a reclusive teenage virgin in public school and the familial othering of finding more comfort in online spaces than in her living room, with multiple life developments coming and going.

content warning for the occasional use of ableist and sexist and homophobic slurs, occasional verbal abuse, strained familial relationships, discussions of sex and sexuality, depictions of sexual harassment, and some pretty harsh language at times. additionally, i voice all the characters in this lp and attempt to get invested in the roles, and tensions between characters sometimes lead to loud voices, so if that's a trigger for you, watch with caution.

link to the playlist

video list:
pt. 1 - looking at stuff in our own house for 30 minutes
pt. 2 - touring the internet and the island alike
pt. 3 - miserable wallowing and miserable wandering
pt. 4 - dinner and a movie (with smoke break)
pt. 5 - trouble at home (and at home)
pt. 6 - finding (i.e. locating and isolating) love
pt. 7 - fiction imitates reality tv (which is fiction)
pt. 8 - gay boy summer
pt. 9 - home is a sibling war zone
pt. 10 - back alley discomfort
pt. 11 - work sucks
pt. 12 - MORE back alley discomfort
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